NK Maribor Vs Celtic – Live text commentary from 7:15pm


Ljudski vrt Stadium in Slovenia


Live text commentary here at TCN on this page half an hour before kick off. You can also follow me @TCNLiveblog

Crucial Champions League Qualifier

Team news and tactics when they are available and up top the second reporting



Celtic (1) Vs Legia Warsaw (4) – Live Text Commentary – Join Me Now

Murryfield Stadium,  Edinburgh

Murryfield Stadium, Edinburgh

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Live text commentary from Murryfield Stadium, Edinburgh as Celtic try to overturn a 4-1 scoreline. TCN will prove second by seconds play. Kick off in just over 1 hour

Starting tonight: Forster; Matthews, Lustig, van Dijk, Izaguirre; McGregor, Bitton, Mulgrew, Johansen; Commons; Stoke

Subs: Zaluska, Griffiths, Henderson, Kayal, Forrest, Pukki, Berget

7 week old blog and my statistics are higher than old blog – Why?


Today is 1 hour old for me here in Scotlandshire

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The Celtic Spirit, the Celtic way, the Celtic family 1967&1986

This is the first thing I see every morning, exact picture

This is the first thing I see every morning, exact picture

Shaun Gibsonby Shaun Gibson



As a very young kid aged roughly 8 years old my big brother used to take me to Hearts games, I never really got into and by the time I was 10 I was a Celtic fan, my Uncle has 4 Daughters and all of them were Celtic fans. I went to my first game aged 12 if I remember correctly, so 1984 season or there about, it was against Aberdeen and it was 1-1 as I stood in the old Jungle, I am sure it was Aberdeen and 1-1

I remember standing in the Jungle below the TV gantry watching these guys I hero worshipped from the TV, each player had a song the jungle would sing and for me at the time, same as any kid I loved Mo Johnston “Mo, Mo Super Mo” I remember singing and unable to see much of the game for adults but eventually someone sat me on one of them leaning poles and I could see better, I could have died and gone to heaven there and then

Back then Aberdeen were a real good side and so we Dundee United. Sadly back then my Dad told me I was not allowed to go to a Celtic v Rangers game, not even with my Uncle, my Dad hated football and I cried like a child, well I kind of still was as I couldn’t go, but this was a time the casual scene was picking up and I guess my Dad thought it involved the whole crown, god known’s

From that day on there was never a going back, I get called a Hearts fan from certain Celtic fans but I laugh it off now. The day Celtic beat Hearts to the League in 1986 was brilliant, I was in my Brothers house and he was giving it Large Hearts had already won it, we had it on the Radio as it switched from Dundee to Paisley and when we won I think I truly lost my brother for years, lol

St M 5game

A day in my life I won’t forget

The emotions this video brings back

Being a Celtic fan as a kid was Hero worshiping for me. As the years passed on I supported through the 90’s getting to many games there were 2 seasons I missed only 3 or 4 games before my own kids started playing and I had their interest at hand. I was at the Hibs v Celtic game the day the great Henrik Larsson made his debut, his 1st touch was to Chic Charnley who hammered a cracker home to win it for Hibs, so Larsson wasn’t the instant hero, but we all know what happened next. Being able to say I seen Larsson play for me is like older people who seen Jimmy Johnston playing, or those that went to Lisbon that day. Watching Brian McClair and Tommy Burns, wow, feed the bear Roy also it was just all fairy dust to me

Now I get to the odd game at the start of a season when the weather is decent and also now I commentate on every game here on TCN and it is a total privilege to sit every match day and try and get the score and what is happening to the Celtic Family through TCN and Twitter where you can get me @TCNLiveblog Players come and go but we all remain

Being a part of such a forgiving family of people who for me are my Kin almost is amazing. I made a lot of enemies once and it was all my own stupid fault. But I don’t want to go back there, pointless, I now want to focus on doing my best for TCN and enjoying what I hope we all will and that is Celtic and Lenny bringing back more thunder to a remarkable place where dreams come true for many

Many things have been said and written about Celtic

 “Unlike many other Celts, I cannot claim that Celtic was my first love … but I can say that it will be my last love.”

“I lost some friends when I made the move, but if that’s what matters to them, then they’re not really friends at all.”

“It is up to us, to everyone at Celtic Park, to build up our own legends. We don’t want to live with history, to be compared with legends from the past. We must make new legends.”

Looking at a still of History into the eyes of legends

Looking at a still of History into the eyes of legends

We all know who said these 3 quotes and he will go down as the very best and with the very best, we have a statue of the man at the front door. He made  Celtic what we are today, a huge football club

Fergus McCann for me is number 2, he saved us, we really were dying, the North stand should be named after him.

We all have memories from games or history with Celtic and I am just sharing enough of mine people may read, if I make it too long it becomes a book.

So I simply ask, what made you support the best team in the World and what is your greatest memory from following the club and been part of the best family on Earth.

I am proud to be a small insignificant part of the family but proud none the less. I put in a lot of time here on TCN but should I be asked to give more I would, in a heartbeat.

I love the club, the culture, the reason, the love and everything that comes with the experience.