Mystery – photo of the man who allegedly hit Jim Murphy with eggs visible, but not in papers or on TV


The man with the ear piece


Here is another pic of the same lad. What’s with the earpiece


This is just odd. The man in question in the top photo was, we were told, the egg thrower. But the Police were called and no further news. Then at another Jim Murphy soap box debate this lad appears again, this time with a visible ear piece. I am not suggesting ANYTHING other than, this is odd. What you think peeps? The ear piece is strange and leads, by logic alone to think “What happened here” I suggested ‘Could this be a set-up to make #Aye look bad?’ And a few said maybe and some laughed. I am stating nothing apart from “Hmmmm” here

Any sign of this lad in these videos here? You can see a lad top right of bottom video, very similar! 

Lad here throwing looks similar, I seen him, why is he not in a newspaper? Is it not strange I can see the egg thrower but he appeared NOWHERE else? Starts at 12 seconds to the right of the right hand side blue yes sign! What do you think? OBVIOUS Earpiece to one side! WHY? 

Look through images to see if we can see him or anything else.





Then I was sent these images and managed to get the egg thrower REAL close up and personal! 


Egg thrower 1


Egg Thrower 2


Same lad, egg thrower pic 3


Who is he and what is with the lad with the ear piece



UK Terror Threat Level Raised To Severe

This is all over the net tonight

This is all over the net tonight

False flag (or black flag) describes covert military or paramilitary operations designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them. Operations carried out during peace-time by civilian organizations, as well as covert government agencies, may by extension be called false flag operations if they seek to hide the real organization behind an operation. Geraint Hughes uses the term to refer to those acts carried out by “military or security force personnel, which are then blamed on terrorists.”
In its most modern usage, the term may also refer to those events which governments are cognizant of and able to stop but choose to allow to happen (or “stand down”), as a strategy to entangle or prepare the nation for war. Furthermore, the term “false flag terrorism” may even be used in those instances when violence is carried out by groups or organizations which, whether they know it or not, are being supported or controlled by the “victim” nation. deHaven-Smith argues that the terminology has become looser in recent years due to the increasingly complex levels of “duplicity” and “international intrigue” between states. Some argue that false flags are methods used by deep states as a form of deep politics.
The name “false flag” has its origins in naval warfare where the use of a flag other than the belligerent’s true battle flag as a ruse de guerre, before engaging the enemy, has long been acceptable.[4] Such operations are also acceptable in certain circumstances in land warfare, to deceive enemies in similar ways providing that the deception is not perfidious and all such deceptions are discarded before opening fire upon the enemy.

goering quote

Used by the Roman Empire and many others. Hard to believe, but research shows ‘Something’ isn’t right



Look over here while we do this over there

The government has raised Britain’s terror threat level from substantial to severe because of the threat from militant groups in the Middle East. A severe threat means an attack is deemed to be “highly likely”, but there is no intelligence to suggest one is imminent. At a press conference in London, David Cameron said an attack was more likely because of the increased threat from militant groups in Iraq and Syria, where Islamic State (IS) have seized large swathes of territory.

Terror threat levels


Syria conflict: Islamic State militants ‘kill Syrian soldiers’ – BBC News

Britain’s spies now judge a terrorist attack on British soil to be ‘highly likely’. So should we be losing sleep at nights about the raised threat level? It’s not good news from Downing Street, that’s for sure. ‘The scale of this threat is growing,’ David Cameron said ominously at a hastily-arranged press conference at No 10. He’s talking about the risk from around 500 British-born jihadists who have gone to fight in Syria and now Iraq. It’s the emergence of Isil which is so concerning. As the prime minister explained, it’s not like this is a terrorist organisation being sheltered by a sympathetic government, as was the case with Afghanistan’s Taliban providing safe haven for Al-Qaida. This is worse. Isil is ‘actually seeking to establish and then violently expand its own terrorist state’. Some might want to ignore this, but not Cameron. ‘The ambition to create an extremist caliphate is a threat to our own security here in the UK.


