Another huge sink hole opens up in 10,000-seat stadium at a Tennessee university.

The "Sink Hole" is becoming a word we all know these days

The “Sink Hole” is becoming a word we all know these days

Video from Sky News (UK)

A sinkhole has swallowed a corner section of a college football field in Tennessee.

The hole initially opened up where the football field meets the track at Austin Peay State University’s Governors Stadium.

It started out small – about 3ft by 5ft – but crews have been forced to dig deeper to find bedrock in order to properly repair it, The Leaf-Chronicle reported.

Workers discovered the hole after a construction project to replace the stadium’s main building began.

The 10,000-seat stadium in Clarksville opened in 1946.

Mike Jenkins, the superintendent for the construction project, told the newspaper that officials added contingency funding for sinkhole remediation.

He said: “You never know to what extent you’re going to run into them, but we know that Montgomery County, and Austin Peay State University specifically, is famous for sinkholes.”

Mr Jenkins said the hole will be filled with rock and concrete.


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  1. Such a diverse little fellow you is :-) they read because you obviously have something they wanna read capish . Lol, I see enough of the news, so I don’t come and read all your newsy stuff, but there are those that must be enjoying it. Sorry about your knee, you really are a walking accident at times aren’t you, you silly sausage :-) as far as family… Yup you can choose your friends but…. as we know.
    Try and get some sleep in between all that you do my friend. I’m still around, just not as often :-) xx


    • I am indeed a “Silly Sausage” I have not been called that since I was like 5 :D
      I call my Daughter that now..Wasn’t till I see it written down like that did I piss myself laughing. haha..Oh Jen hon :D

      And I agree with all you say…Family …Grrr …etc..

      And sleep! HA! WASSAT? I get a few hours during the day and my body thinks I had a good night’s sleep..
      When in reality I had 2 hours on the couch :D
      <3 pmsl @ Silly Sausage…Dunno why…I can't….haha


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