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AceNews has JUST been renamed and re-branded by my Editor and Friend Ian, a BRILLIANT MAN! Tons of respect for and we have a superb working relationship! We have had RT’s from the Pope, New York Times and more, it is INSANE! Slowly it is getting bigger, Ian trusts me to tell my story and share news, our working relationship is just amazing, if he is covering a developing or long running story, I stay away from it and Vice Versa, the last several weeks ShaunyAceNews is slowly catching up with Ace News in terms of hits, reads and debate. I truly hope I am helping my Editor push his vision, a fantastic one I am honored to be part of the growth there, Ace News is HUGE and will get bigger, I love AceNews and Ian is an Amazing Guy, we speak on the same page on many topics, August (last month) my area of the site exploded, I am delighted for the Ace News brand

ShaunyAceNews Stats

ShaunyAceNews Stats, 30,000 last month

My blog has become a Twitter debate base as above you can see the figures are low in terms of debate on my blog. Much of what I write now in either of my blogs get debated to death on Twitter or Facebook, I am part of several Yes/No Scotland Referendum groups and I now own ‘The Celtic Network‘ site and it’s Facebook page.

The reason I am so pleased is simple for me and many will think “Show Off” But often I look upon myself as a total failure living in 24/7 agony with Fibromyalgia So when I see all these statistics it makes me feel human. I don’t know if people who are not disabled or suffer in any way will understand this, I know people who suffer in silence in our World do understand how these figures and statistics make me feel alive, I am doing good, doing something, helping spread news. I get frustrated when I do an article on say? America and her downfall and I get nothing back, but if I were American, I would not want to know what I know. So I understand. I am writing, Ebola, Scottish Independence, Earth and her issues, ISIS I question religion, Jesus and God, America The British Union, FEMA Camps and Police State USA, and lately I have started doing more Audio blogs as Ian my AceNews friend and I want to do Radio and he is the man to set it up, and of course my one true love :D Glasgow Celtic Football Club I am running stories on so many things I have to keep a notepad with what I am following and writing as some stories go off the grid for a time. But:

The Girls are still missing in Nigeria.
Ukraine and Russia look like they really could ignite WWIII.
South and North Korea are still close to war.
Obama still deceives his people, the people who voted him in and the NSA, Snowden
Israel, yes, are still committing genocide in Palestine.
I ask why Saudi Arabia who have tougher laws that ISIS are ok to go, they have oil! This is our world in a nutshell, Money and Power.
Governments around the World are lying and I do and will keep exposing them.
Anonymous movement is gaining strength. Poems Fun, Movies and Music, keeping some fun! AND FOOTBALL!! (Soccer for USA)
Earth, Earthquakes, strange weather, Animal die off’s, strange noises in the Sky.
Strange stories, the Black Knight Satellite, and all and any stories about space.
Conspiracies that are actually REAL stories people are too lazy to research, but hey, I understand, who want’s life to be a myth?

The above leads me to scripture, so the Irony is not lost on me that I don’t read the Bible or trust it’s Words. The Vatican are STILL getting away with 100,000’s of thousands of Sexual abuse cases, the UN are trying to get them, but they are safe inside the walls of Vatican City where the laws are different, everyone in Europe knows why Benedict XVI stepped down and can’t and won’t leave the safety of the walls in Vatican city.

I would rather be out in the World being a Football manager and DJ again, mixing with the people I used to, I still keep in touch but this disability leads me to where I am, frustrated but blessed. I have more than I can ever share on any platform, I am blessed in so many ways, but I would give certain parts to not be in pain. I want to be regular Dad, my Daughters know who Daddy is but I still feel immense guilt for many reasons why I can’t run around and do pony rides and throw them about and let them beat me up (They do this anyway, lol) I have the sweetest most honest, fun, caring woman in the World. Anyone who knows my Childhood going into adulthood will understand what my Partner Dawn did for me, I would be dead, in prison or had Aids if had not been for this shining star in my sky that often gets dark, here is my story, I am the kid in the boat, I guest blogged here http://deliberatedonkey.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/murder-and-more-through-the-eyes-of-a-child/ I never ask for or want sympathy, I just want to be normal but different at the same time, I know that sounds odd but I would hate to be a ‘Crows Pleaser’ a lad who jumps on bandwagons and is rude to people. I get abuse from many places due to what I write, and this is why I get high traffic, I am not afraid to write what others dare to think! I like to be Goofy and out there and looking at the World through different eyes, the day I become a BEIGIST <Click to know what a beigist is! lol

