Asteroid 2003-UB313 and Strange Noises around Earth, Connection?

If it is true, we will see something like this

If it is true, we will see something like this

Please!! Watch this video through to the end. Google “Strange noises in the sky worldwide” and you will get this, and many more. Over 20,000 reported now, globally, Listen, Please! 20 minutes of video viewing here, 2 videos, I been researching this 2 years now, it seems legit/true

I have posted a few blogs in the last month with Biblical meanings and directly from scripture, so anyone who reads any bible will know it as the rapture, or Armageddon, the end of times. 2012 never happened I can hear MANY say or think, nobody said the world would end on 21st December 2012, the Maya are still alive (Google for proof) They said “Huge Change” Not the end of the world. See research is key here. Nobody can comment on things they know nothing about. So as this hits the media, and it should, you will know, and you will be able to debate and know what you are saying. This is just going to be seen one day, it  already is in North East Australia and low down the southern hemisphere


I am not saying this is the end of times, but an asteroid is hurtling towards us, and is due 16th February 2013, it is coming from beneath us, it is the size of the moon, and will pass below 1.0AU between Earth and the Moon, basically, in-between us and the moon. If this is true, and NASA are saying it is, this will cause effects the same as our moon, but opposite and bad, the moon will be pulling one way UB313 the other way, Asteroid 2003-UB313 is coming, and there is nothing anyone can do, it is to big

This video is classified stuff, and people leaked it out, and it speaks about Asteroid 2003-UB313

This is the NASA datebase on Asteroids coming near us In there you will find this asteroid, This site here is tracking UB-313 for NASA

Here is a picture or two of 2003-UB313 as it was far away, and now near, last one from Hubble

Taken in 2003

Taken in 2003

Again as it got close 2005 from Stereo Ahead satellite looking for these thigs

Again as it got close 2005 from Stereo Ahead satellite looking for these things

Again in 2005

Again in 2005

Hubble images from 2010

Hubble images from 2010

So PLEASE watch all the videos and look at the official NASA tracker and keep in mind, this is non elliptical, it is not on the solar plane, (same line as the planets) this is coming from below us. It may explain the strange noises and deaths of animals etc from this blog The video there shows some strange things, again, watch all the video’s you can make your own mind up, if you don’t, you can’t comment. I hope I am wrong, but it seems I am not. This will cause massive flooding globally with the Moon and 2003-UB313 tugging at the Earth at the same time. Earthquakes are possible also, guesswork really, but issues with tidal waves and the sea are 100%, should NASA be telling us the truth

Research and with hope we can debunk this, and move on. Sadly this is all too real. Don’t take me word for it, PLEASE, go research Asteroid 2003-UB313 on your own!


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7 comments on “Asteroid 2003-UB313 and Strange Noises around Earth, Connection?

  1. Dear Shaun I have looked into the object asteroid 2003-ub313 otherwise known as Eris. It is at the moment over 95 Astronomic units away somewhere beyond Saturn and Neptune. I’m no expert just looked at a number of astronomical sites and even one related to astrology and they all put this object at over 95 AU in as stable an orbit as could be.
    I am not saying there is no object approaching Earth, but it is not Eris, asteroid 2003-UB313.
    The sounds video someone definitely hoaxing that one. Whoever did it is adding on synthesised sound, ie from a synthesiser, onto original soundtrack. Take it from me I have played with these things for a very long time, I could go into detail like same level of reverb and echo decays and harmonic similarities. What I mean is that exactly the same sound source will by virtue of different surroundings will sound different, that is why singing in the bath sounds different from singing in the opera house. These sounds are so similar in the majority of clips to make it suspect for me. Also some of these people are just talking at normal volume when there is such a large background noise, if it was there, this would make them need to shout, just like what happens at a football game. But the clincher is the window scene, the curtain opening and then the unlatching of the window are added sound effects, the sound is tweaked to bits in this video.
    I’ve looked at the comments for the approaching body video, the chap seems reluctant to hand out the exact astronomical location of his observations to the amateur astronomers who have asked for this information.
    Please do not worry Shaun, as I have said before there are people who are making vast amounts of money out of this, frightening people like this. For instance I’ve just listened to the most recent podcast of Dreamland, Whitley Streiber and Lind Moulton-Howe, talking about this last trumpet phenomenon and all it is is a begging letter, so that you will part with real cash to subscribe and then you will get the so called full information. It is like the scientologists or the masons. These people are bigger charlatans than Charles Green and will also say anything you are willing to listen to make a buck.
    Normally I wouldn’t even enter into this kind of debate, but it seems to be upsetting you mate and you’ve got more going on in your life without these scaremongers disrupting it with the latest scary story. Anyway if that bugger hit us we would be a half an hour dead before we would even realise. Human life would not survive even in the deepest bunker in the World. Stop worrying chum.
    What to do is get in touch with the observatory at Blackford. Your good with the old computer they are always very welcoming to anyone who has an interest.
    You worry too much. I’m still waiting for Global warming to happen, the past ten winters have been longer and colder, and the summers are shorter and cooler. There’s something happening to the weather, but one thing is for sure it is not warming up here. Chin, chin cheerio.


