Labour MP’s ‘tin hat’ jibe at Nicola Sturgeon mocked – Labour Sexist Party?


David Hamilton just proved how much trouble Labour are in Scotland with a remark (Video Below) that was against woman and just rude. The image above I would guess will be the actual outcome, I truly believe Scotland now understands what Labour are and who they are also how they have changed to more Conservative and are not a party for the people any more. The images below are from Twitter so I don’t need permission, some are crackers mocking Mr Hamilton, #TinHat on Twitter and you will get more. Bring us home Nicola, tin hat and more, show a woman can do what no anti-feminist sexist old politician ready for the bin can do. I think the comment was not wise. Are we all aware David Martin Labour MP told a voter to ‘Piss Off’?  I think the Labour party has shown it’s utter contempt for the Scottish people by siding with the Tory Party and also now 2 verbal assaults on women. Vote SNP, Labour don’t care peeps!!

David Martin MEP tells voters to “p*ss off”
Via 38 Degrees on You Tube

Comment by David Hamilton – The wee lassie with a tin helmet on
Via on therevstu You Tube

A LABOUR MP has been accused of sexism and derided online for remarks made at a party conference where he referred to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as “the wee lass with the tin helmet on.” David Hamilton, MP for Midlothian and the Labour party whip, made the remarks on Saturday as he urged colleagues to campaign positively against the SNP.

At Scottish Labour’s spring conference, Mr Hamilton said: “We’ve got to go out there and not just be negative about the SNP because that’s very easy to do when you see the wee lass with the tin helmet on.” The remarks drew a mixed response from the party – there was laughter at the conference, and tweets from party figures such as Iain Gray and Blair McDougall that complimented Mr Hamilton on his speech. However, a subsequent tweet by Scottish Labour Kezia Dugdale – since deleted – suggested that Mr Hamilton had been “pulled up” internally for his comments. Activists and SNP politicians seized on Mr Hamilton’s comments, which were widely criticised on Twitter, by posting selfies of themselves wearing tin hats in support of the First Minister. Owen Thompson, the SNP’s Midlothian candidate, said: “This sexist comment and its reaction in the hall at the Labour Conference suggests the dinosaurs are sadly still roaming the Labour Party in Scotland.”




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‘World War III Has Begun’ – What type of War is happening? ‘Pope Francis warns’

I believe it's been an Economic war so far. Hacking we have ALL seen. What next?

I believe it’s been an Economic war so far. Hacking we have ALL seen. What next?

By @ShaunyNews Via Images, other sources and links below as well as my own words 

I have asked many times now “How many Countries are ‘At War, In War, Civil War or involved in some form of War” The answer is ‘There are more countries at War in 2015 than the start of WWI  and WWII. These claims can and will be ignored and called lies, and I guess people have a right to do this. I ask you look at the World and DO WATCH THE VIDEO BY DABOO77! The lad puts it all together well and has done so for a year or so now, this isn’t new news to me, it’s just a different movement on the story. China have reported to have fired at a US Warship, the media are not telling the story but others are. I think this will be a a war of nutrition with Countries wearing others down. Examples, Russia and China dropped the Petrodollar 21st May 2014 With Russia have severe sanctions placed on her by the international community. This is not a story I have followed, the Editor of Ace News Services  has been on this story from day 1. Ukraine a few days ago called up 20,000 soldiers. Research on your own and you will see it fall into place sadly. The video by Daboo77 is the story, Ace News link above you can click on. As usual links at the bottom 

Social media watchers on Friday were treated to shocking and dramatic global developments courtesy of the New York Post and United Press International: World War III declared by the Pope! China and the United States engaged in a serious military battle! Thankfully for the international community, it was just (another) case of hacked Twitter accounts going haywire. Both UPI and the New York Post had their Twitter feeds hijacked at around 1 p.m. on Friday, as President Barack Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron addressed the media on cyber security and the need to beef up on-line defences


‘World War III Has Begun': NYPost, Other Twitter Accounts Hacked!
Via DAHBOO77 on You Tube


Pope Francis warns on ‘piecemeal World War III’