MP David Cameron FULL Press Conference: UK Raises Terror Threat Level to ‘SEVERE’

The Prime Minister added the UK was in the midst of a “generational struggle” against a “poisonous ideology” and that IS posed a “greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before”. “We could be facing a terrorist state on the shores of the Mediterranean and bordering a Nato member,” he said, adding that Britain’s security services believed at least 500 Britons have gone to fight in Syria and potentially Iraq. The PM also announced new legislation that would make it easier to remove passports from people who may travel abroad to fight, adding that the Taliban had harboured and facilitated al Qaida terrorism, but IS was effectively a state run by terrorists.

Militant Islamist fighters parade on military vehicles along the streets of northern Raqqa province of Syria

Islamic State militants have declared a state in parts of Iraq and Syria

Meanwhile, the White House has said it does not expect to raise the US terror threat level. Speaking before the PM’s statement, Home Secretary Theresa May said: “The increase in the threat level is related to developments in Syria and Iraq where terrorist groups are planning attacks against the West. “Some of those plots are likely to involve foreign fighters who have travelled there from the UK and Europe to take part in those conflicts. We face a real and serious threat in the UK from international terrorism. “I would urge the public to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the police.” Police forces say they will increase their patrols in response to the raising of the terror threat, which is set by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC). The JTAC’s decision comes amid growing concern about hundreds of aspiring British jihadis travelling to Iraq and Syria and the murder of American journalist James Foley Haras Rafiq from counter-extremist think tank the Quilliam Foundation, said that IS terrorists may want to target high-profile gatherings in the UK.
Terror threat raised

Police patrols will be increased to act as a deterrent to attack.

“Next week we have a very important Nato conference in Wales. It would be right to suggest that ISIS may well want to target high-profile targets like that. “The danger is also from a wider aspect in terms of European fighters. We talk about Britain having a large number of fighters out there, but per captia Belgium is the worst offender. “The threat is not just from Britain it’s from a wider European perspective.” Sky News police analyst Graham Whetton said the raised level would trigger increased policing levels and public alertness to suspicious activity. “Police will contact transport hubs and sports stadiums and ask them to increase their vigilance and security checks. The airports will get the same threat level increase so they will be asked to raise their awareness and alertness. “Police cannot have eyes and ears everywhere. Officers need communities and families to bring to their attention anybody they perceive may be vulnerable or in danger of escalating towards terrorism. “That is a key piece of the anti-terrorism jigsaw, getting people to come forward with any information they may have.” Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the UK’s most senior police officer, said Scotland Yard is ready for an influx in case large numbers of homegrown extremists return at the same time. National Policing Lead for Counter-Terrorism, Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, said: “We need communities and families to bring to our attention anyone they perceive may be vulnerable, a danger or escalating towards terrorism.

Celtic draw central European teams in Europa League – Travel, Miles and Dates



 By Shaun Gibson

By Shaun Gibson

Wakaso Mubarak – Years loan
Callum McGregor – Signed new 5 year deal
Stefan Scepovic – agrees 4 year deal
Now this, are we happier?

Group D

Dinamo ZagrebDinamo Zagreb(CRO)

1,879.9 Miles – Salzburg
1,512.9 Miles – Dinamo Zagreb
1,879.9 Miles – Astra
Total Travel in Miles to games – 5,272 Miles to each away game
Total Travel in Miles all in – 10,818 Miles to travel

Celtic have never faced any of their Group D opponents.

Do you think we will get through this group.
Our first game is on September 18th, same day as Scottish Referendum

Dates of games
Group stage, matchday one – 18/09/14
Group stage, matchday two – 02/10/14
Group stage, matchday three – 23/10/14
Group stage, matchday four – 06/11/14
Group stage, matchday five – 27/11/14
Group stage, matchday six – 11/12/14

Round of 32, first leg – 19/02/15
Round of 32, second leg – 26/02/15
Round of 16, first leg – 12/03/15
Round of 16, second leg – 19/03/15
Quarter-finals, first leg – 16/04/15
Quarter-finals, second leg – 23/04/15
Semi-finals, first leg – 07/05/15
Semi-finals, second leg – 14/05/15

Final (National Stadium, Warsaw) – 27/05/15



To Build a New Home – Yes Scotland – Brilliant Video by Joshua Hale!


