The Earth is telling us something, What though?

imagesMany of my ramblings in the last month have been about the world’s weather. The weather is helped by these currents that travel the world in a regular pattern, the temperatures are key, but after a quick study over the last day I noticed a big change in temperatures, and something I thought I would share, as it is important to us all. Many don’t believe in “Global Warming” being man made, some suggest it is just the way the world works. Like the Sun for example, every 11 years, it flips from North to South, it happened in 2002, and it will happen in May this year.

For all we know the Earth has a cycle, but it may be that big a cycle in terms of time, recorder records about it are hard to read or tall tales, or fantasy, we really are to young as an advanced species to understand it all, we are still learning. We don’t know it all. We know our eyes produce water that keeps our eyes dry for example. We can prove this, there are things that are highly speculative however when you turn the coin around. And I did

Take the North Atlantic Current for example, it comes from Southern Africa (Well further afield) but we will start there, it comes up the eastern side of the Americas, then up to Europe. The temperatures in this current are what made Europe habitable, as without this heat from the current of heat, we would be like Northern Siberia or Northern Canada, as we are on the same Latitude as these two places

Longitude and latitude

Longitude and latitude

So look at the picture above, look at Europe and the northern tip of the USA you will see we almost on same Latitude, this hot current brings us the heat that stops us living in a world where Snow and ice is the order of the day.

Where I did notice a chance is this current is weakening. This started in the late 1999’s and has just got worse. The weather on Earth has changed, there is NO debate. So here are the scenarios ahead

If the climate system’s Achilles’ heel is the Conveyor, the Conveyor’s Achilles’ heel is the North Atlantic. An influx of fresh water into the North Atlantic’s surface could create a lid of more buoyant fresh water, lying atop denser, saltier water. This fresh water would effectively cap and insulate the surface of the North Atlantic, curtailing the ocean’s transfer of heat to the atmosphere.

An influx of fresh water would also dilute the North Atlantic’s salinity. At a critical but unknown threshold, when North Atlantic waters are no longer sufficiently salty and dense, they may stop sinking. An important force driving the Conveyor could quickly diminish, with climate impacts resulting within a decade.

In an important paper published in 2002 in Nature, oceanographers monitoring and analyzing conditions in the North Atlantic concluded that the North Atlantic has been freshening dramatically—continuously for the past 40 years but especially in the past decade.4 The new data show that since the mid-1960s, the sub polar seas feeding the North Atlantic have steadily and noticeably become less salty to depths of 1,000 to 4,000 meters. This is the largest and most dramatic oceanic change ever measured in the era of modern instruments.

At present the influx of fresher water has been distributed throughout the water column. But at some point, fresh water may begin to pile up at the surface of the North Atlantic. When that occurs, the Conveyor could slow down or cease operating.

Signs of a possible slowdown already exist. A 2001 report in Nature indicates that the flow of cold, dense water from the Norwegian and Greenland Seas into the North Atlantic has diminished by at least 20 percent since 1950.

What future climate scenarios should we consider?

The debate on global change has largely failed to factor in the inherently chaotic, sensitively balanced, and threshold-laden nature of Earth’s climate system and the increased likelihood of abrupt climate change. Our current speculations about future climate and its impacts have focused on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which has forecast gradual global warming of 1.4° to 5.8° Celsius over the next century.

It is prudent to superimpose on this forecast the potential for abrupt climate change induced by thermohaline shutdown. Such a change could cool down selective areas of the globe by 3° to 5° Celsius, while simultaneously causing drought in many parts of the world. These climate changes would occur quickly, even as other regions continue to warm slowly. It is critical to consider the economic and political ramifications of this geographically selective climate change. Specifically, the region most affected by a shutdown—the countries bordering the North Atlantic—is also one of the worlds’s most developed.

The key component of this analysis is when a shutdown of the Conveyor occurs. Two scenarios are useful to contemplate:

Scenario 1: Conveyor slows down within next two decades.

Such a scenario could quickly and markedly cool the North Atlantic region, causing disruptions in global economic activity. These disruptions may be exacerbated because the climate changes occur in a direction opposite to what is commonly expected, and they occur at a pace that makes adaptation difficult. This would be catastrophic to our planet and way of life

Scenario 2: Conveyor slows down a century from now.

In such a scenario, cooling of the North Atlantic region may partially or totally offset the major effects of global warming in this region. Thus, the climate of the North Atlantic region may rapidly return to one that more resembles today’s—even as other parts of the world, particularly less-developed regions, experience the unmitigated brunt of global warming. If the Conveyor subsequently turns on again, the “deferred” warming may be delivered in a decade.