Pope Francis believes WWIII has begun

Pope Francis believes WWIII has begun


B7f2yoLIcAAoS-2 Untitled

While the two leaders answered questions, the news organizations’ Twitter feeds were filled with reports of China condemning President Obama’s “pivot to Asia” before firing on and damaging of the USS George Washington, an American aircraft carrier based in the Pacific. The feeds also stated that the US was involved in “active combat” against China in the South China Sea. “US Joint Chief of staff: USS George Washington damaged, US navy now engaged in active combat against Chinese vessels in South China sea,” read one tweet. Another read: “JUST IN: Xi Jinping: Obama ‘condemned’ for Asia pivot, ‘has forced China to protect its interests through military means.’”

proxy Untitled2

Meanwhile, UPI tweeted that Pope Francis declared “World War II has begun.” Less dramatic — but still very wrong — was a NY Post business section tweet which said the Federal Reserve wants “negative interest rates to avoid market recession due to low oil prices.” Both the Post and UPI quickly deleted the tweets after they were posted, and acknowledged they had been hacked.


Financial markets did not react to the sensational Twitter posts, but the Navy did put out a statement confirming that the USS George Washington was not attacked. “Give the hackers this much credit, the George Washington is our permanent Pacific based carrier,”tweeted John Noonan, spokesman for House Armed Services committee, according to CNN. “They at least did their homework.”

Still, the incidents underscore the difficulty that media outlets and other institutions have had securing their outlets from cyber attacks. Earlier this week, the US Central Command had its Twitter and YouTube accounts hacked, during which statements in support of the Islamic State were published. That case is currently under investigation. In April 2013, the Syrian Electronic Army took control of the Associated Press’ Twitter feed and posted that an explosion had occurred at the White House, injuring President Obama. Obama has outlined several new proposals to combat cyber threats in the wake of the Sony hack, including legislation that outlines enhanced information sharing between the government and private sector. He is expected to reveal more details on his plans during next week’s State of the Union speech.

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Katie Hopkins In New Twitter Storm – Glasgow Ebola Patient And Worse

What a brilliant roll model for her kids. If she passes her evil onto them, that is sad

What a brilliant roll model for her kids. If she passes her evil onto them, that is sad

By @ShaunyGibson Via Sources

Katie Olivia Hopkins is a weekly columnist for The Sun newspaper and a former British reality television contestant. I had no idea who she was till I read ‘That Tweet’ And Twitter gave her it bad and rightly so. For me this is what some Media and Politics think of Scotland, just some backwater area of the UK they have to put up with, and this is a reason we Scot’s want independence. Before the referendum it looked a sure thing, then 9% more made it a no vote, but think of it as a 5% swing, 5% the other way and Scotland were free. I think we will be before I am 50 years old and my Daughters hit High School. I am 41, my Daughters are 4 and 5, it is a matter of when. Anyway this horrible cretin of a woman, a typical ‘self important idiot’ tweets about Scottish Nurse ??

Outrage as Katie Hopkins jokes about Ebola patient
Via USAC News on You Tube

Television personality Katie Hopkins has been branded ‘vile’ and a racist after she posted a joke about Scotland sending a patient with Ebola to an English hospital for treatment.  A female nurse who had been treating patients for the deadly disease in Sierra Leone, was transferred from her home town of Glasgow to London for treatment after she tested positive for the disease. But after news of her condition spread, the former Apprentice contestant took to Twitter to make jibes about Scottish independence because the woman is being treated in London.  Hopkins wrote: ‘Glaswegian ebola patient moved to London’s Royal Free Hospital. Not so independent when it matters most are we jocksville?’ She added: ‘Little sweaty jocks, sending us Ebola bombs in the form of sweaty Glaswegians just isn’t cricket.’



Her remarks caused outrage on Twitter, with one user asking ‘just how long can you stoop?’ Others accused her of political point scoring.  Piers Morgan branded her a ‘repulsive creature.’ @theconverter181 said: ‘Why are people from Glasgow or Scotland “sweaty”? You sound ridiculous and frankly racist…nothing new there! And @sharonparks7210 wrote: ‘Katie Hopkins joking about the Ebola Glasgow patient is just bang out of order. She’s a vile disgusting excuse for a human who gets her.’

