Was justice done?


imagesWell it should be a “Well it was over” blog, but it is not, and that is a damning verdict on the ruling body of our game for me. This sorry mess that has bored us into submission for months now, although unable to keep one eye off it strangely, is not over. And we are a laughing stock as a Nation. We all know people from other countries who support teams, and most of my mates from abroad are laughing at us. The national sport we all pay into, or majority off us do. Is a joke, but this is old news, we have blogged it many times.

In a way, there was some closure. The Rangers Football club are now in Division 3. Some will hate me for saying this, but I have no choice, not that I care, but that is what they are called. So they are in Division 3. They got the licence/membership package with some sanctions. Some will argue it was too little, some will argue it was too much. Ally McCoist is one. And he is allowed his opinion. Who am I to judge? I could, but you learn when blogging to keep to the story, so I will.

He came out tonight, and had a right go at the SPL saying they are gunning for his side. He thinks they have been punished enough. Till tonight, they hadn’t been punished at all. Not even remotely abused. Why? They cheated for many years, they spend money they didn’t have, They got caught, They were sold, for £1, then sold for £2, then they died, they were in limbo, some lad called Charles Green came along and took over, and he applied as a brand new side, and got in. That was a BIG favour done by the SFL clubs for allowing them in. And most level headed people will read it this way. They got lucky. Until tonight, they had been given favour after favour. But McCoist, he will be angry, it is his club. So he is angry, his statement tonight having a go at the SPL was blatant as it was telling. As I believe Ally McCoist is also annoyed at Charles Green for dealing or blinking first. They were always going to get kept in, let’s not pretend here. Had Green waited, perhaps the SFA might have caved in further.

As things stand TRFC have a licence/membership, £160,00 fine, a year’s ban on buying players that takes effect at the end of this window, reason is because the window is open, you can’t ban in these circumstances while the window is open, so January and all off next Summer, no signings. Also added in were the EBT’s. And rightly so, the SPL will deliver the killer blow when the time comes to strip some titles and cups from them. This is why McCoist is not a happy chappy today.

So, that is kind of it I guess. The only odd thing is, after all this drama, months of dithering on the part of the powers that be, if, and most likely when found guilty, one of the punishments for EBT use is they could be expelled from the game. Could you imagine, after all this time, the SPL did this. They have the power. We shall see on this one. But a moral victory for every other club last night, even if slight, because it could have been Division one with no sanction, it could have been the SPL. Division 3, no money, no real squad off note, no pre-season, still unsure about Ibrox, do they own it? Doesn’t look like it, or they would have played several friendlies there and made millions. The deal is you can play a game, with no membership/licence as long as it’s a friendly against a side with a membership and can get the licence to play you, as was planned Vs Kelty Hearts, where the SFA played hard ball, to the annoyance from everyone at Kelty Hearts. So why no games at home? It could be they never had a licence to do so, but I guess if they had the keys to Ibrox, as John Brown said, they would have at least tried to arrange a game at Ibrox, who has the keys, where are they? Time will tell on that one.

So the season will start, and we still don’t really know if The Rangers Football Club will be in it for long, or sanctioned to death and kept in the lower levels for years. There is a real chance they could never be close to the side they once were, and we better start believing this, this has killed them. A lot of fans wanted “Blue Dust” But let us all be 100% honest here, who thought that would happen? I was personally shocked when they were sent to the 3rd, so under the circumstances, with everything in power trying to help New-co back to The Rangers Football Club, a happy medium, although grudged will probably be the way most will look at it. But some will say “Blue Dust” I know this, but football is about opinions, these are only mine. If your opinion is different, then feel free to post below and call me on any off the above, us bloggers are here to be shot down, we know it, I am learning it, so through blogging on things of this nature, and it has been hard to keep up with the story, I feel I have learnt a lot. It has been fun, not against anyone, or any club, but fun seeing fans interact from all over as we did to unite against what is STILL there! We must not forget who is STILL there. We must push harder than ever to remove those from office who have made a mockery out of our game. And I will blog and say my piece. If you are brave enough to have a say, again, please leave a comment below.

So, I have blogged almost every step off the way since Administration, I came into the story a lot later than people smarter and getting paid to do it were. But it is not over, its 90% over, but again, we are left with doubt, no doubt Rangers FC will be in Division 3, but doubt over the long term future of not just The Rangers, but also our game.

I really thought I was coming to my last blog about this, and had said so, but it’s still not done. I will leave the rest up to you readers to agree or disagree below, or even throw some new information at it.

So we now know what the game was and how it is ending, we just don’t know the REAL ending yet. But for now, I will leave others to blog and debate and talk, the beauty of this game is, ask 100 people a question, you will get 100 different answers. The reason I love it, and the reason I will always love it.

One comment on “Was justice done?

  1. pretty good summing up of the debarcle so far shaun,i for one hope that lessons learned from this whole fiasco stay learned and worked on to improve for every team in scotland a level playing field so to speak.my only regret is not seeing the death of rangers as most fans of the hoops were hoping for or accused of wanting,i myself love competition my regret is that we have lost the chance to rid scotland of the bigotry that comes with the rangers and glasgow celtic.


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