Go to bed; badly injure my wrist, again

3948563458_0c70a2f686Broke my right wrist 5 times since I was a teenager, went to bed 3 hours+ ago, leant over to get the sky remote control, heard a crack, screamed like a child, took my other hand off the sore wrist, and it swollen and agony. PLEASE EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE AND MOOD, IF YOU CAN! I am very low right now, again

Just when you think you catching a break (No pun intended) I re-injure my wrist. Swollen on the outside badly, started to bruise also

Welcome to Chronic Pain Syndrome. To EVERY person on Earth who mocks me, who doesn’t believe I suffer from this bastard, here, educate yourself. Please, would cheer me up to see vile idiots at least try understand


Above is chronic pain Video, one of the main things I suffer from. Pain in the arse, and has a huge impact on my life. Many from a certain Website mock and poke fun at people like me for being disabled, and think it is is a cool thing to laugh at. To over 1,000 people who will read this, their name is Cybertims a really good website run by vile people who claim to be religious, but you know, times like this where it gets in the way, caused me great pain and depression, this is when I get pi$$ed off the most with these people who I don’t know, I have met one, so he is the one who has judged me leading his “Nice pals” to do the same

This isn’t my football blog, this goes out to family, friends, my Dr, my occupational therapist, and a hospital group in the City I live on the outskirts off, so forgive me if I am coming across mean and annoyed. One can only take so much pain, so much stress, so much intolerance from idiots who the world wide web are turning their backs on slowly for seeing them for what they are

I am told there are a bunch of overseas people who like a “Wee Laugh” also, but I am at the point, just this second where I don’t care. But as things stand I probably won’t be able to drive, and do simple things around the house for a few weeks now

Do I get angry at these people, yes I do, because they go to bed and smile thinking it is just a good laugh to mock disabled people, when they do, they don’t realise it, and they are mocking every disabled person on the planet, if you are disabled yourself, and many whom I follow on this terrific sharing platform are, don’t get angry at these people. They know no better, pray for them, pray that the God they sooo believe in can guide them to have a heart and some humanity towards disability. I don’t really pray, many of my friends and followers here do. Please, pray for these people. Right this second I am in pain, medication has not hit me yet, so I am thinking straight and typing with one finger. I shouldn’t vent my anger here, but at this time on a Sunday morning it is where my mind is. My family and friends read this, should I edit? No

My wrist will heal, as it always does, it is just weak, stuff happens, it could be worse. Right now I am soo tired I can’t think right. And now can’t sleep for the pain and don’t know if  I need an x-ray and if I did, couldn’t drive. So later today I see how it is. JUST ONE DAY!! Name of my blog page. Just one day. All I ask for, nothing more, nothing less. Maybe tomorrow eh.. lol

People who hate to this level don’t know love, they only know hate. And as I sit here in agony, depressed I can’t help but put my mind towards these people, for mocking people like me, and there are millions of us. You can’t reason with unreasonable people.

But anger to one side, the picture is above, the swelling is worse now. This blog took me half an hour when usually they take me 5 minutes to do

Great fun living in pain, I dare say tomorrow will be better

As usual, more love, less hate.


19 comments on “Go to bed; badly injure my wrist, again

  1. Kevin, Tracy and Iryneefe, thank you for the replies. Mean a lot. I find it very hard when 1% off the people I know mock, and laugh. But I am and probably have learnt to turn the other way now. Kevin, you are a personal friend, so you know me well. Tracy you are 100% right, sadly. This will happen to them one day. The pain I mean. And I take no pleasure knowing that. Although I should, as they are vile people. Thank you. x
    Iryneefe, the anger is gone. and when I read these comments my heart gets better about life. I have many friends and a big family, always there for me, but I don’t drag them into online stupidity. Thanks for your words all off you. means a LOT.

    And that was with one hand, 1 finger typing, lol.
    Got to laugh I guess.



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