Nobody missed her

Nobody missed her

Twitter users reacted angrily to Katie’s latest remarks, with one user writing in response: “Lol you really are an attention seeking boot! Good help you if you caught it.” River City star Tom Urie didn’t mince his words when he replied to Hopkins’ Tweet, She even had a go at new Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon! 

Not so cool, wonder how she will feel unemployed

Not so cool, wonder how she will feel unemployed


Well said

Well said


Having a go at Scotland leader and the Ebola patient

Having a go at Scotland leader and the Ebola patient

Not so cool, wonder how she will feel unemployed

Not so cool, wonder how she will feel unemployed, SMALL WOMAN, Katie, Nicola would eat you for lunch, unless you were in a field or bushed or something



She seems a real nasty person, here are more, what an evil woman, jobless woman I mean, but this is her, her reality, a sad one, she is a sad person, unhappy, so she seeks love anywhere she can it ‘IT SEEMS’ But to be as evil and nasty as she has been, and I only heard of her today, she has deep rooted unhappiness for sure. She needs to see a Dr I think. I am disabled myself and I can see unhappy quickly, she shows these signs 


I think we know what this woman likes, maybe needs more off


Yeah she is “One of these girls”


Even offends Religion. This woman needs an education and dole money soon

scotland life




This here was awful and could have caused a riot, this woman really seeks attention! 


The more I search the more evil this woman gets


Just plain evil. She is an attention seeker, sadly, and I hate to swear


These were just 3 from a hundred+ remarks over her Palestine tweet

Anonymous Claims Responsibility for Taking Down Oakland Police Department’s Website!


 Via News Sources

Whenever wrong has been done I will write about it, I will share it, I will share from others. I made a mistake in a blog a few days ago by NOT linking properly. Here I have. This is not my story, it is a story I am sharing to nearly 3,000 people on Twitter and thousands more on AceNews where I write. When we are wronged. Expect us. When I say ‘us’ I mean everyone who is against the ever Fascist state our World is becoming. Stand up people, don’t side with the wrong side. Understand where the good in the good side is


The hacking collective Anonymous claimed responsibility for taking down the city of Oakland police department website, as well as its Twitter account, Wednesday morning. The site remains down as of 3 o’clock p.m. Pacific Time.


According to Twitter user @OpTamirRice the cyber attack came in response to the perceived use of violence by Berkeley police in response to the protests that have rocked the city this week.

Anon 2

Via Daboo77 on You Tube &


Karen Boyd, a spokeswoman for the city of Oakland, told the Oakland Tribune that staffers were trying to restore the website after it had been offline since late Tuesday night. The city website was also down Wednesday afternoon, after having been online earlier in the day.

It appears Anonymous may have targeted the wrong law enforcement agency; according to the Tribune, Oakland police were reported to have fired non-lethal projectiles into a crowd of people who had stopped traffic on Highway 24 Tuesday night. However, several witnesses have since stated that it was California Highway Patrol who had fired the projectiles, in an effort to clear the freeway.

The California Highway Patrol website remains up and running at the time of publication. This is not the first time Anonymous has taken down a website belonging to an Oakland public agency; in 2011, the group targeted the website of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system to protest the shooting death of a young, unarmed black man, Oscar Grant, by an Oakland police officer.


Mysterious bangs heard all over Britain and in New York

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Could it be? An artist's image of the so-called Aurora project. Enthusiasts say one possible power source is a 'pulse detonation engine', whose sound is said to resemble that caught on an audio clip last night (below)

Could it be? An artist’s image of the so-called Aurora project. Enthusiasts say one possible power source is a ‘pulse detonation engine’, whose sound is said to resemble that caught on an audio clip last night (below)

A series of mysterious ‘loud bangs’ set the internet alight with speculation after they were heard all over the UK and across the pond in New York on Saturday and apparently again in the UK on Sunday night. Social media users took to Twitter to question the unexplained sounds with many wondering if they were fireworks, an earthquake or even a sonic boom. Claudia Angiletta recorded the sounds at around 9pm in Croydon, south London, and then turned to the internet to see if anyone had heard the same thing.


