Being Scottish..A blog made out of words from an American girl

11229414_1113159495367261_1905141197661179725_nIn autumn 2014 us Scot’s will be asked in a referendum whether Scotland should be independent. This is an exciting and historic opportunity for our nation. We can choose a different and better path.

The reason for being independent is a simple one. It is fundamentally better for all of us if decisions about Scotland’s future are taken by the people who care most about Scotland – that is by the people of Scotland. It is the people who live here who will do the best job of making our nation a fairer, greener and more successful place.

On these pages we provide information about what Scotland will look like on day one as an independent country, based on the Scottish Government’s proposals for an independent Scotland. You can find out how Scotland will become independent and how we can build from firm financial foundations, and also read about some of the benefits of being an independent country.

Below Edinburgh Caste, we want Yes

Below Edinburgh Caste demo, we want Yes


Above is a piece of scripture from the “Yes” camp in this referendum in 2014. And the push to make Scotland independent is strong. Every fibre of my being says “Yes” but if we were to become independent, could we end up like Northern Ireland? This is a really something we have to think about, as in Scotland we have many who want to be part of the Union or the Crown, whatever you want to call it. I call it Britain.

I don’t hate anyone English, never. But I hate being ruled by Westminster in London. Scotland has a brilliant source of our own money, fiscally we could stand on our own two feet, but this is not the only question and reason to vote yes. There are a thousand reasons we will have in 2014 when we vote. Many hate the first minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, but he can drive us there, then we can be lead by another?  This is my take on the argument

Many I speak to here have links to Scotland, going back many generations, my family started one half in Ireland and the other in Scotland, and so my family is awash with “Yes” people. The Irish side of my family were part of the Irish who left Ireland when England stole it, they came over, 10s of thousands of them, many to settle here in Scotland, they were welcomed by some, but not by all.

Even today there is a split so strong between the Irish Catholics and the Nationals. I can show you some pictures of this hatred, but this is not what this blog is about, or not what I want it to become, there is no hatred in this blog, and none there shall be, but hatred, that is all I see, I know the agenda, I know the poison, but there is no need for this, it is 2013, just Google this hatred and be prepared to be sick. Much of the hatred sadly comes through in Soccer (Football) here, between two clubs, Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers. The picture below is a Rangers fan urinating on a Catholic symbol, a Glasgow Celtic shirt, the hatred is in the West of Scotland, and I am 100 miles away in the East, so wasn’t brought up with it, but it came to my face over the last year, and I walked away from it. If you are born into hatred, to hate others, then it is all you know, you are in a “Hate Bubble” We call the west of Scotland (South only) A goldfish bowl, and I guess you have to be in it, to understand it. I seen it, and was part of it for a year, I couldn’t get away fast enough. So if it is a Yes vote, would this hatred spill over, would it get worse? This is the main question for me. I just don’t like hatred in any form or shape.

The first picture is from a Soccer game in Glasgow (The West) by a Unionist thinker to the Irish. But the reality is, there is hatred on both sides, the Irish side to tent to sing songs, songs about love and history and why the Irish came to Scotland, to the hatred of the Nationals.  This blog is going to the world, not Scotland. And it SHAMES me to show this below, this message was for the Scottish Irish to “Go Home”

This isn't sick, it is not human

This isn’t sick, it is not human

This is tame, I could show you worse

This is tame, I could show you worse



The Reality for the rest of us, we don't hate

The Reality for the rest of us, we don’t hate



Looking at these pictures of hatred,  I worry for my country will suffer the same and it is a worry for many, and a reason many may vote no. But again this isn’t the only reason, fiscal (Money) reasons are also deeply rooted in the vote. So below, I show you why I think we could stand on our own two feet, Scotland gives more to the UK than it gets back, the argument is also about Scotlands oil, who would get that? As a free country, with our own oil, we would be a rick country, but who knows where new borders would start and end

Who would own our Oil?

Who would own our Oil?


