Kevin Bridges admits to BBC lies, 100%

Kevin Bridges (Middle) Live at the Referendum on BBC

Kevin Bridges (Middle) Live at the Referendum on BBC

I watched this as did most of us. I don’t know if anyone follows Kevin on Twitter but he said this below. Now he has no need to lie, this is 100% proof that the BBC are Pro-Union. We can now lay to rest ANY doubt the BBC are impartial. Kevin tweeted it, he was brave to do so. Now we are left with ‘What Now’ I think many of us are right, EVERYONE is voting Yes, the BBC are fooling us to think it is close and it is nowhere near it. I have the vote at 70% and if you have been keeping up with my blog, you will know I have been counting EVERY MoriPoll. YouGov and media related poll all showing 50/50, on the ground by people like you and I it is 70%. We are voting YES in high Numbers Scotland. I said I would out every lie and every myth, is this another one? Well done Kevin on being brave enough to tell us “The BBC told us to be impartial”



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Social Media “Please Vote No” PAID people all over today – DON’T LISTEN TO THEM!


There are TONS of people on Twitter and other Social Media telling me to “Vote No” but giving no reasons. SCOTLAND THESE ARE ENGLISH PLANTS!! They speak the day Cameron comes to Scotland. 

Do not talk back to these ” Please vote no” people. They are paid WESTMINSTER/NO CAMPAIGN WORKERS! DO NOT BELIEVE OR TALK TO THEM SCOTLAND! 

I will post a few, but tell me if you see them, they are PAID TO TELL PEOPLE TO VOTE NO! A HORRIBLE TACTIC BUT ONE I EXPECTED! 


. really? And Alex Salmond’s campaign has been completely honest and truthful as well, I suppose?


Vote no, please. The yes vote destabilises Scotland & England! Vote against recession!


Of course not. But the is not a vote for the SNP – other parties will continue to be available.


funny the media ain’t showing any protests n England over nhs in Scotland, do u think they’re hiding SUMFIN? YES

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To Build a New Home – Yes Scotland – Brilliant Video by Joshua Hale!


A stunning video by Joshua Hale @joshuaJH95 from Twitter. As we stand weeks away from release from the UK Union and get set to create a fairer, wealthier amazing democracy we need people doing all they can to educate each other about ‘WHY’ an #Aye vote is important and makes sense. As Tommy Sheridan says “Hope Over Fear” We must cast aside the fear and lies about Plan B and all that other rubbish, vote yes on the 18th of September and then create a new Scotland, a better Scotland, a Scotland we know our kids and Grandparents will be safe in, we will know disabled people like me will be looked after. We will be in the top 5 wealthiest nation on Earth! when we vote yes. In the meantime, watch this 3/4 minute video by Joshua and please spread it far and wide, it is brilliant, 10/10 Joshua


Saorsa don Alba

7 week old blog and my statistics are higher than old blog – Why?


Today is 1 hour old for me here in Scotlandshire

Now before you turn your head to the left (It is always the left) and think “OH SHAUN STOP THIS YOU PLONKER” Let me finish. I closed my old blog 2 months ago, had a weeks break, whatever then opened “ShaunyNews” all over, I re-branded myself so to speak. Not that it means I have anything to brand of course :D I just wanted to  tie it all together like this here below, I figured I wanted to blog in a certain way and on Twitter I am getting followed by Politicians (Good ones) from the UK and Scotland. News outlets have started to follow me. Very odd. I am a total nobody. If truth be told, when I deleted prayingforoneday I was very close to closing all Social Media I had. I was getting bored. I had personal stuff going on. I was at the PC more than I was or should have been. These days I am not online during the day. it’s 01:30am here and I will probably be awake all night with this chipped bone in my knee, this is a pain I have yet to experience, but for people with Fibro or worse, you know the story. I am still off medication, I take it still when I am climbing walls and screaming in pain. So why do I blog? What drives me to write. Well being unable to do much else is part of it. Sitting in a mini leather lazy boy is comfy for me. I decided to release some family for good. I will still say hi, but they are gone. Fuck them, they only call when they wan’t something and gossip like kids, so I cut that loose, for now anyway. People have a habit of turning back around when it suits them. Anyway. I probably wrote more than I should have here. I just don’t get why so many people read my crap :D   ShaunyNews Blog

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Love ya all ;-)

Russia Quietly Tightens Reins on Web With ‘Bloggers Law’


After Obama here Moves to control USA Internet usage, Russia have decided to do the same, coincidence? Nah I didn’t think so either!

