Feeling Human

downloadI often blog when I am down, so I thought I would blog while I was up. Today, I am still in pain, in-fact agony, but today I felt better inside, spent time with the kids, got a few things done, mobility wise today I felt “Human”

For many that feeling is taken for granted, for me it is a bonus, to feel “Human” Some just take it for granted, but enough about other people, this blog, all them are about people who want to feel normal, and I ONLY speak for me here, there are days I don’t feel normal. Days when I can’t play with my 2 daughters, I can’t go a walk with the family, I can’t walk round the shops, and it makes you feel less human.

But today and I only ask for the odd day, and today was one of these days, the pain was there, but my mind was also there, fully in control of how I felt and was able to just do things without worrying about what others thought and didn’t care. My partner says I should be like this all the time but it’s a pride thing. All men are proud and stubborn, take that ability away, and you get a more stubborn man. Sometimes I am so stubborn I hurt myself, or break a bone, when I know I should just take it easy.

But wanting to feel human, for me is something I wish for most days. I know others out there may be in a worse place than I, but emotions are emotions and feelings of pain are exactly that. You can’t hide from pain, when it comes calling you deal with it the best you can, some days the pain is so bad, you hide from the world, as I feel less human.

I know I should not feel this way, but everyone is different and we all have different thresholds of pain and tolerance from what we have to deal with.

My family help me, my mates have a go and make me laugh, so I am always really in a good place, I just need to realise it more.

Today I feel human, and I liked it.

Shaun x

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