I could be here all day with pro and con arguments, and the politics of it all bores me to sleep. I just want a free Scotland. Not just for me, but for my ascenstors who shed blood, were killed and raped and worse in the name of “The Crown” Outlawed tunes on outlawed pipes they once said when the English banned the playing of bagpipes. Our national anthen played on bagpipes stirs something in us TRUE Scottish people

The lone piper

The same song with lyrics


Even our National anthem to this day talks and speaks about our fight against Proud Edwards army from England and how we “Sent them homewards to think again”

Being Scottish is not just about castles and bagpipes, no, it goes deeper than that, it penetrates our souls and stirs rebellious feelings, but we don’t fight with swords we fight with music and culture

I love being Scottish, knowing I have Irish roots, we share the same values the same treatment from the crown many generations ago. We need to let the hatred go and allow our Scottishness to come forward and allow the lone piper to play the tunes on his pipes. Our destiny is in our hands, but if do it through hate, like above, we will get nowhere, my worry is, no matter the outcome, religion will still come to the fore and ruin it all. For anyone offended by this, please do some of your own research on the Religious tensions in the West of my country. Both sides are involved. If you fight hatred with hatred, this makes you no better; it makes you the God Dawn Same! Many need to realise this. If I did a blog like this when I done Soccer Blogs I would have got HAMMERED for it, I may still. If I do, I am only showing you the truth, so if hatred enters this blog from either side of the divide, I am right, they are still wrong

So we leave all that to one side and just say “Can Scotland go it alone” I hope we can. I hope we do, but at what price and by who’s blood.

Leave hatred alone, this is Scotland from coast to coast from North to South, it wasn’t always, we fought for this freedom we have, we have a small fight left, let’s do it right


This I love

This I love


One reason I want to be free of the Crown

One reason I want to be free of the Crown

Maybe one day, maybe

Maybe one day, maybe

But we need to put this where it belongs, it is a SPORT! Not a breading ground for hatred, many outside Glasgow want this gone from Scotland

Celtic Vs Rangers

Celtic Vs Rangers



 Fàilte gu Alba


Just to add, I see Scotland as a Scotsman, nothing more, nothing less. I don’t hate, should any person want to be whatever they want to be, they have that right. Allowing opinions is something we need to learn in this country, and through education, we can make it. Scottish Parliament needs to do more, or all this is a waste, we only create more hate.





20 comments on “Being Scottish..A blog made out of words from an American girl

  1. Wow. Well, of COURSE I’m on your side but I’m an American and naturally understand. Who wouldn’t want freedom when you give more than you get? I wish Scotland freedom and many blessings. Good luck, my friend.


    • I wasn’t looking for people to be on my side 🙂
      But thank you a lot! lol

      I did this blog for a few reasons. 1. It is HIGH on the agenda here. 2, Most of my followers come from America and many tell me they have some Scottish Blood. Although they won’t get a vote in 2014, it was to probably show the REAL Scotland as opposed to the Bagpipes and Shortbread tin version you get on the news. We don’t wear kilts EVER. So just want to boot that frikkin Myth in the balls. (Do excuse me, lol)

      Thanks for the comment.

      Fàilte gu Alba


      • Stop! Stop! You are ruining my fantasies. I love the music of bagpipes and the idea of men in kilts! This girl loves men who show some leg 😉

        I’m Basque, by way of 2 generations in Cuba, and I can sympathize with your desire for independence!


      • No carry on with fantasies, lol
        And thank you!! I know a friend of mine is Spanish and is Basque and he is the same as you

        Thanks again
        Shaun x


      • Yeah, I’ve talked with you before and I’m one of them who told you my dad is Scottish. He’s the one who blames our temper ALL on the scottish part of his ancestry. lol You cleared up some myths for me STRAIGHT off. It was funny. Actually our ancestry is equally what dad calls “Scotch” Irish. Not sure why he blames his temper on the Scottish but he does although I read to him your message one night. He got a kick out of it.

        I know you weren’t asking for people to be on your side but it’s good for us to know what’s going on with our world… especially the part of the world we came from. We don’t see anything on the news about Scotland wanting their independence. I read about it first on your blog and then started looking up other articles. Maybe I live in a cave and just missed it? lol Entirely possible, Everyone knows the story of George Wallace, thanks to Braveheart. I think it struck a chord with me because of that story and knowing what a struggle you’ve ALREADY had, in the past with the “crown”. Maybe there are benefits to staying joined with England but I can sure understand the “want” for independence especially when you can sustain yourselves and you feel that you give more to England than you get from them. I’m looking forward to reading more about this.


