Biblical End Times Foretold in the Bible (Video) Revelation 11:15

doomsdaymainI am a very curious person, always looking for answers and not believing the truth thrown at us, if I debate something, I make sure I know the topic the best I can, if I blog something, I make sure I know the content and understand what I am saying is real and has some facts attached to it

Many scoff at stories so strange they should be in a Hollywood movie or a science fiction book, me I spend hours, days, months researching things. So when something interests me, I can debate the subject as I know other will just say “no way” or “get a life” People like this are closed minded people, who live a ground hog day existance

We live in strange times. I subscribe to no religion but believe in God, and speaking to many friends I have of various religions, the reply is always  one of “As long as you are looking” and like the 92% of our world I also search for the truth, the why’s and how’s of life

One thing I researched heavily is the apocalypse, yeah the same one in most bibles worldwide of many of our thousands of religions, and I have done so for a few years now. All I can say is, something is not right, things are happening, our planet is speaking to us, and the message is clear to me at least. Great change is coming. Animal’s are dying all over the planet, strange migration patterns also, something is wrong. Don’t believe me, trust  your own faith to guide you to  seek answers from your god and creator, and look at humanity, it is gone, Lucifer has us, if god is true and real, then Lucifer owns more souls than god, and this is with 92% of our world religious in some way and believe in god. Is that not strange at all to anyone?

The debate as always is, if you believe in God you also believe the opposite exists, evil. And I believe at least our world is even, with, as I said a few blogs back, individual acts of kindness we all see around us. Kindness happens, but on an individual level, not on a world stage

A video I can best describe how I feel, or what I am seeing, is this one below. It was compiled by someone like me and has many scriptures in it. It is about 30 minutes long, and I urge everyone to find that time to watch. I don’t want people commenting blindly on this blog. Naysayers, who say no without research, I research, so watch the video and let’s debate

This video is a must watch. Are we nearing the end of times?

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7 comments on “Biblical End Times Foretold in the Bible (Video) Revelation 11:15

  1. It’s a long one Shaun, sorry, but please take notice of the last paragraph, I’m sure it will intrigue you, I have just found out it may even be in the correct area of the sky.
    I’m not saying your wrong Shaun, there are a lot of odd things going on in our physical world, the weather, earthquakes, in our political world, who would have thought the US, Russia and China would have become so cooperative twenty years ago and all gang up on the EU and that our family and social lives have been completely wrecked, by the false impressions that News, TV and the new Technologies have given us. Once upon a time we didn’t just have a few select neighbours, but we lived in communities in which we knew and trusted most people, but now will live in stone, brick and concrete piles where everyone is a stranger and potential threat. But I see the hand of man in all this. I think since beginning of the Twentieth Century, which by coincidence is the birth of our new technological age, with advances in radio, film, flight and a wee bit later TV. Then we were ready to be fed a diet of fabrications with just enough truth to make us believe.
    But since we are all aware we are being fed horse shit from everybody from the entertainment industry, the msm including the BBC, every politician that opens their mouths, even our doctors are afraid of being honest within their jobs and profession, it does not mean we should take in this end of days scenario. It has become a major part of the ‘entertainment industry’, people are making lots of money out of this mumbo-jumbo, just think how much money has been made from the Mayan Calendar. Also this keech about pyramids and stonehenge, please look up a vid on youtube called ‘Stonehenge Reloaded’ and you will see what ‘miracles’ a lifetime of proper experience can achieve, please watch it, as it is an eye-opener that should have been put up on world wide TV, it is 5 minutes long and it puts all these mystical construction techniques to the sword.
    I think some people are wanting us to live in fear as it suits their purposes and other people are making vast amounts of money out of exploiting our fear.
    Listen to Art Bell and/or the C2CVAULT channel (this charts the new age paranoia very well. It is a sort of archive that goes back over the past ten to twenty years) and to how this industry has been built up throughout the Internet age and it is always the same names that crop up, I will give you a list if you are interested and the majority have changed/modified their message/s on a regular basis as esoteric fashions change. Supposed information on UFO’s, NWO’s, Chemtrails, Global Warming, Pyramids, you name it, are a new industry and have made many people and corporations lots and lots of money.
    This industry is no different to the one during the middle ages, where you could save your immortal soul by buying bits of dead Saints and pleniary indulgences.
    Although there does seem to be something odd going on in the world, any information that filters down to us is worse than useless, since NONE of the sources can be trusted. And sadly I think that is the position the power brokers want us in. There is that much information true and false, that even if we are presented with the truth we would have no way of verifying it.
    I could go on and on, we’ve tippled to the msm and their ways, but unfortunately from what I’ve seen of the net or web or whatever it is called there is very little difference, same old ‘believe what I say’ whilst another agenda is thrown at you.
    As you can maybe tell I’m in one of my moany moods, I’ve got problems that seem as if my bone condition has decided to start in the joints of my shoulders, looked up my condition on the medical bit of the web, seemingly it happens often and the bastards doctors have constantly told me that it would not go to anywhere else other than the areas initially effected, although it would cause referred pain in my legs and close by areas. Bastard quacks. That is the third time they have neglected to do their homework on this well documented condition. It is not fatal, but they could at least act interested in my quality of life, if this comes about it buggers up a lot, which I could have factored in if they only told me of the full possibilities of my condition and effects of certain medications. .The best of it is that I know if I had the right kind of money at the right time, I could have avoided the suffering not just to me, but to my loved ones, who are hurt by me being ill too and I hate this.
    Anyway Shaun there are a lot of vested interests trying to keep us frightened of the day we never saw.
    One thing that adds to your end times thing is a thing I discovered, yes me. You won’t hear this from anyone else but me. In Revelation it is said that during the end times that Christ will be seen in the sky as a precursor of his return. Now google recent images of “Galaxy M51, Cross”, I think I hear the Twilight Zone theme.


