Prayingforoneday is now ShaunyNews – Shaun Gibson – PLEASE REBLOG!

I had to (SADLY) Change my Blog Praying for one day..Personal family reasons. I started this ShaunyNews. Can people PLEASE give this a reblog as I am still trying to reconnect with a few friends and people I loved like family… Thank you..Already it’s had 150+ hits this post..Thank you SO much. I need to find some people..They may think I am dead or something.. lol…Thanks.. Shaun!

ShaunyNews - My Amazing Journey Shared And Documented


Since I had to delete my old blog and start a new one I am asking PLEASE if people can give this a quick reblog?

I lost a ton of friends I liked talking to. I am getting about 5/10 a day added back but I would really like to hook back up with a few people.

I ask as the best friend you have to PLEASE RE-Blog this so I can find some friends like you again

I would be grateful WordPress if you could do this for me

More love, less hate


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3 comments on “Prayingforoneday is now ShaunyNews – Shaun Gibson – PLEASE REBLOG!

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