A stunning video by Joshua Hale @joshuaJH95 from Twitter. As we stand weeks away from release from the UK Union and get set to create a fairer, wealthier amazing democracy we need people doing all they can to educate each other about ‘WHY’ an #Aye vote is important and makes sense. As Tommy Sheridan says “Hope Over Fear” We must cast aside the fear and lies about Plan B and all that other rubbish, vote yes on the 18th of September and then create a new Scotland, a better Scotland, a Scotland we know our kids and Grandparents will be safe in, we will know disabled people like me will be looked after. We will be in the top 5 wealthiest nation on Earth! when we vote yes. In the meantime, watch this 3/4 minute video by Joshua and please spread it far and wide, it is brilliant, 10/10 Joshua


Saorsa don Alba





America I “REALLY” Would like you to spend 15 Minutes to listen to this. This is me speaking, a “ShaunyNews” Podcast/Audio Blog. I talk as much truth as I can, I aim to offend nobody but give opinions not just America and my Country and others. I was up all night with my Disabled issue. I had things on my mind. This took me 2 hours, PLEASE!! Everyone, give me a listen. I use images as I speak, so when I talk you see a matching image. I ask you to listen/Watch and please be honest with me. I have MANY, MANY FRIENDS HERE ON WORDPRESS, TWITTER AND FACEBOOK, I would love it if you could listen/watch. The links below will become apparent when you listen as when I mention an issue I mention an article I have written. You don’t have to watch, listen or even read the links. I explain “Police State” and why WE ALL get lied to, here in the UK also! It’s a Global thing but America you are the biggest, strongest nation on Earth. I have many friends there, I have met a few. I am going ALONE with Radio, 100% this time, I am setting up “Live YouTube Chat” where you can watch me live and call in through Skype or ask questions on the page. I am sick of waiting on the Radio show I soooo want to do, so I am just going ahead, there will be minor issues as we start but I will do it! So this is practice, people like to talk, debate about our World, so help me friends…

Getting ready for my Radio show (THIS TIME 100%) 



A UK Newspaper when Bush got his 2nd Term. Americans could not believe this also!!

A UK Newspaper when Bush got his 2nd Term. Americans could not believe this also!!




Define a ‘Police State’ in any Country


Police state

A police state is a state in which the government exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic, and political life of the population. A police state typically exhibits elements of totalitarianism and social control, and there is usually little or no distinction between the law and the exercise of political power by the executive.

The inhabitants of a police state experience restrictions on their mobility, and on their freedom to express or communicate political or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement. Political control may be exerted by means of a secret police force which operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state. Robert von Mohl, who first introduced the rule of law to German jurisprudence, contrasted the Rechtsstaat (“legal” or “constitutional” state) with the aristocratic Polizeistaat (“police state”).

I am doing this blog because I had several people ask me “What is a Police State” Yeah they were all American People  Wasting my time typing, so here is “Police State” in Video and Images






download (1)




Videos  below 



Breaking News

Polarbear Productions

Kollege Kidd



My thoughts on Bill O’Reilly @ Fox News


“Shup up you nobody I am Bill from Fox News!”

The man above, for people who don’t know, is a foolish chap above is Bill O’Reilly who tells lies and has an agenda for Fox News. Now he is a Racist, Pro-Government, Anti-Immigration (Even if needed) and Bullies people. He is a sarcastic fool. He mentioned a few times “Immigration issues we have in Europe” WE DON’T TALK ABOUT IMMIGRATION!!! He is a liar. I KNOW many. many American people don’t like this man either, he is a very dangerous man. Many trust and believe him, this is the Danger. I asked in this blog here:

