*AUDIO/VISUAL BLOG* On Religion. Please watch.


**EDIT**I needed to give this a quick edit for a fairly good reason. I need to reaffirm what I was saying in the Audio a bit more. When it comes to Religion and God, if 10 is all knowing, and 1 is not knowing at all, I about 3, and I am being generous. For anyone that watched this Storyboard Audio, I talked mainly about my own Country and what I have seen. Scotland is a great City, but like many, we have an issue, who doesn’t. Listening over again myself and speaking to some friends from all over who listened to this, they realise this was just me speaking out loud about something I desire to know more about. I said many times in the blog “If I am wrong, comment, tell me, be honest” I have not even opened the door to enlightenment, or to even walk the path, in the grand scheme of things. I believe in God in a personal way for me. I am WELL AWARE this won’t get me into heaven as told by religions people who know better than I, or are more educated than I. The problems in my country do centre around two Soccer clubs as I said. I also said in the Video Catholics “Seem” to get a raw deal in Scotland and I spoke about the Polish Goalkeeper and what he went through. In my eyes, that is just hatred, from people who CLAIM to go to church, and this is where my confusion comes from in part. The season before last the Celtic Manager, Catholic team were discriminated against badly on many fronts, the manager of the team Neil Lennon was attacked by a supported inside a ground, IN MY CITY!!


What you see is a wee ginger haired man who had been attacked with a punch, by our media and from all sides. Listen to what he says. The Celtic fans stood by him, without anger or a return of any of the same to the opposite half. The statement on the banner “We are all Neil Lennon” means “All Catholics are Neil Lennon”  They identified with his struggle to be unable to do his job. So they identified with him. People die in the West of Scotland in the name of this. Many I speak to from all over the world can’t believe this happens, I showed them some kinks, they believed me, google away if you must, please

The blog below, without the above involved was just me talking, my views, my ignorance perhaps, but I said so MANY times. Something I won’t do is “DENY IGNORANCE” I could not do this. I was and still am ignorant to God, Jesus and religion due to lack of education. Something I am trying so hard to fix. This is why I did the blog. It is an Audio blog, for those that did not want to listen to me mumble on for 40 minutes, I am typing, so you can get a feel for how I feel about it looking back. I have good friends and family, and they spoke to me about this Audio Storyboard I did below. Some said “This is your opinions, big deal” one or two said it was “Misguided” some said it was good, they could relate. Can I just say, if you REALLY listen, I never once said I was Guided, lol. This was not me preaching to anyone, this was MY TAKE ON HATE. And a lot of it through religion, through sport, why? Because it is all I know. It is what I was born into, and what I seen. As for my thoughts on Jesus being a “Ghandi” type figure, AGAIN, and I said it in the Audio, it is what I think. How can someone who has never grasped any of this have an opinion that is going to fit with general thinking or the bible? Answer, I can’t. So, me saying what I did, I stand by. But I don’t want people to get upset, I don’t know. I am guessing, but an educated guess, I am giving my interpretation to something I am told about, have read about, but only in small amounts. The last thing I would want to do is upset anyone. But I guess with all the Wars over God, people are already upset. Why? I don’t know. Maybe a religious person can explain that one? Why does 93% of the world believes in God, yet we have Wars all over. Name a country not in War, at War on in Civil war of some form and you will struggle. This was for people who listened, or may listen. So before you listen, please try and understand by Ignorance, but please understand I am not denying my ignorance.

If I am the worst man on Earth for doing this blog, then I am right, the world is wrong and something is wrong with it. Hate, War, Greed, Evil is there for all to see, and this was and is what confuses me. So instead of listening and not replying, or saying something to yourself and not to the blog, PLEASE!!! Comment, give me your understanding, your viewpoint. Because that is all it will be, like mine, no living man, woman or child can say 100% I am right or wrong. Faith can make a person say something, I know this. Logic “I love this word” is something I think many miss out on with religion, not all. Look at the Middle East. The birth place of religion, it is war torn. The place where Jesus was born has bombings and terrorists. All I am saying is, I don’t understand this. I only did this edit after listening back to it myself. I stand by all I say. And please, understand what my country is like, people die in the West of Scotland in the name of God, and I can’t get my thinking around that. Thanks, Shaun 🙂


I have blogged about God, Jesus and Religion for a while now. I thought I would do an Audio blog. As I talk I put pictures up about things in my country you may not be aware off. Kind of like a story board as I talk. I am serious as I can be here. I mean no disrespect. As I journey for God and Religion, I done this blog, hoping to stimulate debate. I ask you PLEASE listen. it is 40 minutes, but if you love God, you may enjoy the  the Audio and my debate.

