post_1359843_1244616140_medSlight Edit: I am just a man refusing to grow up… 🙂

So where did this blog come from I am asking myself. And I really am, I have no idea why I am doing a blog on “Men” I guess it is to mock us. We are a strange beast us men, we can be many things









A good laugh (To laugh at)












Mr Perfect


There is a list of things men can be, and depending on who you are Girls, be you a Wife, Girlfriend, Daughter, Granddaughter, Girlfriend, whatever, you will have a meaning for “Men”

Me myself I look at myself as an “enigma” to even me. I confuse myself sometimes. I am more goofy than anything. I like to play practical jokes, but I have a feminine side to me, I can cry when I need to. When my Daughters were born I cried like a baby, I was “Emotional”, when a man once touched my wife in a bar, I punched him 10 feet in the air after a warning to behave himself. So I can be many things. I am just “Man” on this occasion I was “Anger” and “Protective”

I have faults, but who hasn’t, I am over protective over the Woman in my life, my partner, my daughters, my mum and my little sister. Anyone hurts them, I turn into “Anger” and I am not bragging here, please, no. I am just explaining “Man”

I can be “tender” and “loving” in many ways, I can be tender and loving with my partner. I can show “love” to my Daughters, two different kinds of love expressed in different ways, so the “ability” to show love is within me. I know “Men” who can’t do this. I don’t know why, they just can’t

I can be “funny”, examples is when I throw my Daughters in the air and catch them again, I can be fun with my partner also, you know the “Silly” way “Men” can be in “Love” But always in a “Respectful” way, always

Ask my partner and I guess she will say I can be “Annoying” I can’t see it, but there you go 🙂

I can only speak for “Shaun” here but “Men” can be many things, and the judge of this is you girls. You judge us in your ways, and I “Respect” this is many ways. I can’t judge myself. If I did I would “Silly” and make myself out to be “Mr Perfect” as many Woman know, lol

So this is a short blog on “Man” and all that comes with him, be him the greatest thing in your world, or as I read in some blogs, the worst. Whatever man is to you, is your way.

All I would say is, don’t try and understand us, just love us and feed us, then we are “Man”, this is my take on things. So let debate begin ladies. What is “Man” 🙂

Shaun lol

27 comments on “MEN

  1. Sorry….
    Can I just add here.
    This wasn’t or isn’t an “Anti Woman” blog
    Or a Pro-Man blog.

    It just my perception of “Man”
    We are fools. We never grow up.
    I may do one on Woman.
    I know if I do I am toying with my very existence as a “Man” if I do….

    Read the blog above.
    All about the fun and banterism’s 🙂



  2. Aww Shaun, at the age of 42 i have known a few Men in the sense of the word family members when growing up.. Then from a teen only 2 who were partners.. but most of the men who have past in my life where either ex’s friends or family friends of parents or the people on the internet..

    My uptake on the some of the men were emotional retards, and control freaks,and bullies,. the odd bit of cupboard love.. but the men i have met through friends and my parents have been the most kind, caring and considerate people i have ever met..

    I am a womans man.. in the fact i prefer to sit and talk to a man than a woman.. and i prefer to talk to the older man too, as in the History of their lives ect..

    the men i have as friends on internet one or two i have met in a social way (birthday party ) have become great friends to tweet with or even skype with and that’s the men who i consider friends whether seen or not. they show a kind caring side without meaning or needing anything in return,,. but that does not mean i have not experienced the great deal of perverts who befriend me get into my head as caring then ask you for pervy photos ect,,. they are what i call fake friends..

    on the whole there are some really caring genuine men out there who mean the world to me..


    • Good reply
      The blog was just about people like me “Men”
      There was no nasty in it of anything.
      But as someone else said, the same could be said for woman.
      Sometimes I befriend a Woman and after a while she thinks I want to see her “Bits” and starts sending me pictures. So it happens both ways. I had it happen to me a few times. I am just a man, temptation never comes into it.
      Letting the woman down gently can be horrible. Really. I hate it. Some woman just send a picture of their face, or the waist up, kinda clothed, and it is nice to the eye etc. But I am a Married man. First thing I say to any woman I speak to. I drop into the conversation I have kids and a woman I care for deeply. I did a blog for here below a few blogs.

      So yeah, I know where you are coming from. For me it is all Fun this blog. BUT!..Some men do hit woman, and there are some really nasty pervy bastards out there. I have never came across a pervy woman, just a woman wanting affection. Men can (Not all in these circumstances) be vile.

      Good post..
      One I think may start a bit of heat if it gets going, as opinions vary to what and why these things happen. lol

      Shaun x


      • yeah your right Shaun, woman can do it but i think it is for attention or affection that they are missing out on in their lives,, some men want both, cake and eat it, also if word gets out that a woman will put out then men will and do take advantage..


      • Read the blog I just did, the chat we had, and the blog “Men” got me thinking, so spawned this blog above. I hope you agree to it.

        Shaun x


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