I stand out from a crowd, I can speak to anyone, debate without hate, I am nothing special apart from my Family but most of them think I am off my head as it is :D I LOVE doing this, I have to do this. I would, as I said rather be off the computer and out in the World, but I found a happy medium, a way to do both, it’s hard but who ever said it was easy?

Nobody said it was easy! 

**BREAKING** Reports Of Second US Journalist Beheaded By IS

horrific video Tuesday that appears to show the beheading of 31-year-old Steven Sotloff.

horrific video Tuesday that appears to show the beheading of 31-year-old Steven Sotloff.

The freelance journalist was last seen in Syria in August 2013 until he appeared in a video released online last month by the Islamist group which showed the murder of fellow American journalist James Foley, who was also beheaded.

Sotloff appeared dressed in a similar jumpsuit in Tuesday’s footage which was entitled A Second Message To America.

A masked figure in the video warned governments to back off “this evil alliance of America against the Islamic State”.

Sky’s Dominic Waghorn said Site, a US video monitoring agency in Maryland, said the video showed Sotloff being beheaded by the same man, believed to be British, who killed Foley.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki described the reported act as a “horrific terrorist act”.

She said the video was yet to be verified – and would not be drawn on whether current events meant the US was at war with IS, formerly known as ISIS and ISIL.

Ms Psaki said it was clear the US was concerned by the threat of IS to western and Middle East interests which is why President Barack Obama was working towards building a coalition to address the threat.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said: “I have just seen the news. It is an absolutely disgusting and despicable act. I will be making a statement later”.

More follows…



Darling finally admits Scotland could be a success


Salmond got Darling to say WE CAN USE THE POUND! and go alone!

The Scottish National Party today focused on the BBC “Scotland 2014″ programme interview with No campaign chairman Alistair Darling last night – in which his finally accepted that Scotland could be a successful independent country, but struggled to specify job-creating powers that would come to Scotland after a No vote.

In the interview, he was asked: “Do you think Scotland could be a successful independent country?”

He answered: “Of course we could.”

And when asked if he could “have a second go” after last week’s BBC debate at giving three new job-creating powers that would follow a No, Mr Darling said: “Yes, housing benefit, additional powers in relation to taxation, the parties have been very, very clear about that.”

He presenter responded: “That’s only two so far.”

Scotland's first minister and SNP leader Alex Salmond with deputy leader Nicola SturgeonSNP MSP Angela Constance – who is responsible for Training, Youth and Women’s Employment – said: “As the No campaign goes from blunder to blunder, we at least now have absolute clarity from Alistair Darling that ‘of course’ Scotland could be a successful independent country. That is a breakthrough admission which will resonate throughout this referendum campaign.

“While getting him to agree with it was like drawing teeth, it is nonetheless an extremely important and welcome statement which completely demolishes No’s scaremongering campaign. If the No campaign now officially agree that Scotland could be a successful independent country, their doom and good rhetoric about voting Yes has zero credibility.

“But Alistair Darling still failed the test of what if any real job-creating powers would come to Scotland if it was a No vote – underlining that the only way we can win the powers to create more job opportunities in Scotland is to vote Yes for an independent Scotland. He couldn’t name three, and even the two things he did mention don’t directly relate to job-creation. Only with a Yes vote will Scotland have the powers to turn this rich country into a rich society.”

