This is me, who are you?

1475I did this blog page for my disability as I help others also. Ireach out. At least a thousand have reached back to this blog. So it has been good. Good for me and good for others. In this day and age, many complain of bigots and sectarianism and racism, all are hurtful, so this blog is about what is hurtful

How I do I start this one. If someone is a bigot, what do we do? We teach them, yes?

When someone has a small joke at disabled people, is there any difference?  The answer is no. There is a stigma out there that it is ok to make fun of disabled people. Describe a disabled person. Yes. You saw a person in a wheelchair or with a limb missing. The facts are one in every 50 people you walk past in the street has a form of disability.

It is not my job to educate people on what is funny and what is not, when it comes to disabled people. I have been in agony way over 10 years, and it is getting worse. Google Chronic Pain Syndrome and see what a LOT of people have to go through. I have a friend. He has one leg; he lost it in an accident. He is not in pain, but he is disabled. Even he says to me “You are more disabled than me” I laugh and we debate, but in a way, he is right, kind of. I am in pain, agony, he is not, I always have to wear one of my 3 custom made leg/knee braces and use a crutch, but this is where my STUPID pride kicks in, lol

This is where the education is needed. I am part of two disabled groups, where I talk to other disabled people and it is hard. Some find fun in their life, I do. I find a way to just move on and writing, as I have said a lot really helps. I know several other people who are writers. 2 on Twitter others on other Social sites like Facebook and Tumblr etc, sadly some can never find where they need to be

Getting laughed at, I am hurt, it is hurtful. I am posting no names here. I will leave them to see if they can sleep at night. If I was them, I would have trouble sleeping, because for every action there is a reaction in life. And everyone has a conscious and a heart. When online, this is where people we hear about get the jail, it is the group mentality. One says something, another laughs, and before you know it, you have a group of adults usually mocking, not knowing what they really are saying. It was just “Funny at the time” Was one person’s statement to a judge before getting 5 years for online “Playing about” It is when they awake in a Cell or a Hospital bed they realise, it wasn’t really funny, and maybe they should choose friends better

Again it comes to Education. And Education can only happen when the person wants to educate themselves. I seen some awful stuff on Social Sites, it is 2012 and having a laugh at disabled people is still “ok” it seems. I get a lot of “Well my family member is disabled” after a joke is made. No person who lives with a disabled person would ever try and defend this. I know this as fact. I live that life. But more important, I life another life, same as all you, I have a side of me nobody on the internet will ever see. We all have this, we all hide this. Me personally, I give away online as much as I feel others need to know, be it forums, websites, social sites, whatever. We all do it

Me. Well I go on, I smile, I am thankful for my blessed life, I love my family and I am one blessed man. Pain is pain. Love is love. I have a huge support base and my own Occupational Therapist. So I have the support I need. My house has also been adapted for me. I am well looked after and cared for. The reason I do these blogs is sadly, somewhere, there is someone like me but living alone with nobody and in a bad place. You don’t have to, there is support, and some people do care. PLEASE reach out; you never know who will reach back.

Some will find the support. Nobody needs to be alone. For me, the people who are alone, and will be alone are the hateful people. They wonder why the only friends they have are on their computer. They get old and wonder why they are alone, they wonder why there is no love in their relationship with a partner and they don’t understand right from wrong. I really do hope these people can get the help they need. Troubled people are not just disabled, the world can and is sometimes a sick place. But it is also a place of love and feeling and fun

Well it is for me. I only hope others can really find this place. Because nothing beats it, I get depressed but it passes. I have tried to take my own life, and didn’t. Some friends and family say I am an open person, sometimes too open I am told. But you know something, we are all different. Some see things in different ways. I am me, I am happy being me, I hate the pain, but I love my life. Sadly some live unhappy and spiteful lives. For those people, like any disabled person alone, I hope you can find what you are looking for, and find a way to be happy. Many wear masks, not me. I live as me. I have nothing to prove. The people who live and make a life up as they go, for me, this a form of being disabled also, and I take great pity in them and for them

To sum up, some are alone, some are not. Some love, some hate. Some trust, some can’t trust. The point being, we are all different and this is good. If we were all the same, life would be boring. Like everyone having the same double glazing or the same famous family member, you get where I am going here. It would just be boring. This manly thing also holds a lot of lads back “Must be the tough guy” as a young kid I was taught you could be both. Real men cry is what I was brought up with. I was lucky, I had parents who brought me up to protect myself and always be myself. Sadly some never, to everyone reading, I hope you are ALL ok, I don’t do hate. Ever J

Love and peace from the heart, to all, that is what I am all about, and a few comments on some internet page isn’t going to make me stop being me.

Who are you

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