From football manager to blogger.

_67491464_mmftbfootballfocusextraFirst blog EVER!! Or on here anyway lol

I had to stop playing football age 23 due to bad injury, then went through all the SFA courses and started coaching kids. Started off coaching 7 a side football for 4 seasons, things got better when I got the chance to create a club, we did, and it lasted 7 brilliant seasons, winning some trophies on the way. I then moved back to development for 3 seasons, a lot of success again, and a lot of trophies, I was lucky; I had a good staff and good players. , My last club as manager was a senior club. My remit was to start an East of Scotland 21s side. Sadly, it didn’t work out, my injury being the main factor.

But about 15 years of brilliant memories. Leagues, cups, cup finals in stadiums, the joy. But for me the special bit is watching a young kid go on to make it in the game. Helping young kids make a dream come true. Precious memories

So these days I am injured, bad leg, no idea how long till it is fixed. So here I am, writing about the very sport I can’t seem to keep myself away from. I would like to manage another football team one day. If not, I will write about it. My experiences or what’s on the menu any given day.

Looking forward to putting my tactical football brain into a blogging area, but like all challenges in my life, I will give it my all, and try and be the best I can be. Because nothing less than the best was my thinking when doing football, that won’t change talking about it.

I look forward to talking about football. That is it.

Peace out.

Thank you for following my journey...What is yours?

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