“I went out to look for fireworks but I couldn’t see anything in the sky,” she told Media. “That’s when I recorded the clip to send to my family to see if they could hear the same thing.” The 27-year-old said the noise sounded like bombs going off for half an hour. Other people also heard the bangs, sparking the Twitter hashtag #loudbangs.

3 4

5 6

7 8


Many of the reports were picked up by Twitter user Virtual Astronomer, who said space debris re-entering the earth’s atmosphere could have been responsible. ‘Space debris such as old satellites and things can cause sonic booms heard over very large areas,’ he told MailOnline. ‘It’s the same for big meteors or rocks that come in. ‘There was very little wind last night so conditions were perfect for sound to travel very long distances.’

Science writer David Dickinson was among the experts who dismissed the meteor theory.  He told MailOnline that there was one piece of debris from Russian satellite Kosmos 2251 scheduled for re-entry, but said that the timing was ‘not a good fit’ for it to have been over the UK.  He added: ‘I do not think it was a meteor or a piece of space-junk, as the noises mentioned spanned a large segment of time. Plus, unless it was cloudy over the U.K., there would’ve been visual sightings.

UK Police Tweet – Girl Held By Police As No NHS Beds Available


A senior police officer uses Twitter to highlight the case of a teen with mental health issues who was held for almost two days.

It really is time Britain to stand up. Over the last few months I have talked and walked for the Scottish cause, but this Tweet by a Policeman is PATHETIC. Anyone who voted Tory deserves to be in Police custody also from here on in. As the policeman said #Unacceptable This was from Devon and Cornwall Police, at least we can say the police are decent in this country, they don’t kill people, they save them



A senior police officer has told how a teenager with mental health issues was held in police custody for almost two days because no NHS beds were available. Assistant Chief Constable Paul Netherton, from Devon and Cornwall Police, took to Twitter to vent his frustration after he was left with no choice but to keep the girl in custody in a police station. He said the 16-year-old was detained on Thursday night and sectioned on Friday lunchtime. She should have been taken to hospital, but police were told there were no places for her anywhere in the UK. Labour said the case was “an appalling reflection of the crisis in mental health services under the current Government”.

NHS England confirmed on Saturday evening that a place had been found for the girl. ACC Netherton told Sky News : “I was very concerned because we shouldn’t be put in a position where we have a 16-year-old schoolgirl kept in custody now for three days because there is no place where we can house her safely. “A police station and a custody block on a Friday and Saturday night is simply not a place where a young child should be placed. “We wouldn’t put a criminal in custody for that long and we certainly don’t want to put someone who is suffering from mental health issues in a custody block for that length of time.” ACC Netherton said an area of the station’s cells had been closed to keep the girl in a “quiet and calm” environment and her mother had been allowed to visit to reassure her.

Well done Devon and Cornwall Police

Well done Devon and Cornwall Police

He said the case was symptomatic of an ongoing problem, with 750 people with mental health issues in Devon & Cornwall alone detained in police stations in the last year. He said: “What concerns us in this case and is certainly a problem across the country… is the fact that it involves children and I do not think there is enough provision for children who suffer mental health issues and need to be detained in an emergency situation.” The officer originally highlighted the case on Twitter, posting: “We have a 16yr old girl suffering from mental health issues held in police custody. There are no beds available in the uk! #unacceptable”.

This is how bad the NHS is in England!! Get the Tory party out of here for good!! Thatcher did the same

This is how bad the NHS is in England!! Get the Tory party out of here for good!! Thatcher did the same

But he told Sky News he did not fear for his job, adding: “I don’t think my position is at risk. We’re just stating the facts –  I think that is my job. “I have a duty of care over all prisoners who come into the custody blocks in Devon and Cornwall and therefore I think I need to flag it up and do something about it when we are frustrated.”