    • How can you tell I worry? lol How do you know I am worried? I like to write and this just happened,

      I think it is Human nature that if anyone posts a blog or a tweet with this sort of content they are worries, well, like you, I guess, I will believe it when I see it.

      I do these blogs to gain opinion, and I don’t think it is Eris. This asteroid is not on the solar plain it is coming up at us, if you were in Australia, looking down, you would be seeing this. So the pictures and NASA seem to say. The two chaps chatting where experts in the field and I managed to get a copy, there were a few others people debating this, but this was the shortest (Believe it or not)

      So forget the Asteroid for a second, worldwide noises is the main reason I did this. They are all over, some are starting to be hoaxed, but at the start some were unsettling to say the least. Look for the one over Glasgow. May be fake.

      In the meantime, neither of us know what this object is, if it will come near, and if it does, what its effects will be, we can only speculate just now. As I did in the blog.

      Thanks for your comments, I thank you for them always, but I don’t think this is Eris at all. Right now, both me and you are in the “Guesswork” stage. But now I have tagged the blog, many have likes, so maybe now debate from Scientists or experts would be handy



    • I’ve looked into the two Suns thing in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere and it seems odd. The evidence is sketchy since it is not being observed by people that should also be able to see it. Although the evidence does seem to have some credence, since the people who are witnessing it seem legit, but it is not being corroborated by enough legit people. This has been on the go for quite sometime. I haven’t done it yet, but check out Jarrah White’s site he may have an opinion. He does all the new stuff on Nasa buggering about with photos and Moon landings, at least he puts up his science for shooting down and although a bit outlandish he uses science. And he comes from Australia and seems quite approachable.
      On the near Earth asteroid, someone found out about this thing and plugged it’s specifics into a computer model that was meant to show planetary motions and the model was too inexact, so implying a possibility of collision. Astroscientists are and have been looking forward to the possibility of capturing new information for quite sometime now. It shouldn’t pass close enough to effect our satellite system some of which are fairly far out.
      I don’t blame anyone being apprehensive about this so called infotainment. I’m afraid that people in the media are the same a our football press, they don’t really care what they are handing out as long as they get enough eyeballs taking it in.
      I’ve learnt once lesson from the information swarm that was the downfall of the house of Murray and that is to ask a simple question from any source of news,’Why are you telling me this and what is in it for you?’ I think that is part of the reason why I don’t follow some of the stuff on TCN as closely as I once did, once RTC got his/her award the agendas started flying thick and fast. Things deteriorated fast.
      I’ve got my own wee theory about why the earth is acting kind of oddly,earthquakes, tsunamis and large weather systems being effected by sea water temperatures, ‘El Nino’ and hurricanes, for instance. We are extracting vast amounts of gas and oil from deeper and deeper inside the crust, taking away what could be having a lubricating effect and what happens when you take lubrication away ( buggery becomes a lot less fun, sorry crude joke but couldn’t help it)? Things start to heat up and stick, causing sea and land to heat up and the techtonic plates don’t pass over each other as easily as before causing more stronger disturbances. And just as valid as the CO2 Global warming nonsense. One volcano can throw out in seconds more greenhouse gases than a large city like London or New York could in years.
      Sorry old bean but we are getting lied to about everything. There seems to be a lot of Jabba’s about.
      Sorry Shaun went on too much again.


  2. The noises that are heard in the video are all the same audio. There were many videos uploaded on YouTube that featured the audio, claiming to a mysterious noise, or even to the extremes of it being related to an apocalyptic event. You need to be careful not to get sucked into fear based YouTube videos with little, or no support of any credible sources. The audio that is featured in all the “strange sounds” videos derive from a movie. This movie is titled Red State, and involves a recorded sound that is used to make a group of non-educated members of a church cult believe that the Rapture is upon them. I will supply a link to the scene below. The noise is played at around 2:00, and you will find that it is the same noise in all the other videos. To conclude, you must be careful with your sources. The reason why a main focus and motivation for having public education is to ensure the rational and level minded thinking when it comes to things such as these. It’s always good to keep an open mind, but always be cautious…


    • Keith I couldn’t agree more. If that blog upset anyone, that wasn’t my intention. I have listened to maybe 500 of these, some, yeah, same noise. Put the noise through a noise sumulatar, as I did, showed me many that sounded the same were a pitch or 2 higher and lower. But you are correct, when these noises started, they were real noises, then copy-cats came along. Even some bloke from American TV was in the middle of a piece when the noise started.
      Reason I put that thread up was to debate, so I am not going to sit here and deny anyone an opinion. Maybe we will get an answer to these noises. In a way they like Crop Circles (I never have believed in) in the way they are being copied. But research is the key. I can spend hours, as I have the time, to go over noise after noise. You do the same, and you will notice not all are the same, and its obvious some are copy cat material.
      Whatever it is, I don’t know, neither does the media, who are reporting this,
      The more we debate and share videos, the more we learn, as I don’t know it all, neither does anyone. I will watch the video, thanks a lot for that. As I remain open minded about these noises, I think we all should, as when analyzed, they are not all the same.
      Thanks for the video, and we need to keep debating till all 100% know what this noise is. To many watch a 10 min video and have it as fake. I am still watching video’s and some of the noises are different, if not real.

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment. Onwards we go in research eh, lol.



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