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  1. Watching across the pond. Happy Germany is held scoreless…but must admit I don’t like games of defense in any sport. But am impressed at hard they are playing under terrible weather and that the German player is playing with 5 stitches in his face! American baseball players are noted for not playing if their finger hurts!


    • HA HA Yeah, even American football is 100 pads.. Rugby and Aussie rules are the same, no pads at all.. You got that right..
      1-0 in the End to German and USA through to the last 16 to play Holland (I think) Sometimes at this level of Football, at this stage of a tournament, it’s about not losing. The opening games were full of goals and exciting. Now we enter the knock out stages you will see more defensive games. Glad you are liking football..It’s very tactical…But for someone who doesn’t watch it much they won’t see the tactical side of it. I did tactical coaching and you can be at it for months when you take a new team on as Manager. Stop the other team from hurting you and work hard at getting in behind the other team. Easy game to play, many manager, even at this level make it hard. I was 2 levels below this level before I had to give up..


        • I will be helping with Saturday semi pro Adults. In Europe you can start to coach kids at 5 years old. With 5 year old’s there are no organised games, just introduction to a football and a TON of fun for 3 years. Aged 8 they play 7-a-side football but there are no leagues or trophies, we call them friendly games, the emphasis is to teach them, but it’s still fun. I work STILL for the Scottish Football Association. If I see a coach getting angry at the 7-a-side game I report him. Kids NEED to learn from mistakes in Sport. Aged 13, kids start 11-a-side and it’s for leagues and cups. This is where it gets a bit more real, you can have a slight go at them, after all, they have played and been learning for 8 years. So after the game you point out, one on one (You never do it front of the other kids) where they went wrong, and as a coach you coach the bad mistakes out of them. Once kids get to 17 it gets as real as Pro Football you see on TV. The emphasis is on winning. I never shout and swear, it’s counter productive. Even with Adults, you teach them. And coaches will get the respect from Adults if the players think you know what you are doing. I have been lucky in the sense I always got the respect from the parents of kids and the Adults I managed. I loved 13 to 16 year old age levels. You can win trophies and leagues. I found the more you made coaching fun but appropriate the more the kids respected you. So I would say that age level. But I have done all levels…Adults Pro is hard, but I did a season at it before this shit pain came. I was climbing the ladder… Aged 37 I had to stop with 15 years behind me experience. Most Managers start age 40, I am 40 now..With all this experience.. This is why I get offered jobs all the time… But it’s a team game, with your ‘TEAM’ you are nothing, you need everyone on the same page…I do this quickly and it works for me..

          lol x


          • Sports start early here too, but there is a great deal put on winning even at a young age…no so much on learning and having fun. YOur way is much better. Parents yell at the kids and coaches and it makes it very unpleasant. Pressure is put on them now though. Too many fathers living through their kids.

            Listen, a question. . . . Have you ever had physical therapy on your legs to strengthen them? That maybe a crazy idea but . . . . . It is so clear how much you love football through your words. I am happy that you are going to go back to that love in your life. When will you start?


          • Fathers living their dreams through their kids. I could write a book Anne. I banned so many Dads and a few Mums from the stands/touchlines for be abusive. I am trying to help a 10 year old kid get over a mistake that cost a goal, I am telling the kid ‘Don’t worry, keep going, you are doing good” To then hear swearing and abuse. I always, the whole 15 years doing it went up and said ‘Do that again you are banned from watching’ And I had to tell many the 2nd time to beat it. Kids MUST be allowed to learn from mistakes. We allow them to do so in the house, why not sport? I never get it. But I still help deal with it..

            Because I have fibromyalgia there is nothing that can be done, the pain just comes. Some days I have no strength in my legs to walk. This is where I use one of my 3 pairs of leg braces and crutches. Hate doing it as the girls see it. When I can walk I wear half leg supports, just the knee and 10 inches below and above. And I have normal knee protectors, just add’s a little strength.
            I am meant to start 2 weeks on Saturday. I have really muscly legs as I do as much physio as I can. If you seen me in just shorts you would think nothing is wrong, that is the sh1t about this disease. Some days I feel brilliant then seconds later I am in bed screaming. As the years go on I learn tricks here and there, fooling the mind a little is one. When people ask how I get through a day (I find it hard to get through an hour some days) I can only say I ‘Breath through the pain like a pregnant woman’ because I can only really explain it as so. I did it last 3 years (football) in AGONY..Then I was told to stop.

            I really am not putting much hope into this because if I do and then I can’t I will be devastated. So I am not expecting much. If I can it’s a bonus. it’s nearly 4am and I am at my PC Chair in agony doing nothing..

            .Well I am watching back to the future trilogy lol

            Thanks for asking.. x


          • To me, it is obvious that you should be coaching and working with the players. I am glad you are willing to try and that these players and leaders want you to do it because of your talent and knowledge. I am going to pray that you will be able to coach and guide these men. There is such a need in the world for sensitive men, who work hard, love their kids and wife. You have so much to give by your example of hard work, determination and not giving up and I think being involved again would be a great tonic for you !


          • Anne you are fast becoming my best pal on here for many reasons. You are honest, you have love in your heart and you know how to make a person feel better by telling the truth to them. I appreciate ALWAYS what you say. You teach me so much.

            I can’t thank you any more for the care you show..



          • Well, I am so touched by your kind words. You have taught me so much about living with suffering with such grace. And I am now MORE of a futball fan thanks to your explanation. Husband calls me a “Pollyanna” because I prefer to be positive and not negative. . . I guess it just is my nature. I have had Indian people thank me for not writing about negative aspects of India. I am wondering why I would because everyone knows of their brave struggles. I prefer to shine light on the many good things! I hope you have a lovely Saturday. . . . blessings. . .


  2. I am listening to the World Cup as I work on my blog! I love the sound of the cheering crowd. I am sad about the destruction after Brazil’s loss….fans do that here too. I can’t understand it! You were busy today with all the posts. . . after being up all night ! As far as I am concerned I am with you on the Scotland issue. . . don’ t let the turkeys get you down !


    • Yeah, you are right Anne, just sometimes hard not to get down.

      And Germany will win this :D
      Said after holders Spain got beat 1st game 5-1 from Holland..
      Canadians can be bad with ice hockey, buts football trouble to shame :D


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