He later tweeted: “Just heard that a place of care has been found for our 16yr old. Good result.” A spokesman for NHS England acknowledged there was more work to be done but said mental health crisis services had been expanding so the number of people ending up in police stations was down by a quarter. Labour’s shadow health minister Luciana Berger said: “This sad situation is becoming worryingly common. People shouldn’t face the indignity of being kept in police cells when they are at their most vulnerable. “The Government promised parity for mental health services, yet we’re going backwards. In recent years, they have suffered more than other NHS services and are falling deeper and deeper into crisis.”

The UK will quadruple prison sentences for online abuse, trolls can get up to 2 years in jail


The issue of online trolling is never too far awayfrom public debate, but the UK government is gearing up to tackle the problem head-on by quadrupling the maximum sentence for those convicted of online abuse.

The news comes hot on the heels of the well-publicized threats aimed at Judy Finnegan and her daughter on Twitter, after the TV presenter voiced a degree of support for a footballer who was set to be released from prison after serving two years for rape.

Now, as the Mail on Sunday reports , internet trolls who partake in vile abuse could receive anything up to two years behind bars as part of a renewed attempt to curb trolling.

“These internet trolls are cowards who are poisoning our national life,” said Justice Secretary Chris Grayling. “No one would permit such venom in person, so there should be no place for it on social media. That is why we are determined to quadruple the current six-month sentence.”

An amendment to facilitate this new law will be made to the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill that is already going through Parliament.

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‘My Political Views’ – In One Simple Image


I always love it when I see someone else post how I feel. I seen this on Twitter and HAD to share. Some images can be so powerful


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Alice Gross sister blasts BBC Question Time for ‘horrible’ and ‘insensitive’ debate

Alice Gross (centre) with her sister Nina Gross (left) and her mother Rosalind Hodgkiss

Alice Gross (centre) with her sister Nina Gross (left) and her mother Rosalind Hodgkiss


Nina Gross, 19, branded the discussion as “extremely insensitive” and “horrible” after a panel of politicians debated immigration issues arising from the investigation into the 14-year-old’s death. An audience member asked whether convicted criminals should be allowed to cross Europe’s borders, which prompted a discussion over whether convicted murderer Arnis Zalkalns, the prime suspect in Alice’s murder, should have been allowed in to Britain.  As the debate got underway the Cambridge University student took to Twitter to express her outrage. She wrote: “It is extremely insensitive to use my family’s tragedy for political agendas and discussion. This is a time of grief for our family. In future, please respect our wishes as we grieve. “This is a personal tragedy which we want to deal with privately, rather than fearing anyone using it for any political agenda. “Now is not the time for these discussions.” This is the first time Miss Gross has spoken since her sister was found dead in the River Brent, west London, on Tuesday.  In later posts directed at BBC Twitter accounts, she added: “It is really insensitive and horrible that you have used our family’s tragedy on Question Time.”

The BBC later issued an apologised. 

A post from the show’s Twitter account said: “Dear Nina, we’re sorry to hear this. We’re really sorry for any hurt or offence caused by tonight’s programme.” Appearing to accept the apology, Nina replied: “Thank you” and retweeted the apology.  The outrage began after Question Time host David Dimbleby opened the debate and said a question was submitted to the panel referring to the “hideous murder of Alice Gross.” He said: “The question is whether there should be freedom of movement including convicted criminals across EU borders.” A discussion lasting around eight minutes followed. Alice was last seen on August 28 after leaving her home in Hanwell, west London. Latvian Arnis Zalkalns was identified as a suspect by police after he was spotted following Alice along the canal towpath where she was last seen.

Floral tributes have been laid in west London by well-wishers in memory of Alice Gross

Floral tributes have been laid in west London by well-wishers in memory of Alice Gross

The 41-year-old has been missing since September 3. He spent seven years in prison for bludgeoning and stabbing his wife Rudite to death. He is thought to have come to the UK in 2007 from Latvia, but UK authorities allegedly have no record of this conviction. Yesterday, police said a post-mortem examination had proved inconclusive and they will need to carry out further tests to determine how the teenager died. Alice’s parents Rosalind Hodgkiss and Jose Gross described themselves as “completely devastated” after their daughter’s body was found.


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