The six job-creating powers that only a Yes vote will deliver are set out below:

(1) Control over our finances – expanding childcare will allow more parents to work and will create jobs directly in the childcare sector. With independence the extra taxes generated will stay in Scotland, helping to fund the policy. And we can protect Scotland from Westminster’s crazy cuts to capital spending and invest more in infrastructure.

(2) Control over employment policy – to examine the best form of employee representation on company boards to encourage a more productive workforce.

(3) Control over trade policy – a 50% increase in exports could mean an extra 100,000 jobs. With independence there will be 70-90 overseas embassies and offices dedicated to promoting Scottish business.

(4) Control over immigration policy – Westminster is turning away talented graduates who want to stay on and set-up and businesses and create jobs. We can choose the immigration policy that’s right for Scotland.

(5) Control over Air Passenger Duty – to create jobs in the tourism industry and other sectors this tax could be cut and eventually abolished.
A recent study estimated Air Passenger Duty will cost Scotland more than £200 million a year in lost tourism spend alone by 2016.

(6) Control over our business tax system – to give companies an incentive to grow and take on more staff.

- A 3 per cent cut in corporation tax can reverse the loss of corporate headquarters from Scotland and create 27,000 jobs.

- Research and Development incentives to boost innovation. A one per cent increase in productivity could create 21,000 jobs in the long-term.

When challenged, Alistair Darling was completely unable to name any job-creating powers that would come to Scotland after a No vote.

Frankfurt authorities prepare for Ebola – Is it about to get bad?

Are we ready for Ebola? It's a question the German media have been asking for weeks. Frankfurt Airport has come under particular scrutiny due to its size. But could Frankfurt really be an entry point for the disease?

Are we ready for Ebola? It’s a question the German media have been asking for weeks. Frankfurt Airport has come under particular scrutiny due to its size. But could Frankfurt really be an entry point for the disease?

Some of the taxi drivers at Frankfurt Airport feel helpless against the disease

Some of the taxi drivers at Frankfurt Airport feel helpless against the disease

Ebola continues to rage in Africa. So far, the virus has claimed more than 1,500 lives in the West African countries of Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. But the deadly disease has stirred fears on the European continent as well, triggering a string of false alarms. With several airlines including British Airways and Air France cancelling flights to affected countries, European airports have been on the alert for weeks. As Germany’s biggest airport, Frankfurt has come under particular scrutiny. Over 58 million passengers pass through its sliding glass doors and terminals every year. The taxi drivers outside the airport’s international arrivals terminal are concerned that one of those passengers could be carrying the Ebola virus. “I often have a bad feeling about it,” one of them comments. “Every time I leave the airport here with passengers I always say: ‘May I ask where you’ve just come from?’ And then I can usually make up my own mind.” He says he has even considered wearing mouth protection. Two others say they have a duty to take people to where they need to go, and they don’t ask where people have just come from. “What can you do? That’s the way it is. We have to keep working,” says one, and takes a drag from his cigarette.

Emergency medical care

The taxi drivers have to depend on airport safety measures and on passengers from affected countries making sure they get checked for Ebola. But according to Bonn-based

René Gottschalk's team at the health authority meet daily to discuss Ebola measures

René Gottschalk’s team at the health authority meet daily to discuss Ebola measures

journalist Abu-Bakarr Jalloh, that is easier said than done. Jalloh recently returned from Freetown in Sierra Leone, where he had been in close contact with Ebola patients on a reporting assignment. He was feeling unwell and tried desperately to get a blood test to confirm he was Ebola-free. He was shocked by the response of medical staff.

“You go to the emergency clinic and you would sit there for hours and hours and tell them ‘Hey my case could be very serious, take it seriously.'” Even when he explained that he could be a carrier of the virus, he was told that emergency patients are the priority. “As long as you don’t look like you’re dying, you’re not a priority,” Jalloh said. Jalloh says the response he got to his case in Germany has made him think that “the measures that authorities in Europe and airliners are taking aren’t sufficient.”

