This picture speaks 1,000 words. Kindness and Hate, War, all in one

5e5732ce-5acb-40d5-95c8-3846c3c29203-2060x1236Sometimes I blog, and I will talk about Hate. Sometimes, in fact, all the time, I blog about Individual acts of kindness, and I do so for a reason. If you care, read on, if not, look away now

When I talk of Hate, I mean on a Global scale, Nation against nation, the picture below is EXACTLY what I mean. These two countries will no doubt end up in War, the USA and Iran. But what we see in that picture are “Individual acts of kindness” No hatred, these two sportsman from the Olympics in London 2012 don’t want war. You will find most people of most countries don’t want war. And because of War, we get hatred. I see it in my country, for our reasons.  War is spreading in our world like wildfire, and over what? Oil? Money? Profiteering? In the name of God? Yeah to all that sadly

But look at this picture. The expression “A picture speaks a thousand words” is never as true here, USA and Iran, soon to be going to war. Why? 

Kindness on a GLOBAL scale, we don't see this much do we?

Kindness on a GLOBAL scale, we don’t see this much do we?

The title says “kindness and hate all in one” And when I do blog about hate, it is on a global scale I mean, we only see kindness like this picture above. The hate is not in this picture. But these below show hatred, in our world, the world in many quarters has turned against the US and her Allies, and can we blame them? We stomp (I am from the UK) around the world in the name of freedom, and a freedom we don’t give to our own people. The people of my Country hate our Government for going to Iraq, I can’t speak for any other. We went to Iraq on a lie, what lie will we go into Iran and cause WWIII? It is close, Syria, Russia, North Korea and China are all preparing for war. Is there anything I can do? No, I can only show love and pray I am wrong, that TV land is wrong, watching the American news scares me to death! lol I don’t know how you guys cope!



I don't have to explain this to anyone, only should it be blood or oil or both?

I don’t have to explain this to anyone, only should it be blood or oil or both?

May I add there is NOTHING I can do about this hatred, I just hate it and don’t get it, and I hope you do to, I am part of this “We hate Terrorism” culture, I helped vote the idiots in! made up to enter war.  Dead PM Robin Cook, Foreign secretary who died after saying this below, was he right? Were we all conned into a mythical terror? Could it be?

Robin Cook, now dead, for not wanting the USA her Allies to go to Iraq, I was friends with his son

Robin Cook, now dead, for not wanting the USA her Allies to go to Iraq and speaking the truth, I was friends with his son

Sorry if this blog strayed of the reasons I blogged it, but there is Hate and Love in our world. We just need to realise it and not shy away from it. All the “Pretending” it isn’t there isn’t going to do anyone any good, and I am not aiming this at any country, person, or people. I blog HARD on Love and Hate. This is me doing it again. Nothing more, nothing less

BUT!! I have a partner, 4 kids and a family and friends, like all you reading this, I will love them, smile, be happy, laugh, share on here, do what I do, and pray that someone somewhere can see that War and hatred and stirring hatred between countries and people and groups of people IS NOT THE WAY, we have choice. As the people of this world we can stand by and say “Ahh not my problem” or we can act on our GOD GIVEN  RIGHT AND SAY NO. In the USA The second Amendment is clear. If the people think the Government is not worthy or is telling lies and doing wrong to its own people, they can act, sadly it may be to late, as Obama wants YOUR gun

In the UK we don’t have Guns, but we have a voice, and we use it, we demonstrate, and we change things, or we try. We tried to stop Blair following Bush into Iraq, but he went anyway, Tony Blair will go down as the biggest coward Prime Minister of all time, and Robin Cook above, was he right? Did the USA and the UK make up Al-Qaeda? The USA did arm someone when Russia invaded Afghanistan. And help Osama Bin Laden, the UK armed Libya to the teeth for some Oil and let bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi go home, then struck an Oil deal weeks later with Libya

WHAT A FUCKED UP WORLD WE LIVE IN EH…….. I look for God, but people make it hard, maybe I make it hard, maybe I look too hard, but I don’t do hate, love always

In the meantime, love those close. If you don’t want to worry about these things in our world. then don’t read them, if you care about our world, then become a voice

Love, Peace and Light

We STILL love, live, share, care and hope!

We STILL love, live, share, care and hope!

To sum up, does me hating hate, make me a hater? We have to turn the coin round sometimes and see the other side. Maybe hatred of hate is too strong, a strong dislike perhaps 🙂


5 comments on “This picture speaks 1,000 words. Kindness and Hate, War, all in one

    • Thank you…

      We have voices, we all should use them.
      If and when. Before it IS to late..

      Shaun x


  1. Is it hatred or just people being badly guided by the few. The few who misinterpret the teachings of their religious beliefs. Those who can’t think for themselves and follow like sheep, brainwashed by a misguided ideal. Psychopaths so unstable that people fear the power that they wield and the retribution they take if you do not follow, hiding behind laws that we all so slavishly think are just when they aren’t. It would only take a few to lay down their arms and remove the loonies from power, thereby bringing peace.
    But as we all know it will never happen. Lets take these dictators, put them in a locked room together and let them fight each other.


    • I could not agree more buddy, we outnumber them 99% to 1% (Or there about’s) If we the people REALLY decided “Feck this” And said no more Greed and War for the Rothchilds and Halliburton to make money from (And more) Then maybe we could. The Americans better hurry up though, they getting their guns choried soon from the Government who are just re-writing each amendment to suit. Sadly, when America sneezes, the UK gets a cold. We are in their pocket and shadow.

      Good Post Patrick
      Common sense ain’t hard, lol



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