A Father Poem


Sitting thinking about your younger years

Back when you couldn’t walk or talk, just a baby

In truth we were all young and free, good days

Just know nothing can make me leave your side


4 kids, two boys, two girls, growing too fast

With the boys we had been down this road

With the Girls it was a new road, different rules

When your laying here in my arms, I smile


When I see you cry I cry also. This is a parents job

When my princess’s hurt I hurt, they cry, I cry

Many say we shouldn’t show our feelings

I say life is about feelings, wrapping them up is wrong


My sons are older now, I remember them as babies

I remember them as kids, teenagers now young men

I am proud of them both, they understand life and living

They are brilliant big brothers, they cry also, I taught that


We have to love, we need to care and hard man patter isn’t on

When it comes to our kids we MUST be real, we must be alive

We have to teach them the roads to walk the avenues to avoid

My sons have girls of their own, in love and I am proud


With my two princess’s I adore, they teach me every day

2 little girls just bags of emotions teaching me how to live again

Teaching Daddy how to smile, teaching Daddy how to cry

Cuddled up watching TV is where I love to be, heaven for me


I take my time, I take each day, I know one day they will find love

Any man who wants my daughters has to be a man, or else

I will teach my Daughter the value of love and being nice

I just pray they never leave my side, they teach me so much


A father can pray for his kids and do his best, all he can

In reality life will mould them but we can plant seeds

To any parent this is my way, yours will differ as it should

I am selfish I want my girls to stay little girls, but they won’t


So in my Fathers poem I laid my soul bare, I laid it out for all to see

I am not afraid to show emotion, real men do, fake men don’t

I got this from my Father, always be real, never be fake, be you

So as I teach my kids I draw from both my parents, we did good

My partner and I can be proud, our kids are happy and know love


If the truth be told it is an utter pleasure to bring kids up

An honour and a wakeup call all in one, the good and the bad

I wouldn’t change it for the World, it is me, they are me

Every time I see them hurt, I hurt also, it’s a fathers job

26 comments on “A Father Poem

    • I think I am lucky to have them.. lol
      We are parents and do what we can..There are no books to guide us..

      I am guessing you are a wonderful Wife and Mother… x


      • I feel lucky to have my 3 beautiful children too.
        Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately my partner left 4 years ago, couldn’t handle the illness. It’s all good now, still hope for my soul mate!!
        I am surrounded by a loving friends and family tho!


        • Sorry to hear that..It is a theme I read and hear a lot..
          It is strained here, but we keep talking and keep it real and it can be hard.

          Have a good weekend.. x


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