Why I write news now


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The reason I deleted PrayingForOneDay and started this blog, well I had a few reasons. Many think I was mad deleting an account with over 2,ooo followers, well followers are not why I do this. The last blog was started for me to talk about my Fibromalagia and Chronic Pain. I got to the stage where the talking about pain kept me in pain

When I left school I actually wanted to be a Sports Journalist and I kinda am now here http://thecelticnetwork.com/liveblog/ We hope to take it to Audio in the coming season. Football (Soccer to the USA) has always been my passion.

Away from family and living, Celtic are my cause for wanting to be online. I love to write about a club I love. But coming back to news, I noticed American people were not getting told the truth in their news and also that the Media in the UK told white lies also. So I like to put the record straight. I love to find a news story before the media does. I have 3 scoops :D 3 whole scoops, 3 blogs I got done before the media did.

I also write here




I have been offered a fairly big writing job by well known media, BUT to I sell myself to the devil for a few pounds? No I can’t do that. I said no. I want the freedom to write what I want. The two sites above give me that. The man who owns AceNews gives me total freedom to write and I thank him for that, he is a great guy with a lot of good plans with his site coming. If I am lucky I will be a part of what he does, would be my honour

So, there you have it, that is why :-)




22 comments on “Why I write news now

  1. good morning, well i wrote the guy a thank you letter just before last christmas and few month ago found out he got it , didnt think he would with being half way being half way cross the world, happy days eh, my good deeds done.


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