Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain



I got Diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome 16 years or so ago, then Fibromyalgia about 7 years ago. It took everything. I was a Soccer manager here in Scotland at a very high level. I had to start driving an Automatic 2 pedal car, I had to move home to the middle of nowhere.

Most of my family don’t believe I am in pain because I “Look good” is what I hear. I know you do too, it is so common. I live in agony all day every day. But life is moments and we ride the bad ones knowing good ones will come again, and by doing so it helps us get through bad moments. I believe in moments, I cherish them

My Partners name is Dawn, she is an ex-model and we have been together since School, I am 40 and have known Dawn since I was around 12 years old. She took me away from a life I was in and showed me life and love I did not know existed. I have two Sons, Dean and Ryan aged 22 and 20, proud of them both, they are brilliant boys, work hard and know how to value money and are very street smart, they know how to handle life.

I have two Daughters Courtney (4) nearly 5 and Chloe who is 3. They have taught me more about myself than I even thought possible, and also about life. They make me smile and give me a reason (If I ever needed one) to live through the pain. As I said, the illness took everything, but I still have my mind and am loved by family. I am a really blessed man on many fronts. I know it and don’t take it for granted.

I believe in God and pray every day. I do not go near religion, God doesn’t ask “From what faith do you arrive” when we die. I have a personal relationship that works for me, with God

I am from Scotland, real name is Shaun Gibson. I live in a wooded area on the North/West edge of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city. I support Glasgow Celtic football Club, write for them and do live match reports. I love to write and talk football, not soccer, 92% of the world call it football. It is my passion and the national pass time in my country. Here is why:

This is my story

More love, less hate


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