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#Vlog – Audio/Video Blog – About ‘People’

imagesSo even Einstein, the cleverest person we have had in this awful species we are agree’s with me! Or I agree with him, pick one, matters not a jot :D So here I am just, again, testing out some software, video, audio etc to see if things are ok. My Editor from #AceNewsServices <Click) and I have decided we are going to do a weekly/daily, we don’t know yet, video and audio stuff LIVE! Yeah live and spontaneous blogging or on-line radio, Skype will be connected so people can talk about blog’s Ian and I do on Ace News and here on ShaunyNews Media or any other news they want to talk about. Ian and I will debate MANY different issues in our World and personally I can’t wait :D I am a total fool and that is good! I want to keeping being a d1@k because there is nothing worse than gossipy normal judgmental people right? LOL. So, enjoy, and please give me feedback

Shaun talking UTTER GARBAGE!!



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Scotland, World – This Is How The Media Manipulates You – Read or Don’t!

A Simple image that the US Government sent to the World Media - I debunked the image!

A Simple image that the US Government sent to the World Media – WE debunked the image!

The image above clearly shows how the Media in our World, be it Scotland or anywhere on Earth manipulate us all, the key is spotting this. I have to thank for bringing this link to my attention. I already know the media manipulate us all, all over our World. We here in Scotland are not immune from this malpractice by a media we pay to tell us the truth, the video below is 5 minutes long but shows what I have written about myself many times. I will share some links at the bottom and some images to show where and how and why the media do this to us. I can get any image and change it to suit my agenda, so I simply ask, what is the main stream media’s reasons? Are they told to by Government like the BBC were told by Tory and Red Tory alike in the lead up to September 14th 2014 when we were lied to with images. Below is a few we were fooled with here in Scotland, below I share what the World gets shown, it’s so obvious and in our faces we don’t see it. Now I hope we do, all it takes is a few people to show a truth and we become knowledge. Will you become knowledge or denial? You must choose for your moral reasons. Come at me with hate, you are a ‘Shill, a Government plant set out to discredit the truth I share, not my truth, a truth that is out there…. Decide well #VIDEO BELOW


Scare tactics in one simple image


What were the media doing here? Think, please


A funny image, but this sits in people’s minds, we are all human right? Some more stupid


Could this be media manipulation? OR Alternative media like me showing a truth? You can decide or not


Happens all over the World, they implant propaganda in our minds and we don’t know it


…And it’s been happening for decades.

Regarding the above link: UK man wins court case against BBC for 911 cover up <Click) 


What was the agenda here? This caused a lot of hate, people accused people of using a child for a cause.