So theoretical at best by me, with a few scenarios built in also. I am NO expert, but I do keep an eye on world events, and from what this pretend expert can see, things don’t look great.

I posted this video; here it is again, it looks bad add this blog I did about Volcanoes and Earthquakes, give me your thoughts below, the blog below is on weather, but mainly volcanoes and earthquakes, what is waking them up? We must find an answer

~~End Story~~

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5 comments on “The Earth is telling us something, What though?

  1. With such evidence there is no doubt that there is something drastic going on with the weather, but I find the greenhouse gases explanation flawed. The weather as you rightly pointed out is mainly effected by conditions in the World’s seas or large land masses. Just the atmosphere heating up does not to me explain the amount of energy that is being expelled into this phenomenon. If the seas were being heated from the top down you would expect more cloud cover as the water evaporates to make clouds, which in turn would block out sunlight and so cause more cooling sort of acting like a governor on the old steam engines to stop them running out of control. Another thing is that CO2 and methane are quite heavy gases compared to the mainly nitrogen and oxygen mix that makes our air up and to my mind the air quality at sea level would be showing some measurable and possibly tangible effects in these more low lying areas. I agree there is something odd going on, but I don’t think we are getting all the facts.
    There is an interesting reason given why the forest fires are more severe nowadays and that is in these wooded areas mankind prevents the smaller more regular fires that would occur if these areas were left to their own devices. These smaller more regular fires cause natural fire breaks and also leave more water in the soil and subsoil for surrounding areas, since there is little vegetation taking water from the water table, there is more for other areas. But mankind prevents these fires and eventually something has to give and the whole lot goes up like a tinder box. Did you know that these giant redwood trees on the west coast of the USA were dying out, they were not producing seed and so no new trees, this was at the beginning of the twentieth century, I think. Well what was happening was that they were being too well protected by the foresters and they needed the occasional forest fire to come along and destroy all the lower lying trees and vegetation, then they would drop their slow growing seed onto the ash fertilised ground, that was devoid of vegetation and competition. When I was young, on Arthur’s Seat the gorse was regularly burned off in patches, every summer, although that was when sheep used to roam all over it. Sheep and rabbits everywhere, nowadays it is really quite desolate in comparison.
    There is one more thing, I have heard and read on the internet that a lot if not all the planets in the solar system are heating up noticeably and (although I am not sure where I got this, may have been from you, not sure though) I believe the Sun is putting out up to 30% more energy, figure maybe wrong, but it is a marked increase.
    All I can say Shaun is that I agree that there is something is wrong, but I just can’t bring myself to say it is all down to greenhouse gases, I think that is just an excuse to feck about with fuel prices. Just had our winter fuel bill in it is up nearly a third, compared to this time last year, and we have used between two to four hours of gas less per day than we did over the same period for last year and the years before that. What gets me about gas and oil is that once they are found and the rig is set up, apart from maintenance, it comes out of the ground at the same price every year, that is bugger all. After a little processing at the refineries, which consume mainly the self same gas or oil products to keep the process going, they don’t have to buy much to make their product, it is all there for them. The oil and gas companies don’t have masses of labour like the coal industry used to. Distribution is done by pipeline or oil tankers and trucks which consume the self same product they are getting for nothing after their original investment on a tiny fraction of labour use compared to almost any other industry. Fair enough an oil rig in the North Sea maybe cost a lot of money initially, but all factories and processing plants do and they can have quite expensive overheads every year of production. Once the oil and gas start flowing it is only maintenance. It is the stock exchange and speculator systems who are interfering with the price we pay. No wonder the world is such a state we are being run by what are bookmakers who can quite legally nobble the race to suit themselves whenever they like.
    Oh to win the lottery, buy somewhere out the road. Buy in enough provisions and fuel to last for the next hundred years and then just turn the telly off. Just to get away from all this, ‘you should be worrying about this and concerned about that’, it is a constant barrage. We are living in a world of plenty, for us anyway and I don’t mean that in a selfish way, compared to the history of the planet, even compared to when I was wee, not so long ago when you consider things, we should be happier than this. And the pressure we are under to be constantly worrying about tomorrow, it is like someone or something likes to see us miserable. I bet if we were dropped into the Garden of Eden the day before tomorrow most of would find something to moan about.
    I’m watching the football at the moment, oh man their passing and lack of concentration would make you weep, but it is a side that is not used to playing together and it is nice to see the youngsters out, although I feel they all seem to be lacking focus.
    Anyway speak to you after Shaun.


