Keeping up with the Joneses (or something)


downloadThe title is self explanatory for this blog, keeping up with the Joneses. But I have another name for it, “A pissing contest” I have always had this view. When Mrs Jones gets double glazing windows, Mrs Parkinson over the road gets better windows than Mrs Jones, and then Mrs Gilbertson gets an extension built. Before you know it you have a “Pissing contest” and the entire Street pretend to like each other, but look through the gap in their curtains and say childish things, this is life, be it in your street, place of work or through your computer screen. I have studied many things, the Masonic arts, the occult, numerology, symbology and the human mind. I can’t help it, it fascinates me and leaves me with a VERY open mind. This is a good thing, more should open their minds up to more than their mundane life.

So what is the point of this blog, is probably what a few are thinking. Well I blog when I have something to blog about, no point blogging just because, you do that is becomes boring, and I still love this, in-fact I am fast becoming hooked and even had an offer to write for a paper, but I had best keep that to myself, as some will class that as a “Pissing Contest” My point for blogging this is to talk about ALL US as a species. I have my views, I am 38 years old, fairly young still, but spent a lifetime that makes me feel 88, that is body and mind, you, whoever you are, will have your views

I started blogging about football, then I started blogging about ME in football, and with some this hit a nerve, and let me tell you something, this is fairly standard in football, so I am used to it. You start winning trophies it is HUMAN NATURE that makes people dislike you, we can’t help it, it is a build in mechanism we can only try and control, I have friends, who were never managers, brilliant lads, and became managers, won Scottish cups etc, and are now hated, but because I knew the person before they were into football, I see no change, the notice of change comes from strangers and people who don’t know you, again, a pissing contest

So this brings me to real life (WOW THIS SHIT IS JUST FLOWING FROM MY FINGERS HERE) in real life we have 2 kinds of people, Good people and idiots, nothing in-between, even the worst humans you can think of, REAL MURDERS etc are probably Good people, idiots, or a mixture of both. See I played a small trick with your mind there. I am HEAVILY into Derren Brown and mind games and seeing patterns in behaviour is what I do. I said Murderer and right away, most thought of a deadly person who kills, what if that person killed for a reason? I am not and NEVER would say it is right, but if someone done something to your kids, well like me, the police better get there first, we are all the same. There is a murderer in every single one of us, this is something so built into our DNA that we can’t explain. Science still is trying to figure out the human mind and what sets it off. The old “People go  crazy on a full moon” story, well let me say, I checked, and on a full moon, stuff happens worse than it does when it’s not a full moon. Ask a policeman or an ambulance driver, they know this

So back to pissing contests, I don’t know why the human mind does this, I tried to get a reason and got lost somewhere around card tricks and trickery, because to get to grasps with the human mind, you have to cover all bases. I have tried. I am an Enigma myself, you are different and this is what makes us all special, we are different. One thing I try VERY HARD not to do is be a bad person, and I think I do ok. But somewhere, really close, someone about to do a piss is about to call you on it.

It is human nature to second guess each other, some pretend they don’t do it, but in reality we all do. The ONLY people I know are people I interact with in life, I don’t know anyone from the internet and they sure as hell don’t know me. So we guess, this is all we do. Sometimes when we see someone disabled, like myself, the pity comes, sometimes not, but more often than not, it does. Then you have you hard, keyboard warriors, sometimes  we come across them in real life, not so much to be fair, but they are “IDIOTS” see  where I am going now?

Good, I am glad you do, because I have not got a clue, anyone who can claim to understand human behaviour is a genius or God himself. And none of us are that.

Guess away, I will.

Peace and love to all. Even those from the GOOD OLD US OF A…

ohh.. I have many friends, some I have met from there, and family all over the world. They are no different. We are not in a bubble per say, call it a worldwide bubble and you are getting warm. in your  search

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