Scottish independence: Barack Obama warns Scots ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ as he weighs into referendum debate *SURE*

Barack Obama welcomes Douglas Alexander and Ed Miliband to the White House

Barack Obama welcomes Douglas Alexander and Ed Miliband to the White House

THE US president, who rocked the independence debate last month, gave a further explanation of why he believes Scotland should continue to work together with England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This is from one of the daily rags this morning. And this coming from a man who has destroyed his own country. He says “If it ain’t broken don’t fix it” Well Mr Obama, you have no idea who hard life is for the people of the UK. The people of Scotland have a massive chance to leave a Union that isn’t working for Scotland any more. Money taken from Disabled, Pensioners, bedroom tax but no Mansion tax. Austerity is killing the UK. Scotland can vote to free ourselves. We can be 100% self serving. We can look after our country on our own. I wonder who asked him to say this. For me any words from this man make it more likely people will vote yes. Doings his criminal friends a favour. Scotland, don’t fall for this crap.

BARACK Obama has set out his reasons for wanting Scotland to stay in the UK, saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The US president rocked the independence debate last month by making it clear that he hopes Scots vote No. In a bombshell referendum intervention, Obama said the UK should remain united and strong. And now he has given a further explanation of why he believes Scotland should continue to work together with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Asked about the referendum by Paisley and Renfrewshire South MP Douglas Alexander, he said: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Alexander revealed the exchange in an article for today’s Daily Record. The Shadow Foreign Secretary met Obama in Washington on Monday with Labour leader Ed Miliband. During the 30-minute meeting in the White House, the group also discussed the crises in Ukraine and Gaza. But Alexander said he was keen to hear more of the president’s views on the referendum. He added: “Of course he understands that the referendum on September 18 is a choice for us as Scots.

“But as he spoke, it became clear that he believes we really are better together, as part of the UK family. As a hugely admired progressive president Obama knows and understands the modern world and its challenges. “Perhaps more than any other modern political leader, Barack Obama embodies the idea that diversity is a strength. “Nationalism is not his creed.” Obama first spoke out on Scottish independence when he was asked for his thoughts on September’s vote at a press conference with David Cameron at the G7 summit in Brussels. With the Union Flag behind him, he told reporters that, from the outside, the UK appeared to have “worked pretty well”.

He said: “There’s a referendum process in place and it’s up to the people of Scotland.” But he added: “I would say that the United Kingdom has been an extraordinary partner to us. “From the outside at least, it looks like things have worked pretty well. “And, you know, we obviously have a deep interest in making sure that one of the closest allies that we will ever have remains strong, robust, united and an effective partner. “But ultimately, these are decisions that’ll be made by the folks there.” Observers were stunned that Obama publicly backed a No vote when the US is officially neutral.

For all you Pro-Israeli people who say “Hamas hide behind Children”


Simply I say, find a new damn excuse for what Israel are doing. To try and defend Israel is evil, you are all haters. But do we expect less? No we don’t, because to be evil is to support Evil. Too many people blindly and stupidly defend EVERY action Israel has. I am sick to the back teeth of this outrageously stupid excuse to back Israel in what is keeping people land locked for so long and when they shoot back, Israel does this.

So please, Pro-Israel idiots, educate yourself on Humanity, Humility and love, because none of you have any. There is no damn excuse for what Israel is doing. The sooner people realise this is as evil as evil can get the better. But sadly with these idiots reason isn’t a choice, a change of heart is dignity stripping for them. To immoral to even say “Well maybe I was wrong” You all see what you want to see. So here is the truth. You don’t even know how to be human any more, you are a people who I wouldn’t like to know. I have had Pro Idiots tell me in their dozens that Israel will Nuke everyone, Israel won’t be defeated. Well, when it comes to reality and humanity,  guess what? Israel are already beaten, and so are you for making awful, mindless, stupid, idiotic, uneducated excuses like this one above. So lets have some facts shall we?

Evil at work, and you are part of it, FACT! 
















