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We started this page a little over 3/4 months ago, well over 400 members now. This is for sharing your blog, connecting in real time with bloggers and having fun. It has went beyond all our expectations so far, utterly brilliant group.

Please join the group:

I am the Shaun, Admin from Scotland

Moderators are:

Archbishop Eddie Tatro from USA:

Doc Horty from USA:

Patty the poet/writer from Holland:

Jeremy, poet/writer from England:

Brian, My personal friend from Scotland:


17 comments on “SHARE YOUR BLOG – Facebook page here

    • You have not enabled ‘Reblog’ on your page mate, or I would..
      You part of any big Facebook groups? buddy here are groups, good groups to join and share, ton of debate

      Just to warn ya, any shyt and you get punted quick. I am not a mod, but seen no camp people come in and get their jollies at causing arguments

      Good luck..
      Saorsa don Alba
      From the city of broon sauce on oor chips :D


  1. Dear Shaun,

    My contribution to your blog is my latest column on the topic which is based on my observation and experience that I gathered while I was an MRes student at the Uni of Glasgow in 2007/08. The link of the column is the following:

    Scotland: the post-referendum phase — Daily Times

    I hope you will enjoy reading this piece.

    Dr Qaisar Rashid
    Lahore, Pakistan.


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