      • That will be “William Wallace” lol. Betrayed by Robert the Bruce who helped the English capture the kill him in London “Frrrrreeedommmee” Robert the Bruce. But after Wallace died, Robert took it bad, got guilty and did what Wallace did. Kill the English.
        People in Scotland called George today are called “Doad” pronounced close to “Toad” But with a D. lol

        Back to the topic. It is good so many I speak to on many platforms here take an interest in their history and heritage. Scottish people are really a proud race. I hope you listened to the National Anthem. It could be called “Bigoted” as it tells how we sent “Proud Edwards army home to think again” and other such things. The lone piper I love. “Outlawed tunes on Outlawed pipes”

        Stirs my soul to these times. I am patriotic a Scotsman as you will find. I love our culture, food, history. And our ways, we laugh and sing rebelious songs. And this is born through Murder, Rape, Torture, and having the English steal all our shit. A long time ago, We do get on now! I have English friends. I just don’t want to be told how to live my English Parliament any more who sent my brothers in arms to war and spend all our money doing so.

        So enough. Let us be free. We can stand alone. I will vote yes, but I do worry we may turn into a Northern Ireland. There are many Robert the Bruce’s still around willing to spill blood in the name of “Britian”, not England. Many hang onto the “I want to be British” And fair play to them. If the vote is yes, this will cause issues, and issues I already went over because of the Irish/Scottish hatred, but as I say, not by all. I am Irish decent 4th generation. So I share the same History twice. The English fucked both my families historically!!

        But we must put the past where it is, in the past. It is in the song I put up by the Corries. Your Dad “should” know them and the song.

        And are Scottish people angry, you know, you got me thinking. Maybe ask an Englishman, he might tell you we are savages, lol. Really, we might be, how would I know, I live here. So good question.

        Anyway, as you can see, I can debate all day. We will see what happens in 2014, Alex Salmond (Scotland 1st Minister) A Robert The Bruce to me as he likes the English Westminster mob. (Sad I know)

        Thanks for that. And please, anything else? Ask. I did an Audio blog today, give it a listen, apart from my accent, you may hear anger 🙂 lol


        ps: Thank you!


      • OMG! Did I really say “George”???? Too funny. I must have had George on my mind. My brain really does know that it’s William Wallace. I promise.

        I love reading your views. I’m going to come back and sink all that you’ve just said into my brain when I get time today.

        Can I ask (and maybe this is REALLY stupid) but what’s the difference between when you say England or Britain or British or English?

        I did listen to the song on bagpipes once last night. I’ll give it a listen again.


      • Britain is MY country.
        In this country we have.
        Northern Ireland

        We are all one Country with a British Passport, but go it alone in Sport like Soccer, Rugby etc, but not the Olympics where we are Britain.
        Very complicated… lol


  2. Im from Northern Ireland and although I have had to deal with alot of what this subject about I dont actually hate anyone, its just not worth it x

    Thanks for sharing x
    PS your images are very tame considering what you could of used x


    • Yeah you know how vile it can be.
      I just see hatred and kids being brought up to hate.
      They don’t stand a chance and it is just a cycle that repeats. Will it end? Education and better parenting is needed.
      Being on the East Coast of Scotland (Not far from the border with England) I didn’t grow up knowing hate. But I didn’t grow up in the “Goldfish bowl” that is Glasgow. I hate nobody, I just see hatred. And as far as I can see, only the unloved hate. People who have never known REAL LOVE, They hate.
      My worry is, if Scotland goes independent, could it end up a hateful place, worse than the west is now? As some will want to remain part of the Union.
      Me? I am Scottish and want out of the British wars where we waste Millions of pounds that both you and i pay for. As you are in Northern Ireland, you pay tax on EVERYTHING from food to petrol to ciggies, everything. That tax we pay goes towards war and weapons. Not helping fix issues in our country.,

      That is my reasons.
      What would you vote out of interest..



      • Yeah I hit on that, young kids, don’t stand a chance. Yesterday some lad got shot dead in Ireland. No idea what side of the debate he was on. But all I see is people dying over what? God? Religion? Territory? I am lost with this sometimes.
        And I am glad you, like family and friends I have in Ireland don’t hate either.
        People make mistakes, is a life worth that mistake?
        I don’t think so..

        Shaun x


    • Yeah it looks like a no just now, but a year to go. Bannockburn is the anniversary of this vote, so Alex Salmond our first minister (Fool of a man) is trying to pluck heart strings.

      I won;t hold my breath. I just want out of this world war and the cost. We put more into the UK than we get back



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