MOSCOW — Russia has taken another major step toward restricting its once freewheeling Internet, as President Vladimir V. Putin quietly signed a new law requiring popular online voices to register with the government, a measure that lawyers, Internet pioneers and political activists said Tuesday would give the government a much wider ability to track who said what online.

Mr. Putin’s action on Monday, just weeks after he disparaged the Internet as “a special C.I.A. project,” borrowed a page from the restrictive Internet playbooks of many governments around the world that have been steadily smothering online freedoms they once tolerated.

The idea that the Internet was at best controlled anarchy and beyond any one nation’s control is fading globally amid determined attempts by more and more governments to tame the web. If innovations like Twitter were hailed as recently as the Arab uprisings as the new public square, governments like those in China, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran and now Russia are making it clear that they can deploy their tanks on virtual squares, too.

China, long a pioneer in using sophisticated technology to filter the Internet, has continually tightened censorship. It has banned all major Western online social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google, though it seems not to be bothered by Alibaba, its homegrown e-commerce site, which has filed the paperwork for what could be the biggest public stock offering ever.

Nevertheless, even Beijing’s own social media champion, Weibo, valued at $3.6 billion in a public stock offering this year, has come under mounting censorship pressure as the government fine-tunes its policing of expression.

Under the pressure of a corruption scandal, Turkey recently imposed bans on Twitter and YouTube over tapes alleging corruption by the country’s prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Although the YouTube ban remains, Twitter service was restored in April only after the Constitutional Court overturned the ban.

During protests against the government in Venezuela in February, there were reports that the government there was blocking online images from users. In recent years, Pakistan has banned 20,000 to 40,000 websites, including YouTube, saying they offend Muslims. Facebook was blocked for a while in 2010, but is now accessible.

The level of challenge is rising, but “we also see the amount of resources going into censorship increasing greatly,” Jonathan Zittrain, a professor at Harvard Law School who specializes in Internet law, said in a telephone interview.

Widely known as the “bloggers law,” the new Russian measure specifies that any site with more than 3,000 visitors daily will be considered a media outlet akin to a newspaper and be responsible for the accuracy of the information published.

Besides registering, bloggers can no longer remain anonymous online, and organizations that provide platforms for their work such as search engines, social networks and other forums must maintain computer records on Russian soil of everything posted over the previous six months.

“This law will cut the number of critical voices and opposition voices on the Internet,” said Galina Arapova, director of the Mass Media Defense Center and an expert on Russian media law. “The whole package seems quite restrictive and might affect harshly those who disseminate critical information about the state, about authorities, about public figures.”

Mr. Putin has already used the pliable Russian Parliament to pass laws that scattered the opposition, hobbled non governmental organizations and shut down public protests. Now, riding a wave of popular support after hosting the Winter Olympics and annexing Crimea, he has turned his attention to regulating the Internet, as well as burnishing his credentials as the worldwide champion of conservative values.

Aside from the Internet law signed Monday, the Russian leader signed a new profanity law that levies heavy fines for using four common vulgarities in the arts, including literature, movies, plays and television.

Speaking in St. Petersburg in late April, Mr. Putin voiced his suspicions about the Internet, even while noting that it had become a public market of huge proportions.

“You know that it all began initially, when the Internet first appeared, as a special C.I.A. project,” he said in remarks broadcast live nationally, before adding that “special services are still at the center of things.” He specifically thanked Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor granted asylum in Russia, for revealing to the world how efficient the N.S.A. was at collecting information.