America – Why, When, Where did you become so dumb? Obama played you

I have debated many American people about this liar and I have yet to meet one person who likes him. So I am now asking myself are his followers non users of Social Media :D I mean for a man in so much power as being a voice to the stupid people  (We have Stupid People here in the UK, just saying) Bill’s views are wrong and not the Words of a Human being with a heart. His opinion on America is a blinkered one. He is in a very small percentage of people in America that have real money (Lots of it) and this makes him and the other people with money to totally not see the REAL WORLD! Now I caught a video by UK Comedian and Actor Russell Brand and he did a running Commentary when Bill was doing one of his end of the show “Bill knows everything” speeches. I hope some American people can view this and PLEASE give me your opinion. Like the blog above I got very few remarks back, American people see something they don’t like and ignore it, unless of course you say bad things about God or Jesus. This is SO true, I have had so much more abuse from the Bible Belt thick people (Not all are like this of course) Quick change of subject, most Americans think Islam is a bad thing, well 10% is! Not all Islamists want to cut our heads off! I have Islam friends through life and football I did, they are a relaxed people. Please, people need to understand we here in Europe look at Westboro Baptist Church and some may presume all of Christianity is this way, hating everyone and doing protests at Kids funerals. Lot of rubbish right? Well so is this Islamic one! There are 1.7 Billion people who follow Islam, America is 4.5% the World’s 7 Billion populous. Just saying, you can’t hate all Islam, we don’t all hate the Bible belt due to Westboro Evil Crowd, yeah? :D

Bill is as Dangerous to our World as many things that we can call Dangerous for one simple reason, he can persuade people to agree with American police at home and sadly abroad, and you American people forget when America acts abroad they ruin things, they cause division and led much of the World to hate you and many countries dropped the PetroDollar, to be fair you did spy on us all to a very high level (I am talking Government/NSA) the UK did the same in a way (I am Scottish, I don’t like being in this Union, here is why Please give this video a watch and PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Give me some opinions, and also the blog above about the dumbing down of the USA in Education

200+ business leaders back ‘Yes’ vote in newspaper letter #IndyRef

Sir Brian Souter: Stagecoach chair signs letter to Herald.

Sir Brian Souter: Stagecoach chair signs letter to Herald.

Around 200 business leaders have backed Scottish independence in an open letter.

It comes the day after a group of 130 company leaders insisted that the case for leaving the UK “has not been made”. The signatories, led by Stagecoach chairman and SNP donor Sir Brian Souter, includes Clyde Blowers boss Jim McColl and retired William Hill chief executive Ralph Topping. Published in The Herald newspaper on Thursday, the letter reads: “We are involved in business and entrepreneurship at different levels in Scotland and around the world. We believe independence is in the best interests of Scotland’s economy and its people. “We will gain the powers to give our many areas of economic strength even more of an advantage in an increasingly competitive world. There will be more opportunities for our talented and determined young people to stay and succeed here in Scotland.”

The letter says that the “real possibility of a British exit from the European common market” is the biggest threat to Scottish business. “We believe Westminster governments do not and never will pay sufficient attention to the interests of Scotland’s economy,” it said. “The tax raids on our oil industry and pension funds by Labour and Conservative-led governments are clear examples of a short-term focus rather than a long-term strategy. Scottish industry is so often treated as a cash cow rather than a strategically important part of a more prosperous and a fairer society.

“The real threat to Scotland is the real possibility of a British exit from the European common market. “Scotland must look outwards to the world of opportunity that awaits us. A Yes vote is the business and jobs opportunity of a lifetime for this and future generations.” The letter written on Wednesday by pro-Union business leaders highlighted the “uncertainties” they believe surround leaving the UK as they argue that “by continuing to all work together we can keep Scotland flourishing”. The group included Weir Group chief executive Keith Cochrane, Audrey Baxter, of Baxters Food Group, and Boyd Tunnock.





10 of the worst plot holes in famous movies


Spotted this online and had to share, the movie above The Shawshank Redemption is one of my all time greats, but when you read the “Holes” in the story, it does make you wonder. At the end of the day, they are only Movies.

Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Dir: George Lucas, 2005

This was probably the best of the prequels, which isn’t saying much. Anti-hero Anakin Skywalker has completed his transformation from brooding teenager into dark overlord, generic love-interest Padme has died in childbirth, and the remaining good characters now find themselves with two children they must keep safe from the clutches of evil. Where’s the best place to hide Luke then? Oh, how about his father’s home planet with his dad’s only remaining living family? We should probably keep his last name as Skywalker too. Vader will never know.