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A Palestinian relative of four sibling children of the al-Dalo family, who were killed in an Israeli air strike, reacts as he stands next their bodies at a hospital in Gaza City

S0 tell me Pro-Israeli people, what excuse now? What can you tell me or show me to make me change my mind? What if this was your existence on this Earth. Waking up every day hoping your kids live another day. Praying your family are safe. Being stuck in a HUGE concentration camps. Knowing the WORLD is protesting because of what is being done to you


This is your way, evil has won your souls, may God have mercy on you all. Hate = more hate, this is the way of our World. I await Pro-Israeli people TRY and debate me on this one!

More love, less hate

Why are American more Pro-Israel than any other nation?


Over the last few weeks I have done a few articles here and on AceNews about Israel and how they are acting like Nazi Germany. How the Media reports an IDF Soldier had a shot up knee but refuse to show us the truth about kids being killed.

I noticed also that almost EVERY angry Pro-Israeli lived in America. How is this? Why is this? Does this prove my point American people are controlled by a willing media and not clever enough to think for themselves.

I also noticed many of the Pro-Israeli people from the USA were deeply religious, but all I seen was hate. So this puzzled me greatly. How can someone who loves God be so hateful and deny the truth? I showed a LOT of proof about what Israel are doing yet I get hate emails abused on WordPress and Twitter. I can handle it, these are just dumb people hating for the sake of it and refuse to admit Israel are wrong out of a lack of humility, I feel real sorry for some of these people. Haters going to hate, I truly feel sorry for you angry pro-Israel people, you are hate, you are a reason why hate exists

America thinks it is the most important nation on Earth when in-fact (Hey you might learn something here USA) India is the World’s biggest democracy. How can the USA and it’s tiny 4.5% of humanity be so important. Over here in Europe America we shake our heads at you. We don’t understand you.

Am I speaking about the American people or the American Government? Well I guess I am talking about both. Both are as stupid as the other All the articles I have done on Israel and hate. I just don’t understand why more Americans love Israel than even the people in Israel where a lot of them hate their government. Yet America as a political power and it’s people are too damn stupid to know the truth if it came and bit them in the ass.

I of course do not mean everyone, but America, your people, the Israel lovers make the World think your whole Country is Pro-Israel. Of course this is not true. There were a TON of demonstrations over the weekend in America against Israel and asking the World to help Palestine




America angered as the UK and France do arms deals with Russia

Putin and Dave, pals in War!

Putin and Dave, pals in War!

For anyone needing reminded in this War an Hate filled World we live in that War is the new age of money making only need must read this below. As always do your own research. France and the UK are doing deals with America’s devil and they don’t like it. This tells me, as I have said many times that the World see’s American on it’s knees financially and are dealing with other countries. America only has it’s self to blame for being cast aside in this World by spying on friends. Hard reality to take here, but this is our World now, accept it!

Britain could buy weapons from its former Cold War foe for the first time under a landmark defence treaty, the Telegraph can reveal. Defence chiefs are preparing to sign a deal that would see British defence companies working jointly on projects with the Russian arms industry. The treaty allows arms companies to buy kit from Russia – and Russian diplomatic sources said they hope one day to see British soldiers carrying the Red Army’s famous Kalashnikov rifle as a result. Ministry of Defence sources confirmed the deal creates the legal framework for the British Army to buy Russian equipment, but stressed their main focus is on allowing firms to share information and buy components from one another. The MoD and the Russian Federal Service for Military Technical Co-operation are now studying the draft text. It could be signed in the spring, Moscow sources said, earlier than previously thought after making quick progress.