Mr. Putin went on to say that someone writing online whose opinion affects thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people should be considered a media outlet. He said he was not talking about a ban, only acting “the way it is done all over the world.”

Russian Internet pioneers despaired that Mr. Putin was really talking about the Chinese model of curtailing any political discussion online.

“It is part of the general campaign to shut down the Internet in Russia,” said Anton Nossik, an early online media figure here. “They have not been able to control it until now, and they think they should implement the Chinese model. But they don’t understand how it works. The Chinese model also stimulates the development of local platforms, while the Russian laws are killing the local platform.”

Russia is among a growing list of countries that have sought to shut down Internet voices circumventing a subservient national news media. Many leaders see the Internet as the key tool behind antigovernment demonstrations and are determined to render it ineffective.

Yet polls conducted in 24 countries last spring by Pew Research found that most people are against government censorship of the Internet, including 63 percent in Russia and 58 percent in Turkey.

Another Russian Internet law, one that went into effect on Feb. 1, gave the government the power to block websites. It immediately used the law against its most vocal critics, like Alexei Navalny and Garry Kasparov, as well as online news sites that reported on demonstrations and other political activity.

Aleksandr Zharov, who runs Roskomnadzor, the government agency that supervises the Internet, told the state-run RIA Novosti news agency last month that the law was necessary because people need to be held responsible for what they say on the web. “What he would never say face to face, he often allows himself online,” Mr. Zharov was quoted as saying.

The lack of transparency in Russia creates a kind of fog around countless issues, and the Internet is no different. Many critics and even some supporters of the new law said it was too vague to understand.

The Internet needs to be regulated by law just like publishing, said Robert A. Shlegel, among the youngest members of Parliament from United Russia, Mr. Putin’s party. But Internet savvy among legislators is weak, he added. “The law, as it is, is so raw,” he said. “It is clear that the person who wrote it just doesn’t understand.”

The law does not specify how the government will count the 3,000 daily visitors, for example. Even before Mr. Putin signed it, two of the largest blogging platforms, Yandex and LiveJournal, announced that henceforth their publicly visible counters would stop below 3,000.

Ms. Arapova said other murky issues included who would be considered a provider. For instance, will large international social media or search sites like Google, Twitter and Facebook have to keep their data in Russia or face fines and possible closing?

In California, both Twitter and Facebook said they were studying the law but would not comment further.

Ms. Arapova said the law would undoubtedly have a chilling effect in terms of who would go online. Whistle-blowers who work for corrupt government agencies, for example, would theoretically no longer be able to post anonymously.

The actual impact of the law will not be measurable until after it goes into effect on Aug. 1, Ms. Arapova said. Punishments start at fines that can reach up to $142,000 or the temporary closing of the blog, if the law is actively enforced.

Like the Internet law, the ban on four vulgar words was met with a combination of dismay and derision among artists. (The words, not mentioned in the law either, are crude terms for male and female genitalia, sex and a prostitute.) Many people thought it would be widely ignored, but the very idea that the Kremlin was trying to censor the arts rankled.

“We feel like we are back in kindergarten again when they said, ‘Don’t pee in your bed and don’t eat with your hands and don’t use that word,’ ” said Viktor V. Yerofeyev, a popular writer. “On the one hand, the Russian government says the Russian people are the best. On the other hand, it doesn’t trust the people.”

Shauny – Why I am doing what I am, How pain gave me love



Hey all, hope you had a good Monday, as many know I deleted my last blog “prayingforoneday” and started fresh all over social media

I love to help, for me that is the fun part, making new friends and helping in any way I can. I re-branded myself totally :D

