New World Order – Exposed by Ann Bressington, Australian MP

hqdefaultThis is a WOW moment! And something I never thought I would hear coming from a developed Country. There is a thing called “Conspiracy” and many call this “New World Order” as such. The Illuminate is said to be the Club or Rome, a high powered secret society

This goes worldwide, what this woman did; Ann Bressington from Australian Parliament Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Agenda 21 was started in the 1960’s and the “New World Order” was first spoken by George Bush Senior when he was president. If you are a person who believes in this conspiracy, then I urge you to watch this video. She mentions the UN and America

What this woman has done in this Video is breathtaking and she is toying with her life, but she said it, she did it, if she dies, we will know. What this woman has done has put a huge spanner in the works and proves what many, me included have been saying for a decade and more. We are being led, we are sheep, the people in control of our world lie to us, and there is an agenda in play. The Georgia Guide stones are something we all must read below

In June 1979, an unknown person or persons under the pseudonym R. C. Christian hired Elberton Granite Finishing Company to build the structure

georgia-guidestones-top-commandments2 PICTURES OF GUIDE STONES

maxresdefault.jpg There is a link, top of the them all, in 13 languages says “Maintain humanity under 500,00,000”

Ann Bressington Australian MP has perhaps changed our word for the better. Many will dismiss this as nonsense that is your choice, but if you want a better world, a War free world, a fairer world, a better world for our kids, listen to what she has to say, and the then go do your own research. This is a major story in the world right now, and as I said it is a “WOW” moment. My only question is, why now? Why is she allowed to proceed with this? I will let you watch the video, do your own research and I hope debate.

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10 comments on “New World Order – Exposed by Ann Bressington, Australian MP

  1. As far as I am concerned the government officials of every and any democratic sovereign state who sign onto agreements such as this,ie agreements that allow a nation’s policy to be dictated out with the country without going to the electorate are committing treason, they are not working in the best interests of the people who elected them and in fact seem to be working to their detriment. Or since being paranoid, and rightly so in many cases, is part of our heritage Shaun, are we only being shown what they want us to see? It’s getting more like a John le Carre novel everyday. It is obvious that government and corporate business are so closely tied that getting to the truth is, I’m afraid, a task of such proportions and doubtful outcome, that without a reliable whistleblower with cast iron proof and a fail safe way of disseminating it, then we are constantly in the dark. Only seeing hints here and spectres there. Some of these plots seem to have been planted at least a hundred years before I was born and their true consequences are only being felt now.
    I am baffled about what any individual can do about this, if we organise the leaders would be dead or imprisoned very quickly. They soon put the mockers on that wiki leaks lad and goodness knows how many others, look on YouTube or listen to back programmes of coast2coast am from the US, to see how many people have died mysterious deaths or been so discredited and marginalised that they are laughing stocks. Uncovering or even knowing about their plans, gives you a shorter lifespan than being in the mafia. Although I do suspect the information we get from the few that have managed to survive all these years, Jim Marrs and Alex Jones come to mind. Have you ever listened to Alex Jones? If that man was discovered to have a substance abuse problem I would not be surprised, sometimes he reminds me of that time Diego Marradona ran up to the camera coked off his face, slavering and screaming. Jones is like that two hours a day five or six times a week.
    Although I believe in playing your heart out for the full ninety minutes, I think because of the advent of an unrestricted internet (which the people of the world are becoming more addicted to each day) they have advanced their plans to the point that we can’t stop them, and their allowing stuff to leak out is them just showing us how clever and powerful they are and rubbing our noses in it.
    The only thing we can hope for is that they start cutting each others throats to get to the top, but again their ingrained belief in the occult symbols and hierarchies of masonry etc keeps the ambitious just at the level where they are most effective and no more.
    Liked the video BTW, I wonder how long will it take for the press to start ignoring that lady.
    I could go on but I won’t.
    Speak to you after Shaun.


    • Yeah, good solid points, I could have went on for hours there, Lucky it wasn’t audio, lol

      I don’t think we ever know the truth. I liken these world affairs to the Rangers Story, this is just a bigger version. Same thing, just bigger. Some do get close. I have been on Coast to Coast several times, hope it restarts soon, seems to be. Alex Jones for me is a Media/Government plant. That is only my opinion.

