A Christmas message I pray you all read ..x


A song to lift spirits and love for anyone who needs it x

Well it is that time of the year again, when finances are stretched for many and not an issue for some. I love Christmas, but I love it because it brings Family together and I love watching my 2 princess’s faces as they see how lucky and loved they are, for any parent, this is what Christmas is all about. Family and Kids

But for many less fortunate, it is just another day of the week, another day waking up, another struggle through, and another lonely day ahead. This blog is for them. I am blessed, and I know it, but a part of me hurts at this time of the year, knowing the above is true, all over the world. In some instances a lot worse for some.

As a species we have become intolerant and uncaring towards others. Thankfully there still exists some who will stop in a busy high street and give the poor person, unhappy, sitting there with a cup begging a couple of quid. Yesterday I gave 2 people £10 each. And the smile it put on their face made my day, more than spending almost £500 let me tell you, just being honest. Money is not my God, never has been, never will be. I was born into money, so I took it for granted for a long time, not anymore. I know many are not. On Christmas day I spend time with many family members from Aunties to kids, and this is it for me, I just love being around family

But for me personally, and I hear some thinking “Oh here we go, let’s feel sorry for Shaun”. No, I don’t do these blogs for sympathy, you want some of that, bring it yourself. Christmas as I said is just another day. And although I will be happy, the pain will be there, the depression might be there. My body doesn’t know it is Christmas, and Christmas doesn’t know I am in pain. A good present for me would be “Just one day” without the pain and depression I get. The pain more

But I comfort myself in knowing family and friends alike will rip me a new one and mock me, I need this you see, it keeps me real, keeps my sense of humour alive and makes me realise it is only pain. It could be worse, but pain is pain, and you can’t escape it. Depression will come on your Birthday and Christmas, depression comes at times it chooses, you don’t choose it, it chooses you

But from the bottom of my heart, to ANYONE reading this, be your religion, colour, creed, place on this earth, it doesn’t matter to me, the message stays the same. Have a good day. If you are alone, then try not to be, realise people like me are thinking about you, and some will pray for you. Happiness doesn’t come natural to some, to me, it is natural, if I am not goofing around and playing pranks on people and other childish things, and I tend to feel I missed something, lol

Wherever you are, whoever you are, please, try and smile, have a good day, and more important, realise you are not alone. This is to the many that will be. To the many that will be in busy houses with enough food to feed a horse and enough joy to make Santa laugh, enjoy Christmas

For me, it is just another day. But you know what, I try, and I try for the people I love.


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