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imagesI am a moderator in several other sites, one is the biggest forum on Earth I have been a part of since it was a pro-board in 1999. I am disabled with Chronic Pain syndrome and also Fibromyalgia. I live in agony and wonder each day how I get out of bed and take a step. I have an amazing Family and friends structure in life away from all the above, I am friends with many people, I escaped the crime I was raised into from my Fathers side of the family to go on and be a football (Soccer to the USA) Manager here in Scotland. I have the most amazing partner a lad could ask for, for me she is as perfect as any partners of you who is reading. I am blessed with four amazing kids. I am 40 years 0ld, I have two sons 22 and 20, and two Daughters 4 (5 in 2 weeks) and 3. It is a privilege to watch kids grow, to see them born and turn into adults with partners of their own and making their own money and being responsible. Dawn (my partner) and I can be proud of how we brought the boys up, the are street smart but also academically smart, the life we lead due to family the boys have to be both, I made sure of it by planting seeds when they were boys. I have amazing family and friends I can call at 3am with any problem. Life for me is good, amazing, but the pain takes some of it away, we all have 2 options “Get busy living” or “Get busy dying” I choose the 1st one, I had to even when the 2nd was appealing to me for a long time. I am a lucky, blessed lad, but I can’t tell all my story. With the girls, wow, anyone who has toddlers or pre-school kids will know where I am coming from, these two little girls have taught me more about myself and life than anything that came before, they light up not just my life but the lives of all thew family, same as your kids, for anyone who has kids this age


a2a18e2f2b1f93b06981ac002b5128d3When I was diagnosed with Chronic Pain syndrome and also Fibromyalgia it took things and kept taking and still does today, I have to fight to keep things but still I lose. When I had to stop doing football it took half my life away, when it took other things I caved, I gave in, suicide was tried. I was in an awful place with pain, panic attacks and depression, we moved from the center of Edinburgh to the outskirts to the North on the edge woodland. I love where I live, the solitude is something I like here, I can hide when I need to or I can go out when I feel like I can

When I look at the list above I am amazed I managed all this, my partner Dawn reminds me every day of what I have achieved in the face of loss. She reminds me I help people, she reminds me about how I used to go to Hospitals and talk to old people who were dying and other things that made me feel more alive. I am proud I have achieved the above but there is no showing off. See part of the reason I am posting this is there were a few comments lately that I was a “Big Head” a “Show off” To these people who want to be nasty I offer to trade lives for 1 week, you will be screaming after a few hours to change back, trust me. These idiots don’t bother me, people are people, some are honest some are gossipy, my pet hate is a Gossip. When I have to say something real life or on the stupid internet I do so to faces. Cowards gossip

If you live in pain, are depressed, low in life, almost giving up, PLEASE look above again, if I can do that, so can you. I beg you not to give in, things may be bad today but we can’t plant seeds for tomorrow. Yesterday is gone, let it go, I had to. Never think you are where you are for good, believe you can step forward and live and smile again


More love

Less hate



Live Text Commentary – Celtic 2-1 Aberdeen (Now, Half Time)



Shaun Gibsonby Shaun Gibson

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Half time, 2-1 Celtic. About to start 2nd half.

Celtic are Champions, end of season game.


What on EARTH happened to Twitter?


Why ‘o why do these sites wait till you JUST got how to work it fully then re-do it again, change it so it confuses people like me? I mean how hard is it to keep something the same if it works? I shall be penning a letter post haste to Twitter to demand a reversal of this tragic turn of events.

With the Ukraine, Ebola and more, I don’t know what the World is coming too…. My feelings have been damaged and I echo the small chap in the video below :-(


Live text Commentary – Dundee United Vs Celtic *NOW*



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Starting 11 today:  Forster, Brown, Ambrose, van Dijk, Izaguirre, Henderson, Kayal, Johansen, Samaras, Commons, Stokes

Bench Today  Zaluska, Griffiths, Balde, Pukki, Mouyokolo, OConnell, Herron

Help me find friends I lost when I had to delete my old blog please!


Shaun here, I had this blog here and had to delete it. Long story, I don’t even want to send myself to sleep.  This new blog is the same as my Twitter @ShaunyNews so they tie in together. I was not going to blog again then a friend “Suggested” if I want to keep writing for other sites it would be in my best interests to blog here also.

I had about 200 people bookmarked but I didn’t bookmark any the last few months so lost a LOT of friends. A few are adding me back saying “I found you through someone else’s blog”

I ask you PLEASE Word Press, can you help me find missing friends?


More love, less hate