      What This woman did in this video, was make it easier for “Tinfoil Heeds” like me now. As I was right. I may not get to the truth, but I and others were right. There are shadow leaders.
      Like you I could be here all night (Can’t sleep again, lol) so that’s all for now. PLEASE keep debating with me mate, I love debating certain people, good fun!

      Thanks a lot


      • The ‘Coast2Coast am’ radio show is an American conspiracy/NWO/UFO aliens talk show, two hours every night. I believe it has been on the go for many years, started by a guy called Art Bell. A fair amount of tin foil hattery, but there are some real gems on a regular basis and is also a very good education in the history of these subjects, especially NWO, secret societies, their beliefs and skullduggery and dodgey Yank politics, assassinations etc. The show is actually aimed at people like you and me, who are up a lot during the night. You will find it on You Tube where there are a number of channels put up the show. The only thing is we get the show a day late, but it is always worth a listen and if the subject is’nt great all the older shows are archived.
        You’ve got to know three or four different channels, as channels can be shut down without any notice.
        I’m using at the moment the C2CVAULT channel, this usually gives the latest show and a selection of older shows, each day. ‘Headgirl’ channel, Boomdaddy01, Boomdaddy02 and Boomdaddy03 (this chap gets hit a lot) channel are all great for the older stuff and other programmes like this, they have all the shows under topics such as NWO, NASA cover-ups, Assassinations etc. I usually have it on in the background most nights, it is good because it is radio, I use my blackberry phone to listen to it, while I lay in bed with my Nexus 7 tablet, which I only got recently, which is brilliant (apart from touch screen keyboard, but I’m getting used to this), great when your too sore or buggered by medicine.
        Remember it is ‘Coast2Coast am’, not to be confused with the British radio show Coast to Coast.
        The show is second to none when it comes to conspiracy theories and their proponents and the history of such subjects. The past six months have been a wee bit trying, with all this Mayan nonsense, but there is always something great to listen to. Please give it a try, it is by far the best resource of it’s kind and is designed for people who are ‘awake’ at night, not the sort of nightowl crap you get in Britain, although don’t over do it or you’ll end up in the Andrew Duncan.
        ‘Coast2Coast am’ on You Tube, I’m sure it will give you food for thought and after reading your recent blogs I know you will enjoy it.
        Boomdaddy and Headgirl have a lot of NWO and secret societies stuff.
        Speak to you after.


      • I know, I have been on the show. Looks like Art Bell is making a comeback! Coast2Coast am

        And yeah, everyone gets closed down. apart from Alex Jones, he gets a free run at it.

        I am on 1st name terms with most (I won’t say conspiracy) I will for open minded people who are interested in alternative news, lol, sounds better. is the BEST site on earth. Register and go to Forums. I said a few blogs back, a month ago? Australasia region would be hit hard. It JUST got 20/30 earthquakes, one being a 8.0 ONLY 10 miles deep, so expect some big waves sadly. It is breaking now, have a google and check the ring of fire today, talk about WOW..Red is Today.



      • I forgot to mention if you tap to subscribe ( costs nothing) to the channels I’ve mentioned, You Tube informs you weekly what new stuff has been uploaded (there is something new everyday) and you can network with comments and messages to other people on these channels, although I don’t do that very much except Headgirl she ( or it might be a he for all I know) is a hoot and a very nice person, I know you would like her.
        BTW I agree about Alex Jones being a shill for the NWO, James Marr is the guy who was the first to start investigating the Bilderburgers (sort of Alex Jones’ Grandad) and I’m not too sure about him. If you persevere with C2C, and start recognising all the major players on both sides, that is the conspirators and conspiracy theorists (who nearly all have their own self serving agendas too). The good thing is that it is two hours worth of interesting subject matter for us tin foil hats, each night and throw in one of the older shows (which I suggest you do to catch up with all the characters and history of the themes in the game) and that is another couple of hours.


      • I can’t argue ANY of that biddy, spot on for me. Something is happening, an agenda is going on, something BIG is about to happen to Earth. Don’t ask me what mate. It is MORE than a gut feeling. Educated guess. I will look out the blog I said about bad things for Australia, and the 8.0 today. And let you know. ps: Can you Tweet my last 3 blogs to Twitter for me? If not, no biggy. It just gets debate going, many there liked to read. Thanks. ps: Back in a second with that link..Shaun


  2. Sorry Shaun I would do it in a minute, but honestly mate I have not the slightest clue about Twitter. Thanks for the link. A lot to look at will get back to you.


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