I don’t have to say what is happening here, or why, by OUR media


Fear, and an angry looking Nicola to scare the stupid people

~~~Via: ~~~


The video explains this image below

The video explains this image below

A few months ago, I put up an article about an anti-vaccination rally in San Diego. In the article, my concern was how the coverage was manipulating the coverage to seem as if the rally garnered little support, when in fact, the truth was much the opposite. But all the same, the rally was termed “a flop.”

Now that might not seem like a big deal on the surface, but it is huge. Causing a rally to appear small and feeble creates a perception that the cause is uncared for and un-winnable and can create an exponential apathy of sorts. If it didn’t work, why would they attempt to manipulate it?

I found this video which details the greatest “known” journalism crimes in our history. In this piece, the focus is on the use of images within Photoshop, but the greater idea isn’t lost on any of our modern causes even without the use of Photoshop. This is what swings political support on various issues. This is a great reminder to keep in mind how tainted the media pipeline has become. (video below)

Exhibit chronicles manipulated news photos
VIDEO Via: PBS NewsHour on You Tube

~~End Story~~


I won’t stop watching TV but this is true this image, why make it if not?


Who makes these images and why? Think……….


Global, it’s in our faces, they hide it in plain sight


Like in Scotland, we get one version of a newspaper, England gets another. Same with TIME!


Being shot, shot and saved, then helped, what one is real? see it?




Research this image, you won’t believe it’s truth, I struggled but I couldn’t disprove it’s fake

Now, to end this blog, if you can't see media propaganda aimed at you and I, you are afraid or in denial. I respect you either way

Now, to end this blog, if you can’t see media propaganda aimed at you and I, you are afraid or in denial. I respect you either way

Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax Fraud Robbie Parker Actor Exposed Smiling Laughing then Fake Crying
VIDEO Via: Billy Moschella, Jr. on You Tube

Sandy hook student says it was a drill MUST SEE !
VIDEO Via: wishfix on You Tube

Sandy Hook: Murdered Child Found Alive in Obama Phot-Op
VIDEO Via: Harold Saive on You Tube

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AceNews/ShaunyNews – Video Test

This is a video test for my Ace News Editor Ian and I. We need to test a few things for our ‘Trying attempt to do live video and/or audio. We will combine both news outlets. Me here and Ian and I here  Before you watch, KNOW! I have not showered, I am in the house alone as everyone is out buying stuff for my Daughters birthday on Monday. I look awful :D But this is a test right? Next time I will comb my hair, shave and put my makeup on :D #ThisIsATest

~~As Promised~~Why I do the things I do~~

We are combining both these to one central outlet



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“Anonymous hackers campaign to expose the network of high profile paedophiles within trusted institutions’

The network says it will publish information - including details of "torture and murder" - as part of 'Operation Death Eaters'.

The network says it will publish information – including details of “torture and murder” – as part of ‘Operation Death Eaters’.

Via My own Words, tagged  video’s from Anonymous and a PDF file, all below 

This is a story I have been on for over a year on this blog and my last one as well as Ace News Services. #OpDeathEaters is a cause I am behind regardless, I think when Mr Jones next door gets accused he is jailed, when Mr Politician does it, as said in the video, nothing happens. ‘They’ after the Death of  Jimmy Saville rolled out all the old TV personalities from the 1980’s and many got jail, many got away. I believe next up are the low profile politicians, they will throw anyone out to the wolves to protect the king pin. Anonymous have claimed they will expose the very thing I have in life , Anonymous asked for ANY person with a shred of dignity to help this cause. As Anonymous state, expect them, I do not doubt their ability. I am not Anonymous in the way I hack, I am Anonymous in the way I am that ‘Shred of Dignity’ Are you? Think hard because ‘They’ Murder, Rape, Torture our Kids Worldwide (Allegedly)

Via YourAnonCentral on You Tube

Anonymous continue #OpDeathEaters to expose international paedophile networks



Anonymous-#OpDeathEaters | February, Friday 13th
Via AnonInsiders on You Tube


I got these files here, many have them, it is not biggy, but it’s important to share!



3 45

Sky News Take on this Below 

Activist network Anonymous is planning a day of action to expose establishment child abuse and cover ups. The group, best known for high-profile computer hacks, has codenamed its latest task ‘Operation Death Eaters’ and is demanding an end to secrecy around abuse networks. It says it will collect and then publish mass information on abuse scandals in the UK and around the world in the hope of ensuring people are fully aware of “paedo-sadist” abuse.


A London-based activist, who uses the pseudonym Jake Davis, told Sky News: “This isn’t a situation where we are looking to create mayhem. It’s about giving the public information so we can confront these problems that go back decades. “The stories that are coming out are the torture and murder of children with our trusted politicians and that is unacceptable.

“You have to ask: Why are they protecting them?”

The group has recently published videos to YouTube promising to expose “paedo-sadists” and warning abusers that they should have been “expecting us”.  There are concerns though about Anonymous’ plan to expose abusers and whether its activities may hamper ongoing investigations – potentially putting children at further risk.