Banner in France yesterday

Banner in France yesterday

The United States is continuing to pile pressure on France to suspend a $1.6bn (£1bn) defence contract with the Russian government amid calls for Europe to adopt meaningful sanctions against Moscow following the downing of Flight MH17. As EU foreign ministers, including Philip Hammond, the foreign secretary, meet in Brussels later today to discuss toughening sanctions, the French refusal to halt the contract to supply two helicopter carriers to the Russian navy has come under particular fire. The fact that France is still providing training to Russian service personnel was the subject of heated contacts between US and European officials last the weekend, officials said, as months of tension over the project came to a head. “The Americans are absolutely furious about the French still training the Russians,” a Western diplomatic source told The Telegraph in Washington. “The question everyone is asking is, ‘at what point does Europe draw the line?’” The UK, which along with Germany has already halted all defence exports to Russia, has lined up squarely behind the Obama administration which has led misgivings among some Nato countries about the French-Russian deal even before the crisis in Ukraine.


Celtic were superb tonight

Celtic were superb tonight

AUTHOR: Shaun Gibson 119da003c51c5a5580876683884846aa

Celtic were breathtaking tonight as we done the job we came through to Edinburgh to do. We can see the style Ronny is wanting us to play slowly come through, he has so many strikers on the park. Tonight ended 4-0 but could easily have been 10-0 with Commons either hitting the post of having shots saved. All in it was a training match as Celtic now await the winners of Cliftonville v Legia Warsaw (1-1) in Ireland tomorrow.

Celtic took the lead on 13 minutes, corner on the far side, Commons floated it in, Lustig headed back towards goal, Van Dijk was there to make it 1-0 on the night.

Van Dijk got the first 2 goals

Van Dijk got the first 2 goals

We had to wait just over 5 minutes for 2-0, same players involved, Commons corner, headed back to the back post by Lustig and there was Van Dijk to head home. At this stage Celtic were rampant, and we are still looking for full fitness. We are still in Pre-Season mode, so the performance tonight was even more brilliant when you add that in

3-0 came on 26 minutes when Pukki, who had missed a few chances got on the end of a McGregor cross before the KR keeper and a well deserved goal by Pukki. Celtic had chance after chance. We hit the post, the bar, crosses across the KR goal. But it is still early, so far the signs look superb. Ronny is still unbeaten as Celtic Manager

The tie is was as good as over as Celtic lead 4-0 on aggregate. Virgil van Dijk profited from a couple of goalkeeping blunders and Teemu Pukki added the third goal at Murrayfield. It’s been a stroll in the park for Ronny Deila’s men

The 2nd half saw much of the same, the passing was superb, left to right, back and forward, we made KR  chase so hard they tired badly. Celtic could have scored a ton in Edinburgh tonight but to be fair the KR keeper made a lot of good saves. Pukki I was delighted for, we are slowly seeing a player find form, on 70 minutes Pukki  rounded the keeper and hammered the ball high into the goal. We seen Kayal, Henderson and Matthews come on tonight and even with players missing or off the park Celtic just oozed confidence. I am liking this new style but we must be realistic, we were not playing a world beater tonight

Pukki gets the first of his two, this one thanks to McGregor

Pukki gets the first of his two, this one thanks to McGregor

Professional job by Celtic, 5-0 on aggregate and we look forward to the next round. If tonight’s display is anything to go by, we will sail past whoever we face

Final score Celtic 4-0 KR Reykjavik (5-0 on aggregate)

TCN Man of the match, Johansen, the lad controlled most of what we did but we had a few we could pick. Johansen is a fine player and like many are showing they will get better and better under the new manager

Thanks to @CelticGoals



The Irony of the Anti-Abortion People

Roe V Wade Abortion Anniversary

OK, Head on the block time for Shaun. This is a short simple blog and question. In America there is a HUGE anti-abortion feeling. I respect that. But I am going to show you the Irony America. Let’s say you are a woman and you are raped, you are against abortion, do you abort and keep the kid, or adopt the kid to another family

In many of these anti-Abortion places you have the Death penalty. So I simply ask, what is the difference in “We can’t kill an unborn child” to “We will kill this person as they are bad” Isn’t that a moral outrage right there? I mean how can a person be against killing life in the form of a fetus but be ok to allow the area you live to kill a living person

The irony really makes me see anti abortion people as people with double standards. To kill a life is to kill life in ANY way. Life is life in any way shape or form. How can a person hate the thought of an abortion but be ok with the Death penalty? Do you all see the Irony here? I do and it’s killer. This shows me how stupid many can be in their belief systems. They will believe what they want to believe but deny turning the coin over and seeing the other side of the argument. Blind faith I Call it

Let me know how you feel

More love, less hate




Murdered Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando ‘tried to get bosses to investigate alleged paeodphile ring inside the BBC


What did she know?