Staff at the regional health authority in Frankfurt would surely disagree . Chief public health consultant René Gottschalk estimates that employees there have been spending around 30 percent of their time dealing with Ebola-related issues in recent weeks. Every day, Gottschalk and his team meet in the so-called “Ebola crisis management room” to prepare for a potential Ebola case. The team includes infectious disease specialists and a crisis management expert who liaises with the police and the fire brigade. The walls in the room are plastered with maps, health warnings and lists of emergency contacts, flight numbers and airports in Africa.

Of course, a large chunk of the Ebola-related work at the health authority currently consists of press requests regarding Frankfurt airport’s precautions. His team has been so overwhelmed that it has gone from answering individual requests to arranging larger-scale events for journalists. Gottschalk thinks that reporting on the disease hasn’t amounted to scare-mongering, but that the amount of reports has stoked fears. “People read, see and hear more than twice a day that Ebola is a problem in Germany. But it isn’t a problem.”

Red, yellow and green

Isolation ward 68 at Frankfurt's university hospital is prepared for Ebola patients

Isolation ward 68 at Frankfurt’s university hospital is prepared for Ebola patients

Gottschalk explains that there’s a clear procedure for the event that a passenger suspected of having Ebola comes to Frankfurt airport: The flight would land outside the airport grounds. Passengers on board would then be classified according to how likely they are to be carrying the virus, using a traffic light color-coding system.

“If a passenger is marked red, we will transport him directly from the aircraft to the university hospital. Passengers marked yellow will enter the airport in a specialized area. Only passengers marked green will enter the airport and travel on,” Gottschalk explains. The same marking procedure is used for other viral hemorrhagic fevers, such as Lassa fever, which are transmitted from person to person through bodily fluids rather than through the air. There was a suspected case of Ebola on a flight from Addis Ababa to Frankfurt on August 15, 2014. But the passenger had tested negative for Ebola before flying and was allowed to travel on after being examined on the plane. An elderly couple who had been on the same flight told DW they felt “the airport staff did a good job. We felt safe and had the feeling that they knew what they were doing.”

Isolating the virus

But if there were to be a case of the virus at the airport, an infected passenger would be taken directly to Frankfurt’s university hospital, for treatment in isolation ward 68. The two-bed ward there is sealed off from the rest of the hospital, using airlock doors and negative pressure in the room. Before entering, medical staff would put on sterile protective clothing, including an orange plastic overall, two pairs of gloves, rubber boots and head covering. A built-in hose blows filtered air into the hat and into the entire gown. That way, if the suit ripped, air would blow any potential bacteria out of the suit.

.Not a European battle

Timo Wolf, a consultant in infectious diseases who runs the ward, explains that doctors at the hospital train in the isolation ward every three months. Wolf says working in the gear is “very physically straining,” so staff need to

Staff in the isolation ward wear full-body protective gear

Staff in the isolation ward wear full-body protective gear

practice performing medical procedures in the full-body suits, which he says feel like hot, heavy, scuba-diving suits.

Such preparations are very necessary, Wolf believes. “I think it’s possible, if not likely, that in the next couple of weeks, we will be confronted with a suspected or maybe even a definite case of Ebola.” Frankfurt’s system is tried and tested, Wolf says. The ward has treated Lassa fever and had a SARS patient in 2003.

