Up To 12 Million Bees Found Dead as Chemical spraying from above gets the blame

Planet Bee School Bee Hivehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colony_collapse_disorder This is a link to what is a growing mystery to Science and a great worry for Humans.
Albert Einstein theorised and it has been proven fact, that if all bees die out, so will Human kind.

I have written for some time now about “Strange Events that affect the Earth and Humans” This topic on Bees is a serious one. Anyone not aware of the issue should go and research it and not dismiss it out of hand. If all the bees die out, Human kind will within 5 or so years. We need the bees to pollinate the planet.

No one knows the reason, and Authorities have already ruled out disease, including the infamous “Colony Collapse Disorder” (CCD), as the cause of a recent honeybee holocaust that took place in Brevard County, Florida. Official reports state that up to 12 million bees from roughly 800 apiaries in the area all dropped dead at roughly the same time around September 26 — and local beekeepers say pesticides are likely to blame. CCD is the term often used to describe the inexplicable mass die-off of honeybees around the world, which typically involves honeybees leaving their hives and, for whatever reason, never finding their way back home. Mass die-offs associated with CCD often occur at seemingly random locations around the world, and typically involve a gradual process of disappearance and eventual colony collapse — and the dead bees are typically nowhere to be found. But the recent Florida event involved hundreds of colonies from 30 different sites in a one-and-a-half mile radius literally dropping dead all at the same time and leaving their carcasses behind, which is why authorities have dismissed CCD as the cause. Based on the appearance of the dead bees, as well as the synchronous timing of their deaths, pesticide spraying appears to be the culprit in this case. “I’m a pretty tough guy, but it is heart wrenching,” said Charles Smith of Smith Family Honey Company to News 13 in Orlando. But what could be causing this.

In the USA alone, 80% of all bees have died, worldwide the figure is around the same, this has been in a 10 year period give or take a year or two. A conspiracist will point to chemtrails (Not Contrails) in the Sky. Look up from time to time, you will see this. I see it most days, but I know it is there. The reason for spraying the skies, I do not know, but look it up, it is real

Look up more...

Look up more…

I took many pictures similar. These are Chemicals being sprayed on us (google Chemtrails)

I took many pictures similar. These are Chemicals being sprayed on us (google Chemtrails)

Answers on a postcard to...

Answers on a postcard to…

This should be a blog on its own. What are they spraying? is it killing bees?

This should be a blog on its own. What are they spraying? is it killing bees?

So another mystery, another issue, these things happen I keep getting told, but all at once? Nah, something is going on


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12 comments on “Up To 12 Million Bees Found Dead as Chemical spraying from above gets the blame

    • Yeah its been happening slowly over a number of years. It got a bit of main stream media coverage, but the consequences of this are already been felt in our world. Low crops, and more. The chain reaction to no bees is bad. Google that phrase “The chain reaction to no bees on earth” and it is disturbing.

      The clever Austrian man who said this is right, and science is looking at ways to breed bees, sadly they still die. And many people worldwide think it is this spraying in the sky. Also something not many are aware about.

      I do my best to share “Alternative” news and back it up. But it is up to anyone reading to go and look themselves and check it is real.

      Again. Thanks for your comments.
      As always, nice.



  1. I was looking at some of this last year. The reasons given at the time were that there were lots of things combining, a mite that spread a deadly fungus, mobile phone masts and poisoning from the overuse of insecticides, that sort of thing. One of the odd things is that there are some people who live in cities and keep bees and the ones that have hives that only really utilise flowers in back gardens and city parks do not seem to be effected in anywhere the same numbers, some not at all. Which may point to that there is something happening in the agricultural areas, maybe insecticides or GMO’s. But I am not sure about this, since my parents garden used to be a Mecca for wild bees or bumble bees, as we would call them and honey bees, for over the past ten years they have dwindled away. Whereas at the height of Summer our garden would have possibly 50 to 100 bees at any one time, nowadays you would be lucky to find one. I estimate on a good day we may be only getting maybe 100 visits per day and the size of the creatures has halved in that time too.
    On a similar topic have you seen how effective modern insecticides are. The year before last, we discovered a wasp byke, Scots for a wasp nest. Normally we would have left them alone, if it didn’t grow too large, and wait until winter and dispose of it, but somehow they had a way into the fabric of the house itself, through the tiniest of holes under the eaves, just above a window. Well we couldn’t ignore this, so my brother in-law went to what we used to call the dry salters shop, no idea what the modern term is. You know the kind of place, like in the Two Ronnies ‘fork handles’ sketch, anyway he got this wasp insecticide powder and all you do is leave this powder, and it is only the smallest amount needed, near the opening in an area where you know a wasp will brush against it and it only needs to be one, then it enters the nest and every wasp that it comes on contact with dies too, but not before spreading the lurgy to it’s fellow wasps. A half teaspoonful was spread on the area above the window. No wasps left that nest the next day. And the other thing about this stuff is that this poison will still be effective against another wasp colony if they try to occupy the space in years to come. Don’t know how long the effect lasts for. I was shocked at how deadly this stuff is. Now my point is, yes I do have a point, that what happens if a wasp instead of brushing past this stuff on the way in, brushes past it on it’s way out, how many other wasps or other creatures can that stuff effect. It surprised and shocked me to see how effective this stuff is. Unfortunately there didn’t seem to an alternative to the situation. I’m not keen on wasps never have been, but I felt kind of sorry for them and I hope there was no suffering involved.
    I wonder if there is something similar happening with the bees?


    • Yeah I remember the shops you meant. My uncle owned one back in day.