Toy Story

Dir: John Lasseter, 1995

Like a playground Fight Club, there are certain rules to being a toy. The first rule is that you do not let the humans find out that you’re a sentient being. At the beginning of the Pixar classic, Buzz Lightyear is convinced he is a real space ranger and has no knowledge of his humble plastic origins. So why then does he freeze and play dead with the rest of the toys, as soon as Andy enters the room?

The Shawshank Redemption

Dir: Frank Darabont, 1994

It’s regarded by many as one of, if not the, finest films ever made. But even the most critically acclaimed pieces in cinema have momentary lapses of narrative concentration. Wrongly convicted Andy spends years digging a tunnel to freedom, hiding his work under a large picture of Rita Hayworth. Come escape day, Andy crawls his way towards the outside world – but not before perfectly replacing the poster on the wall to mask his escape route. All from inside the tunnel.


Dir: Joe Dante, 1984

Festive favourite Gremlins tells the tale of exotic pet care gone wrong – and not feeding the Mogwais after midnight is one of the many criteria for keeping them as pets. But isn’t it technically always after midnight? When’s the cut-off point?! Additionally, you can’t get the Mogwai/Gremlin wet, otherwise it’ll multiply. Well it’s a snowstorm outside, so wouldn’t the escaped critters be multiplying like Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind? Surely the town would be drowning in the creatures before long.

Planet of the Apes

Dir: Tim Burton, 2001

In this dire remake, rapper Marky Mark finds himself on an alternate Earth run by hyper-intelligent primates while humans are subjugated as slaves. The origin of this situation stems from a primate research spaceship launched by Mark Wahlberg in a distant past. The spaceship crash landed here, and the humans and apes on board are the ancient descendants of all known life on the planet. That doesn’t explain where the horses everyone’s riding about on came from though.

The Matrix

Dir: Wachowski Bros, 1999

In order to enter/exit the digital realm of The Matrix one must receive a telephone call from an “Operator”, a person calling from the real world. When the dastardly Cypher decides to rat his friends out to the bad guys however, he travels to The Matrix to sell information. So who calls him in and out? Who’s his Operator?

Terminator Franchise

Dir: Various, 1984-2015

This plot hole spans an entire franchise and more than 20 years of multiple additions to the series. In the original Terminator, nefarious super-computer Skynet sends a naked Arnold Schwarzenegger back in time to prevent the conception of Skynet’s primary antagonist, resistance fighter John Connor. In order to save his yet to be born-self, future John Connor sends his own father, Kyle Reese, back in time to stop Arnie’s Terminator. This is of course the moment that Kyle Reese becomes the father – and John Connor is born. Being from the future however, surely Skynet would know this, and therefore, if it didn’t send Arnie back, there would be no need to send Kyle either and thus, John Connor would not have been born? The computer is actually its own worst enemy.

Star Wars: Episode V: Empire Strikes Back

Dir: Irvin Kershner, 1980

Another entry regarded by many as among the finest works in cinematic history, and rightly so. However, Episode V seems to lose track of the basics of time during the course of the film. At the beginning, heroic trio Luke, Leia and Han find themselves on the snow-world of Hoth. They part ways; Luke travelling to the swamplands of Dagobah to continue his Jedi training with Master Yoda, while Han and Leia make for the futuristic space port of Cloud City. Han and Leia are chased through an asteroid field and then arrive at the metropolis and reunite with Luke. How much time has passed here? Did Luke blitz a day’s intensive in Jedi training, or has Han been wandering the star system for months on end?

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Dir: Steven Spielberg, 1997

Chaos ensues as an abandoned trawler bearing an angry, captured T.Rex sails into an unsuspecting shipping port. Bizarrely though, the dinosaur is locked away in the ship’s cargo hold – yet the crew are already dead. So, who killed them?

The Hangover

Dir: Todd Phillips, 2009

Are we really expected to believe that soon-to-be married groom, Doug, was so drunk that he remained motionless on a sun-baked roof in Las Vegas for two full days while his hapless friends frolicked around on a series of misadventures in an attempt to find him? Like a poor-man’s Aron Ralston, we can only imagine the lengths Doug went to during his quest for survival.