Please let me know if you listened, and please, again, I mean no disrespect, I only ask questions and fill in some blanks of my own. It is long as I say, but I really hope people listen, and debate,  teach me, let me know better if I am wrong. School me. I would appreciate feedback.

This man has helped me so much, http://bishoptatro.wordpress.com/  The Heart of Rev. Eddie Tatro I mention him in he video. This video tells a story of my religious path, as well as the one in my country. May I add, my good friend Eddie is a brilliant man, and I hope he can help me make sense of what confuses me. Hate and God in the same sentence? I get lost in translation

I mean no disrespect to anyone, any religion, any country, even my own. I just search. So if there are religious people out there who like to help people understand, please, step forward, if you can, if you have the time, if you have the knowledge. I speak to man religious people, and the messages are always mixed from one to another, sometimes the same religion.

Respect, love and peace.


12 comments on “*AUDIO/VISUAL BLOG* On Religion. Please watch.

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your Father.
    But it sounded as if he fought long and well.
    A family member had Cancer he was a kid (Still is) Seeing the young kids, babies with Cancer is gut wrenching.
    The Dr’s and Nurses who work there, for me are Saints. They should be the one’s earnin Millions of $/£ a year, not Sport’s stars.

    Thank you for the link and for sharing.

    Shaun x


  2. Shaun, I listened to this audio post the other day. I started a long comment and then had a crisis that I had to deal with so I abandoned my train of thought and haven’t been on WP since. Whew. What a week. Anyway, yours was the first post that I wanted to address when I turned back on my laptop tonight. Sorry it’s taken me so long but trust me, I haven’t had a spare second. Remember our talk about what we’d do if boys showed up at our door for our daughters? And how I said that in America, we just sit here and clean our guns? Yeah, I had that opportunity these last few days. I’ll have to tell you about it some other time… lets just say that the world was ALMOST less one VERY scared 18 year old boy who’s been sneaking around my house. lol He won’t be sneaking around here anymore 🙂 lol

    Religion… For the life of me, I can’t figure out what anyone could fault this post for? I think you were just stating your thoughts and letting us all know what goes on in your part of the world. I feel a lot more educated on what happens and it AMAZES me how deadly religion is where you live! That, my friend, is NOT how God intended it. Killing in the name of God? I’d hate to be any one of these people when they get up to meet God face to face. God is LOVE. He’s the only one who has the right to judge and punish in His name..

    I think, and this is just my humble opinion, we’ll all find out that God is the same for you and for me and all different religions. His name might be different but he’s the same God. I am a Christian and believe that Jesus is the son of God. I believe that maybe, we’ll all find out that God and Jesus presented themselves to different parts of the world using different names and different faces. Does that make sense? I try not to think about it too much because I really just get more confused. The important thing for ME to remember is that I need to take care of my neighbor and love the way God shows me love. I try to live by the golden rule and only worry about me and my family, as far as religion goes. The one thing I DO try to tell people is that if they don’t believe in God, that’s THEIR choice. For me though, it would be a very lonely world if I thought there wasn’t someone bigger (God) who loved me even when I’m unlovable. It would feel hopeless if there wasn’t
    a heaven to look forward to seeing my loved ones, especially my brother.

    Shaun, I could go on and on but I’m so tired right now. I just wanted you to know that I really HAVE been thinking about this and I’m happy that you can share with us your thoughts on religion. I’m sorry that ALL of you don’t feel that you can share opinions the way we can in America. What a scary world! That’s not what God wants us to do (fight and kill in his name). I watched the video of the soccer rivalry between the Catholics and Protestants. Wow.


    • I am glad that 18 year old is ok 🙂

      And again, thank you for such and honest, open, caring reply. The rivalry I talk about is real. Some deny it here, and I don’t know why. Maybe when you are “In that bubble” of hatred you don’t see it? But this is only a tiny part of Scotland, and the rest see the hatred. I don’t want this to put you off Scotland, lol. It is just a loud minority in one area of Scotland. But people die in the name of God. It is true. There is a Documentary on TV, in-fact there are many “Celtic V Rangers Hatred” Have a look on You Tube.

      Thanks again for your reply.
      I value your opinion a lot.

      Shaun x


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