      I think this is a shocking subject and it is speculation, My reasons are ones I read about all the time. Getting sprayed from the sky. Go to the picture I did from Switzerland and look, there is no way that is normal. Just google “ChemTrails” and you will see thousands of pictures. This is one “guess” reason out of many. But we need bees, and they are 80% gone.

      We will be in trouble if they all go.
      Cheers again for your comment



      • I agree about the chem trails. They have been over Edinburgh on a very regular basis for at least the past twenty years, possibly twenty five. Years ago I used to work shifts and at certain times of the year in the morning you could look at the sky and see the sky the clearest of blues and knew that there was a very good chance that it was going to be a grand day and that colour stayed all day, till late into the evening. I first started noticing these chem trails, every Saturday I would look at what kind of sky we had and judge what kind of day it was going to be, what with football matches and girls I would be out probably until early Sunday morning, if not later. Then I started noticing someone was every Saturday drawing a giant St Andrew’s Cross in the sky, it was like the old Scottish legend, but then I began to notice that these trails did not vanish like normal jet con trails. I should mention I live beneath the main Southern approach to Edinburgh Airport the planes pass overhead at various heights and when they get above the Firth of Forth the turn Westward to the airport, so I have observed all sorts of aircraft over the years and know a proper contrail when I see it. Well anyway not only did this trail not disappear, but it spread out to form a haze high in the sky, a sky that should have been pristine blue according to my prior experiences. Now I observed this nearly every Saturday, the plane, sometime planes went up approaching from the West not the usual direction of the air traffic and do their St Andrew’s crosses, usually between 10am and noon, pollute the sky to the South and then they would fly off leaving a haze that lasted all day. At the time I told my friends and family, no one except my father took a blind bit of notice of what I was saying. Then I noticed it was not just Saturdays, it was any clear day, obviously I have no idea what went on on cloudy days. At the time I thought it may have had something to do with the depletion of the ozone layer and it was a secret attempt to block harmful rays from the Sun. It has got to the point where I honestly don’t think we have had a properly clear sky for years. Another thing is they don’t need to criss cross the sky nowadays, one perhaps two fly passes and that is the haze in the sky hanging there all day. With my father confirming what I was seeing helped a lot, because I think I would have put it to the back of my mind and not kept an eye on it.
        I have no idea what they spraying up there, but twenty to twenty five years of it can not be good for the environment. See when I first heard this from the States about four or five years ago you could have knocked me down with a feather. It was the first time I realised there was other people noticing something odd going on. And this time there is something definitely going on, no tin foil hattery or vague conspiracy shadowyness. This is a phenomenon I personally have been observing the development of for nearly half my life. I do not know what they are putting into the air or why, but there are people doing it, again I do not know who, although in general they are the smaller type of aircraft, not airliners or cargo planes, but two seater type things or the small type of plane sky divers use. Apart from poisoning us, the only thing I can think it may be to stop us receiving damage because of the depleted ozone layer. But I repeat it has been happening since I was a young man.
        Although one of the odder ideas I heard from a tin foil hat programme is that it could be some kind of nano technology to monitor and counteract UFO’s, I can’t see that being the case.
        You are spot on again, Shaun.


      • Thanks mate.
        I am not the one who is spot on.
        I only noticed this say, 5/6/7 years, after being told to look. We never look up. So I started to look up. Check these images.


        There are 10s of thousands of these. And people reading this for the first time will now only notice. 4 people who follow my blog and 2 off them I speak to on Skype only noticed this over the last few days. I know the difference between a contrail (Dissipates soon after the plane is away). Chemtrails hang about for hours. Mostly infront of the Sun I notice. You are right there is NO conspiracy here, just a question to “Why” and is this what is killing the bees. More to the point, whatever it is, it is coming down, and landing on Earth. After a bit of research I found out in these sprays was barium and aluminum salts, polymer fibers, thorium, or silicon carbide. It even has its own page!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemtrail_conspiracy_theory This deserves a blog of its own. As a LOT of people are emailing me and talking to me about it on Skype last few days.



  2. We aren’t on any flight paths (we get the occasional fighter plane doing fast, low manoeuvres in practice flights but that’s it) however last year there were barely any honeybees in the garden and this does concern me because they’re a key part of the ecosystem. I know it was very wet last year but it still doesn’t explain why so few honeybees. Interestingly, there was also no fruit last year – no apples, pears, cherries or damsons – this can also be partially attributed to the poor weather but is probably in no small part due to too few bees for pollination too. We are really in danger of messing up this planet for good and haven’t yet been smart enough to work out we have nowhere else to live!


    • Yeah there is a real danger we have went to far’ to the point of no return. In the end it might just be an act of nature we will never really understand. I have read 100s of guesses as to why 80% of bees are dead. Mine was just another guess. But they are dying off, at this rate will ge gone in 5 years. Then we all start starving to death. Governments have tried to breed, they just die. It takes people to research themselves to see it.


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  4. Kill the bees – kill the pollination – kill the food supplies…..Yes, every thing is a conspiracy to me and it all ties into biblical prophecy… 😉 We can’t trust anyone running our lives these days…


    • I try my best not to look at all the strange events, and I have blogged MANY in the last few weeks with Scripture or Prophecy. But when I speak to some (Not all) people who know more than I do about Prophecy and Scripture, the 7 seals, all that stuff. They are telling me, “These are the end times” As what is happening is relevant to the seals. Even the strange trumpet noises in the sky worldwide.

      It takes a HUGE leap of faith to look at world events and tie them in with Prophecy and Biblical scripture. But it is an easy one to do.
      Reason I do these blogs is to stimulate debate and see what others think.

      So thanks for your comments. Please keep them coming, debate is good.



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