  • Retired BBC worker claims that ‘big names’ were involved in abuse
  • Dando ‘handed a file to management but nothing was done about it’
  • The BBC said it had not seen anything to substantiate the claims


As the UK sex abuse case gathers pace an informant claimed that ex Watchdog presenter Jill Dando had been told about a sex abuse scandal inside the BBC. We all know now the BBC had many employees involved through the Jimmy Savile case, Rold Harris and many other ex BBC starts of TV have been jailed in recent years. This story IS going to explode, but we now must ask seriously, was Jill murdered for trying to expose her own bosses? I am of mind to stop paying this BBC Licence fee. It’s only a few pounds a week, but ask yourself, after reading this and looking at other stories of  Sex Abuse towards woman and kids where stars got jailed, will you keep funding the BBC? I have been on this case for months and said it was too big to not come out, slowly it is.

Murdered Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando tried to get BBC bosses to investigate an alleged paedophile ring in the corporation, it has today been claimed.  A former friend and retired BBC worker has claimed that the television host was told that ‘big name stars’ and BBC staff were involved in abuse.  But when she tried to get her superiors to investigate, and handed a file to senior management, no action was taken, the source claims.  She said: ‘I think she was quite shocked when told about images of children and that information on how to join this horrible paedophile ring was freely available.’ They added that Ms Dando had also been told that female work colleagues told her they had been groped or assaulted, and that nothing had been done.

‘She compiled a file of complaints but she was not really an investigative journalist, just a presenter.  ‘She passed the information to someone else and they gave it back. No one wanted to know.’ The BBC said it had not seen anything to substantiate the claims. Miss Dando, 37, was gunned down outside her home in Fulham, west London, on April 26, 1999, moments after stepping out of her car. Dando was killed with a single muffled bullet to the skull and neighbours found her in a pool of blood on her doorstep in a crime that shocked Britain. Part-time stuntman Barry George was jailed for the killing in 2001, but his conviction was overturned in August 2008 following the emergence of fresh evidence.

Her killer has never been found. 

Barry George says he wants justice for Jill Dando’s family


All roads start here

All roads start here

Above is the late Jimmy Savile, he died a few years ago, but not until he was dead did the truth come out about him. He raped and abused hundreds of kids and young girls. People have suggested he was the middle man between famous people, Westminster, 10 Downing Street and even higher, Royally higher. We just seen  Australian Rolf Harris, an ex BBC employee and TV Star 20 years ago get jailed. Operation Yewtree was started and the TV Stars were in and out of court every other day. Did Jill Dando know more, is this why she was killed? Max Clifford the man who helped advice the famous people was also jailed. Dave Lee Travis was another, the list is long. And this is about to blow up on politics in the UK. A Union I hope my country Scotland can escape. So far Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr, Wilfred De’ath, Dave Smith (Chauffeur) Ted Beston BBC Producer, Jim Davidson TV Preseter and Comedian, Mike Osman a DJ for BBC Radio, Jimmy Tarbuck a BBC Comedian, Chris Denning BBC Radio Presenterm, Paul Gambaccini American/British Radio and TV Presenter, Michael Salmon Dr at a kids Hospital it is alleged Savile did much of his sex offending have all been quized in Operation Yewtree

Operation Yawtree


The accused we have heard about

Our Media is about to blow the cover right off this vile sex ring

Our Media is about to blow the cover right off this vile sex ring

Brace for impact, this is about to  get real

Brace for impact, this is about to get real