“I think that there’s no reason to be afraid of anything now in Europe. I think that in the long run, this game has to be won in Western Africa,” Wolf says

Mexico investigates mass fish death in lagoon

Some fishermen voiced concerns that authorities have yet to confirm the cause of the die-off

Some fishermen voiced concerns that authorities have yet to confirm the cause of the die-off

This here is a Worldwide issue and one I have been keeping an eye on. Could it be Fukushima





At least 48 tonnes of fish have turned up dead in a lagoon in western Mexico and authorities are investigating whether wastewater treatment plants are to blame. On Monday, fishermen used shovels, wheel-carts and trucks to pull tonnes of dead fish out of the Cajititlan lagoon that has been the scene of four fish kills this year. Authorities were investigating whether negligence at wastewater treatment plants was to blame after millions of fresh water fish locally known as “popocha” began to float up last week. “We don’t want this problem to worsen because we would end up in the street,” said Rigoberto Diaz, a local fisherman who fears that other species such as tilapia, which unlike popocha is edible, will die too. Fellow fisherman Mauro Hernan echoed concerns that authorities have yet to confirm the cause of the die-off.

“We were told that the state government will support us. We don’t know when we will be able to fish again,” Hernan told the AFP news agency Jalisco state environment secretary Magdalena Ruiz said it was the fourth unexplained fish kill at the same lagoon this year. “You can’t deny that there’s a contamination” due to suspected negligence at wastewater treatment plants, she was quoted by AFP as saying. Authorities are conducting tests on the dead fish while state environmental prosecutors are investigating local wastewater treatment plants. In a separate incident in July 2013, some 500 tonnes of fish died in a Jalisco reservoir after a company that made food for livestock without a permit dumped huge amounts of molasses into the water.

UFOs above Houston, Texas puzzle everyone (VIDEOS)

An image grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube

An image grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube

I do not believe Aliens visit our planet, and “Do you believe in UFO’s” is the stupidest question there is, we ALL believe in UFO’s, a UFO is an ‘Unidentified flying object’ Could be anything. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unidentified_flying_object So I think what people are seeing are test vehicles by our Government. I have a friend who lives near Area 51 and I hear a lot of stories about strange lights, I do believe all these UFO/So called Alien’s are in-fact our Government’s testing new technology. But, I will leave it to you to say Yes or No…Video and links below

Sky gazers in the Lone Star State are still scratching their heads as they look for an explanation behind mysterious sets of lights photographed earlier this month over the city of Houston. Images taken on August 11 during a rain storm and posted to social media have had some Texans for nearly two weeks now trying to identify what select skeptics say is an unidentified flying object, or UFO. The pictures of what looks like a glowing circular object in the sky over Houston were such a hit on the internet that a local NBC affiliate reached out to experts earlier this month in hopes of taking the “U” out of “UFO.” But even after approaching the vice president for astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the station still wasn’t able to identify to mysterious sighting.  “If it’s a real object and it looks like it is. The more people who see it in different directions, the more likely we are to figure out where it is, what it is and see if we can explain it,” the vice president, Dr. Carolyn Sumners, told the city’s Click 2 Houston News. “It’s easy to say that it could be aliens,” added Sumners. “All the way back to recorded history, there are going to be things we can’t explain. That’s what makes it exciting.”


Lee Spiegel, a UFO enthusiast who also boasts on his website of being intrigued by “aliens, living dinosaurs and the whole range of topics that often overlap the worlds of science and unexplained phenomena,” recently wrote about the unusual sighting for Huffington Post. Even after speaking to other experts in the field, however, he fell short of coming up with an explanation for the mysterious images. “I took a still frame of part of the Houston video and there’s a part where it almost looks as if smoke trails are visible, perhaps indicating exploding ordnance,” former Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent and paranormal expert Ben Hansen told Spiegel. “It would be an odd occasion to light off such things during the middle of a lightning storm.”

Others, however, added that the role of social media in spreading the photographs could pose problems when it comes to getting behind what the UFO really is. “Part of the problem is that once the first images and video of the circular object hit the Web, additional videos of completely different lights in the sky were also submitted,” image and video analyst Marc Dantonio added to the HuffPo report. “These submissions generated lots of confusion and the news media combined them into one general sighting, which was an incorrect thing to do.” “My examination of those particular lights shows that these were likely distant lights, perhaps from a mall or other area with elevated lighting, relative to the driver and reflected in the window,” Dantonio added. “This you can tell, not by looking at the circular lights themselves, but by looking elsewhere in the image at other lights and objects,” he said. “The ‘Houston lights’ case to me, anyway, was really a conglomeration of multiple different sightings of different objects, but all from the same basis of window reflection.” Absent any further explanation, for now Texans are left to liken the identity of the bizarre sighting as being somewhere between a window reflection and an extraterrestrial vessel.