  2. A nuclear station has JUST been closes due to the Weather in the USA, Breaking news there.

    WOW !!! You know your stuff. Yeah I was aware of much of what your said. I pride myself in education, lol. Nah I just am a NUT when it comes to world affairs. I think you are right, I also believe the man made greenhouse answer leads a lot to be desired. Gas’s as you said are different, some heavy, some sink, I am researching a topic what is found in rocks from millions of years ago, and already the signs are showing me of massive change in the air quality on earth at that time.
    I wonder if this planet just goes through stages, and ones we won’t know, because as a race “KNOWING” history, we are still young. So much to learn, but this is why I find these topics so amazing to debate.
    Good starting reply.
    Speak soon


  3. I remember talking to a young piper, who had just sat his final exams at one of Edinburgh’s fee paying schools, I can’t remember which, but anyway he was a clever lad and lots of universities were after him and he got lots of invitations to go and see what was on offer at the grander universities, Oxford, Cambridge etc and I had a conversation with him after he had visited St Andrew’s, (prince billy was attending at the time so it was a popular place) and this lad, who was studying his doctorate, had put the fear of death into the young piper about global warming and the gulf stream/Atlantic Conveyor effect just as you describe in your article and how it had switched off in the past and could stop at any moment, now this was back in the late nineties. I asked the young piper about his informant and found this lad was in the process of getting more funding to take his studies further and there was no end of the amount of money that was being offered. Now I know a little bit how these things work and had to explain to the young piper that it was in this lads own interests to make hi studies seem important if not crucial, so that he could do another doctorate and coin in some more brass. A couple of months later I met an old work colleague who I had worked with at Edinburgh University Library, only he was high up in the pecking order, I know he was offered head librarian’s job and turned it down twice, but that is another story. I asked him how he was getting on, we were in Sandy Bell’s and he was exasperated every graduate who wanted to go on and do a doctorate stood a ninety percent better chance of getting funded if they related their studies in one way or another to global warming, I kid you not. I can’t remember the funniest one properly, but it ran along the lines that someone wanted to do their doctorate in French romantic poetry of fourteenth century and could not get a bolt. Then he changed the title to ‘Fourteenth Century French Symbolism and the Threat of Global Warming in the Late Twentieth Century’ and he got funding without a blink.
    One thing you have got to remember Shaun is that the US and the UK invaded Iraq using the excuse that Saddam Hussein could let fly with weapons of mass destruction and he only needed forty minutes to prepare. And guess where this titbit of information came a post graduate’s doctorate thesis, some bugger wanting to make his thesis more exciting to gain funding. Of course it was only an excuse to invade, they even ‘suicided’ that Professor Kelly and I think Robin Cook was offed too for resigning over it, he was another loose end. Funny how John Smith died conveniently to let Blair in, again that is all another story.
    My point is information is cooked up in several ways and unfortunately for the mental health mankind, bad news makes more money than good.


  4. NAIL, HEAD, HIT !! Well said.
    I can back this up with a similar story, basically around the same subject.
    About 14 years ago when I hadn’t been told “You have Chronic Pain” I was worried what I had. As you do.
    So they sent me to speak to an “Expert” lol.
    This expert must have been say 24 years old and fresh out of college.
    I sat for 10 minutes and walked out. He knew only about what he had red in a book.
    For me if you listen to anyone in life, listen to someone who has been through similar or experienced similar. Common sense to me. Good story that,

    PS: You from Edinburgh? Roughly what area? Do you know me? I don’t go by the name of Shaun Gibson, I go by my nick name. Depending on what side of the Street you walk.

    Another good reply mate. Back on topic, I believe your story 100%. It is all about “Meeting a certain target” Similar to the Road funding in Edinburgh (AMAZING HOW THE TRAMS JUST WOOOSH US ALL FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER EH) The road services get a set amount each year, and have to use it all, or it gets reduced the next year, this is how things go down, “Target Setting” This is where the NHS, we are lied to heavily. A relative of mine is very high up in Unision, and he tells me often of tall tales and how the Government change numbers to make it “LOOK” like they hit a target, where in reality, they fail heavily.

    Back on topic, None of this is going to answer the question “What is Earth telling us” PMSL. Joking really. If a blog spawns another debate, so be it. There are no rules. Talking. sharing, I love. If you have Skype mate, add me my username is ShauGibson1888 I had a lot of people on it, but my level of debate, well lets just say it lost them a lot. I am on it all the time. I am a Mod here (Not in my name) All Scientists and lecturers are the main people who moderate it etc. It really is a fantastic source of alternative news. Stay away from Aliens and Ghosts (Go to forums top middle) there are a LOT of good areas to debate. And I see you like a good debate like me.

    Opening the mind is a healthy thing. The word “Conspiracy” ruined debate :0( lol



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