Former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre (CEOP), Jim Gamble, told Sky News: “It’s fraught with so many difficulties. “If there are people that have skills and abilities within Anonymous who actually want to do something positive to help law enforcement and others to inhibit paedophiles operating so freely online, then coming forward and working in some kind of framework would be great. “But in the absence of that framework then there is the chance there could be some reckless disclosure, and from that reckless disclosure lives, and innocent lives, could be ruined. “People make mistakes. We, during my time in law enforcement, made mistakes. “We had information that we thought meant one thing and when we got to the back end of it, it actually meant something different. “So jumping to conclusions, sharing information that hasn’t been verified and doing it in a mass public way is going to have a far bigger downside than the deterrents on the upside will be.”

This is good v bad - Where do you stand?

This is good v bad – Where do you stand?

Anonymous said activists were due hand out flyers on its day of action at events later in Glasgow, London, Leeds, Rochdale and Birmingham.   Co-ordinator Heather Marsh told Sky News the purpose of Operation Death Eaters is to open people’s eyes to the scale of abuse networks. She said: “We need the database to connect all news articles and court cases because we cannot visualise a beach if we are only ever presented with isolated grains of sand.” Earlier this week the group claimed to have closed down Twitter and Facebook accounts used by Islamic State (IS) terrorists, also known as ISIS. Another new video posted to YouTube warned: “ISIS, we will hunt you, take down your sites, accounts, emails and expose you.” Its campaign against jihadists’ websites started after the shootings at Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris.

A National Crime Agency spokesman said: “We understand anyone wanting to help protect children, but would always urge against any action which might jeopardise existing law enforcement investigations or other public inquiries. “Anybody who thinks they have information relating to child sexual exploitation or abuse can report it to the NCA’s CEOP Command via our website.”

Anonymous Hackers To Expose Child Sex Abusers
Via Sky News on You Tube


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Happy Birthday – My Editor On Ace News Services – Ian Draper

Ian Draper - Ace News Editor

Ian Draper – Ace News Editor

It’s not often I will do these types of articles, I do them for family on another site. But I had to write what I am going to write. I don’t know what I will write, but I know it will be the right thing. Words will enter my mind and the outcome will be what I think about one of the most remarkable men I have ever met

His Name is Ian Draper and he is my editor here on Ace News Services. We have known each other over 6 months and in the short time I have known Ian he has been almost a father figure to me. When it comes to being wise, Ian ticks all the boxes, he is a living, growing learning guy who just oozed class in all he does.

Today is his birthday and he is, as many know, going through a hard time with a personal family issue. He is hurting but he is learning from it. I spoke to him on the phone just a while ago. We don’t speak as often as I would like, but I can only blame my disability Fibromyalgia. Ian knows on days we slot in a Skype call and I don’t show up where I am, he questions nothing.

Ian is a friend, he is more than a friend. As many know I believe in God in my own way. I don’t do religion or read books, I simply believe there is a higher source and the World call’s that source God. Ian is likewise. We don’t talk religion much but we talk life and understanding life. We talk about things I talk to my Dad about and one other person, 3 people in my World I can speak to in the way Ian and I speak. We have fun but we dissect life, we strip it down and Ian has become somewhat a teacher to and for me.

Ian will challenge my thinking, my writing and I love that about him. I have never met Ian yet but we are friends for life, that I know. We ask nothing from each other, just friendship. Ian trusts me with my Ace News Site here and with the Face book page that he has

Ian I know things are hard today, but I know whatever happens you will learn something from it tomorrow. You truly are an amazing guy. Here in Scotland I can’t be doing with many people, I humour them, I say “Yeah” but don’t really mean it, not many people can truly hold my attention. Ian is a man who I have all the time in the World for.

Ian I know days can be hard, as day turns to night and back again we learn. This experience is hard but you will come out better, I know you will

From Dawn the kids and I, happy Birthday my friend



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7 week old blog and my statistics are higher than old blog – Why?


Today is 1 hour old for me here in Scotlandshire

Now before you turn your head to the left (It is always the left) and think “OH SHAUN STOP THIS YOU PLONKER” Let me finish. I closed my old blog 2 months ago, had a weeks break, whatever then opened “ShaunyNews” all over, I re-branded myself so to speak. Not that it means I have anything to brand of course :D I just wanted to  tie it all together like this here below, I figured I wanted to blog in a certain way and on Twitter I am getting followed by Politicians (Good ones) from the UK and Scotland. News outlets have started to follow me. Very odd. I am a total nobody. If truth be told, when I deleted prayingforoneday I was very close to closing all Social Media I had. I was getting bored. I had personal stuff going on. I was at the PC more than I was or should have been. These days I am not online during the day. it’s 01:30am here and I will probably be awake all night with this chipped bone in my knee, this is a pain I have yet to experience, but for people with Fibro or worse, you know the story. I am still off medication, I take it still when I am climbing walls and screaming in pain. So why do I blog? What drives me to write. Well being unable to do much else is part of it. Sitting in a mini leather lazy boy is comfy for me. I decided to release some family for good. I will still say hi, but they are gone. Fuck them, they only call when they wan’t something and gossip like kids, so I cut that loose, for now anyway. People have a habit of turning back around when it suits them. Anyway. I probably wrote more than I should have here. I just don’t get why so many people read my crap :D   ShaunyNews Blog

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