An image grab taken from a video

An image grab taken from a video


An image grab taken from a video

An image grab taken from a video

Panic as Ebola Patient Flees Clinic In Search For Food

Ebola Victim Flees Quarantine To Visit Market

Ebola Victim Flees Quarantine To Visit Market

News has emerged of Liberian ebola clinic workers dressed in contamination suits chasing an escaped patient through the streets after he left a treatment centre to visit a market. There were chaotic scenes as crowds followed infected man, who was wearing a wristband to show he had tested positive for the disease, and some stallholders argued with him as he approached. The patient escaped from Monrovia’s Elwa hospital, which last month was so crowded with cases of the deadly disease that it had to turn people away. One woman at the scene said: “The patients are hungry, they are starving. No food, no water. “The government needs to do more. Let Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf [the President of Liberia] do more.”

Crowds followed the escaped ebola patient at a distance

Crowds followed the escaped ebola patient at a distance

Onlookers cheered as health workers arrived in their protective outfits and try to convince the patient to give himself up. The man, who shows no outward signs of the diarrhoea and bleeding that the virus causes, refuses to return with the health workers and they eventually grab him and carry him away to a waiting ambulance. At least 1,552 people have been killed by the current ebola outbreak, with 3,062 patients infected overall, according to the latest figures from the World Health Organization. The UN agency has warned that more than 20,000 people could be infected with ebola before the outbreak comes to an end.

The patient was eventually confronted by health workers

The patient was eventually confronted by health workers

There has been widespread panic buying, a shortage of staple foods and severe prices in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia since movement restrictions were imposed to stop the spread of the virus. At one market stall in Liberia, a nation which has suffered 694 fatalities so far, the price of cassava skyrocketed by 150% in a matter of days. And despite the UN’s World Food Programme launching an emergency operation to get 65,000 tonnes of supplies sent to deprived areas, many patients in quarantined areas are starving.  To compound the problem, labour shortages are expected in all three West African countries, weeks before the main harvesting season for maize and rice begins. The production of other crops such as rubber, palm oil and cocoa could also be seriously affected, sending thousands of vulnerable people further into poverty. Vincent Martin of the FAO added: “Even prior to the ebola outbreak, households in some of the affected areas were spending up to 80% of their incomes on food. “Now these latest price spikes are effectively putting food completely out of their reach.”

The UN has launched an operation to feed people in deprived areas

The UN has launched an operation to feed people in deprived areas

David Cameron asked Obama to back Union

 June 6, 2014: Obama Says UK Is Stronger With Scotland

June 6, 2014: Obama Says UK Is Stronger With Scotland

Are we all aware of this story? I was looking at old stories and polls and stumbled across this article from Sky news from Monday 9th June. Obama visited the UK and gave a statement at the G7 Summit while talking to the media with David Cameron. From what I can tell, the Tory’s are that DESPERATE they asked Obama to say “A word or two” And this was 3 months ago! I think Cameron could feel and see the Scottish people rising up and he was right to feel this way as the polls, the official ones have it as the No Campaign at 6% ahead as of today! As I said in previous blogs/articles on http://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/ I believe the Tory’s know the Scottish people have seen through the lies and the Yes Campaign are way ahead of the No Camp. http://shaunynews.com/?s=Scotland+Referendum&submit=Search


TODAY! The official poll has it as a 6% swing to no, we are coming on the outside lane FAST! 

Obama when he was in the UK, was he asked there also?

A US government source claims the president’s remarks on Scottish independence followed a direct request from the UK government.

The Poll when we had 100 days to go!

