Things do happen in 3s and an AMAZING picture someone sent me

threesJust when you find a happy medium in life, just when you think you caught a break, just when you are smiling, life has a habit of testing the best of us.

2 weeks ago I hit my father in law, we were both wrong, caused a bit of bother, it’s over, and we were both idiots. I was the only sober one may I add, it’s over. I am not proud of myself, and I say sorry to the lad. Miss Shaun is cool, she knows what happened. Shit happens, right? So we move on

Sunday there, the 27th my Mum comes to visit and tells me my Aunt has lung Cancer. She was in bits and I had to stay strong for her, it was a hard one to take, life throws these things at us all, I am no different, I just blog about my life, I share in the hope I help others, I can’t help it, I REALLY DO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE AND TRY TO HELP. If this makes me a bad person, then let the judges frown and cast a vote on me

Today my son broke his foot, in the grand scheme of things its nothing, but a setback for him, his job and his cash flow, and he suffer seizures as well, some will know this well. I have many family and friends on Twitter an many who read this blog

I myself have been in agony many days now, and the above picture, sent to me by @Spigranty helped. It done something, the same something “Footprints in the sand” did to me when I first heard it at the passing of a loved one’s funeral, it touched a nerve, it just hit something inside me, and made sense you know

So that is my story. Stuff does come in 3s I guess. Today I feel low, depressed, sore, angry, hurt, sad, but my overriding emotion is being in agony. I am most days. This is just my story. But I smile, I laugh and I soldier on. The phrase above is actually correct, the man hardly knows me, but sometimes the smallest things are the best things in life, a small, individual gesture of goodwill

Everyone has one. I share mine, but my story is no less or more than anyone else’s story, everyone who has a story has the same right to blog as I do. I just share. And I do so in the hope that someone with similar feelings knows they are not alone

You are not alone, and when @Spigranty sent me that picture, I realised I wasn’t alone, when people started phoning me I realised I wasn’t alone. I am lucky I have a strong family group and I am a strong person, strong enough to share my life with 1, 2023 people who follow this blog.

I started with 1, and it grew and got higher, I started following other fascinating people with amazing things they write, so many do share, I see it now. I thought it was just me, no MILLIONS share. I just joined the party late

But this is just a blog to say thank you to all who give a shit. Not about me, heck no, about life, people. humanity, and other people. For every evil gossiping fool on earth, there are 1 million good people. I really do believe this to be true. I say it again “Individual acts of kindness” Sadly on the world stage, not so good. But as long as the good people stick together and help each other, the sad, unloved people will stay just that, alone and miserable. If you are alone and miserable, ask why, and ask what put you there and how you can change. Some want to be alone, many don’t

At times this week I wanted to be alone, other times I didn’t, I am just delighted I can soldier on with ease.

Anyway, to heck with all that mumbo jumbo, lets play a good song

This song makes sense to me right now, and thanks for letting me share

I appreciate it


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