Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain



I got Diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome 16 years or so ago, then Fibromyalgia about 7 years ago. It took everything. I was a Soccer manager here in Scotland at a very high level. I had to start driving an Automatic 2 pedal car, I had to move home to the middle of nowhere.

Most of my family don’t believe I am in pain because I “Look good” is what I hear. I know you do too, it is so common. I live in agony all day every day. But life is moments and we ride the bad ones knowing good ones will come again, and by doing so it helps us get through bad moments. I believe in moments, I cherish them

My Partners name is Dawn, she is an ex-model and we have been together since School, I am 40 and have known Dawn since I was around 12 years old. She took me away from a life I was in and showed me life and love I did not know existed. I have two Sons, Dean and Ryan aged 22 and 20, proud of them both, they are brilliant boys, work hard and know how to value money and are very street smart, they know how to handle life.

I have two Daughters Courtney (4) nearly 5 and Chloe who is 3. They have taught me more about myself than I even thought possible, and also about life. They make me smile and give me a reason (If I ever needed one) to live through the pain. As I said, the illness took everything, but I still have my mind and am loved by family. I am a really blessed man on many fronts. I know it and don’t take it for granted.

I believe in God and pray every day. I do not go near religion, God doesn’t ask “From what faith do you arrive” when we die. I have a personal relationship that works for me, with God

I am from Scotland, real name is Shaun Gibson. I live in a wooded area on the North/West edge of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. I support Glasgow Celtic football Club, write for them and do live match reports. I love to write and talk football, not soccer, 92% of the world call it football. It is my passion and the national pass time in my country. Here is why:

This is my story

More love, less hate


46 comments on “Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain

  1. Hi Shaun

    Why is refreshing to find another with Fibro and chronic pain, when it is the illness from hell…I suppose its good to know I am not alone, as so many people do not, could not understand it until they experienced it. Do you have a separate blog on Fibromyalgia?

    Hope you are at a low level today…. :)

    Regards Melanie


    • Hi Melanie
      I had this blog 5 months
      Old one ‘prayingforoneday’ was all pain talk, and not good for me

      And it is good to talk to other sefferers
      If you have Skype, feel free
      Audio only
      All the way from Scotland


  2. hi shaun so good to hear people talk about fm . i have suffered from it for 12yrs now but was told for 10 that i couldnt have fm by 4docs that it didnt exist . i got so depressed i want to end my life till finaly my present doc believed i was in awful pain and im now gettin better treatment . like you said its hard cause people see you as fine but they dont feel the pain you are suffering . x


  3. Hi Shaun,
    I have had Fibro for 14 years and have secondary health problems now too. I just thought I’d drop you a wee note to say your not alone my friend. I used to go to the gym 4/5 days a week and coach rugby semi professionally doing up to 19 sessions a week with a couple of matches. When I wasn’t doing that I worked on a farm roguing Potatoes and Barley walking upto 20 miles a day; thanks to Fibro I went from that to house bound and barely able to walk inside two months.


  4. It’s always good to come across others with FM who try to live a positive life. So hard to do with this awful illness. I’ve had it 11yrs now, the past two years without the support and care of my amazing husband who died suddenly and unexpectedly in March 2012, trying to cope without his help has been a living hell and my entire life has had to change. There have been too many days when I have felt I would rather not be here, fighting with the DWP and ATOS has worn me down to the point I don’t want to fight any more but although i have lost a lot and had to give up a lot I do still have a voice and spend a lot of my time using it to raise awareness of conditions like FM and the corruption in Westminster towards the chronically ill and disabled. It gives me a purpose as did trying to get across the need for Scottish independence, I guess I have to keep at it after this week. I will be following your blog now I’ve found it.


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