The Poll when we had 100 days to go!

US President Barack Obama was asked to weigh into the Scottish independence debate by the UK government, according to Sky sources. The President was asked about the issue during a joint news conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron after the G7 summit in Brussels last Friday. He told reporters: “There is a referendum process in place and it is up to the people of Scotland. “The United Kingdom has been an extraordinary partner to us. From the outside at least, it looks like things have worked pretty well. “And we obviously have a deep interest in making sure that one of the closest allies we will ever have remains a strong, robust, united and effective partner. “But ultimately these are decisions that are to be made by the folks there.” ‘No’ campaigners seized on the US president’s comments as evidence that the UK is better off staying together. Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond also responded to Mr Obama’s remarks last week by insisting independence would in fact give the US “two great friends” and make Scotland a land of opportunity. Sky’s Niall Paterson, in Edinburgh, said: “I have been speaking with a very senior source in the Scottish government who tells me he recently had a conversation with a similarly senior source within the US administration – very close to President Obama himself – who confirmed that President Obama’s remarks on Scottish independence followed a direct request from the UK government.

“More than that, the senior source within the US government claimed that President Obama’s remarks represented the minimum that they could say. “I think, essentially, there are three ways you can look at all of this. First, that my source within the Scottish government is perhaps telling porkies, 100 days out from the referendum, to make political hay. “The second way of looking at this is of course international leaders do speak to each other all the time, officials speak to each other all the time, and frankly, President Obama at a press conference such as that should have expected to receive a question on Scottish independence. “He was never going to say, ‘I think an independent Scotland would be a great thing’. “The third way to look at it, if this is all true, is that perhaps figures within the Scottish government such as the First Minister Alex Salmond would make the point that if David Cameron is having to request the assistance of the US president to weigh into the Scottish independence referendum debate then perhaps it is not the ‘Yes’ campaign that is on the back foot, it is the ‘Better Together’ campaign.”

BBC 5 Live struggled to find enough No voters for Dundee independence debate

Victoria Derbyshire will host the debate from Dundee

Victoria Derbyshire will host the debate from Dundee

Producers of a live BBC independence referendum debate in Dundee struggled to find enough No voters to fill the audience.

A number of people have contacted the Courier saying they have been invited to BBC 5 Live’s debate at the Caird Hall on Tuesday as programme makers admitted to them they were struggling to get a balanced Yes/No split. The corporation is adamant it has now managed to secure a balanced audience ahead of the show going out live at 10am. One attendee told The Courier: “I got a call from BBC 5 Live trying to drum up people for the Caird Hall debate next week. Said they were struggling to get No-voting crowd members. “They said they were trying to get a 50/50 audience split but finding it hard.”

A Yes voter who will be taking part in the debate even took to the internet to try to persuade his opponents to join him in the audience. He said: “I am going along to a Radio 5 independence debate on Tuesday. Having spoken to the researchers they informed me that they need more No voters to balance up the debate. “If you are a No voter and you fancy getting involved then PM (private message) please.”

Victoria Derbyshire will host the live Scottish Referendum debate. She will be joined by 300 members of the public who will grill a panel of politicians and business figures representing both sides of the referendum debate. MSP Shona Robison, Denis Canavan and Business for Scotland director Ivan McKee will state the case for independence. Scottish Conservatives’ leader Ruth Davidson, Jo Swinson MP and businesswoman Ruth McKay will represent Better Together.

A BBC spokeswoman said: “We have a confirmed audience of around 300 people — which is balanced with an equal number of yes to no voters. “Finding and balancing an audience of this size takes time. We did reach our quota of yes voters first which meant we spent a period of time specifically targeting no voters in order to balance numbers. “This is normal in a programme of this type where political balance is required.”




Podcast – Scotland Independence Referendum



A 10 minute podcast/AudioBlog – Please find time to listen and give me a reply of some kind.




The hatred I mention in my Podcast, Woman kicked by No voter


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