    • I hear you, as always, and I respect you for always taking time to comment. I don’t know it all, nobody does, so my blogs are in the main a way for me to educate myself also. Without this video, the blog is not worth blogging, the video must be watched. From media and people all over the globe. And M51 Cross I am aware of. I think this could only add to my blog. I am not 100% sure we are in the end of times. But many can see the world, many can feel the worlds anguish. I can’t see a reversal now, I think we are too far gone. A lot of what is on that video is in scripture. So what we have is documented things to put beside these prophecies and say “Hmm that is close” The trumpet noise people worldwide are hearing (Heard it myself) is like a Trumpet of a scraping noise, very disturbing.

      I hope you are ok today, and tomorrow is better. There are MANY like you who come onto my blog page here and leave really nice messages as well as debate well. This blog is getting bigger and bigger by the day, a website is in the making, lol. Love to look at things and question things and be me right or wrong isn’t the issue, the debate I cause is important in a world where most live in a 140 character existence on Twitter. So debate for me I love. And everyone who talks to me here I look at as the same as me, or like me, just people living and asking “Why” lol

      Thanks again



      • I’m not disputing there is something odd going on or even that there are many things that could be seen as coinciding with prophecies, but I think a lot of manipulation is going on, from the people at the top who want us to think they believe in masonic magic or the magic of numbers and there are the people who are quite willing to report all this, since they make a very good living from it. I believe there are cabals of all sorts that out to benefit themselves, even by exercising pretend mysticism. It is all about power and who rules. And these people need us since they are only rich and powerful compared to us little people, amongst their own they are only as rich as each other. They may bugger us about, but they need us to justify their own existence. I think there are a lot of carrots and sticks being used here. I like you think there is a main agenda out there somewhere, but I think we are being dragged into dead ends, with a lot of overdosing on information. It is like trying to do a jig saw in the dark, you have the right pieces, but sometimes they are back to front. Don’t be frightened of what you are told, but what is not making it to the light of day or is buried in a slurry of misinformation, egos and the opportunity to make a fast buck.
        I’m enjoying the debate too, please watch Wally Wallington making a Stonehenge all by himself in his backgreen, with only wood, rope, stone and the magnificence of human ingenuity and then think of the many books and theories on ancient large stone contractions, that have made their fantasist authors lots and lots of money.
        Someone wants us to feel helpless and inadequate, and I would like to know the real reason why?
        Hope your feeling a bit better today.
        Cheers Shaun.


      • Nothing to with Freemasons or Numerolgy here, and you could be right, it could be the way the American news works, scared the arse off you with news lol. BUT…The bible and some passages I read up on, and that video (I hope you watched) kind off match up. I agree, we are needed to pay for the 1% who get rich. But conspiracies aside, I just took this blog as a religious one and hoped to create debate. Some debate on Twitter, and I am sure more tomorrow.

        If anything, good debate, always fun



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