The Family Group and how it’s changed

In the end we have choices to make wherever we go.... lol

In the end we have choices to make wherever we go…. lol

There was once a time family and getting together were the order of the week, now not so much. I speak with many friends and they tell the same story, a story about how family doesn’t talk as much as it did in the past. I have no idea if this is just a Scottish thing or a global thing or just parts of the world.

But here in Scotland, the “Family” has gone. We all still speak on social network etc, but visiting and being together with Aunt’s, cousins etc seems to have gone. I remember as a kid the entire family, every Saturday would go to Grandma’s and stay for the day, brilliant memories for me

But speaking to some family lately also, it seems this has gone. I don’t know if it is because all my four grandparents have left us, but we only see each other at wedding or funerals

Is this something people from other parts of the world can associate with and understand? I would be interested to know. Maybe it is just growing up? Getting old? In my house I have two older sons and when they are both here with their partners it is brilliant, I love it. My sons still live at home, but I am a family man, I love all my family and miss just being with them deeply

It may just be me and my circle of friends. It would be interesting to know if anyone feels and sees this. Don’t get me wrong, when REALLY needed family are there, but getting together once a week, a fortnight, has gone, and I only blog this after speaking about it with a few friends and family members

Maybe I miss childhood and Grandma’s home cooking? My father lives 300 miles away, so for me, family togetherness has gone, and again I did this after speaking to family and friends.

The song below, I love, as it is about never ending love and missing things. I hope people can understand this blog and what I mean, I have my own home, and my own family now, and I love this, but I miss these times. That is all

Thank you



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23 comments on “The Family Group and how it’s changed

  1. This is pretty much something I see all around me. My family gets together every Sunday with my Mom. My grandparents are no longer alive and my mom is my children’s only living grandparent. We try to make sure that we see my Mom every week. I have memories with my grandparents and visiting them, spending the day with them, singing, eating, laughing, gardening and dancing. I want the girls to have those special memories as well.


    • Well done you, with
      “I want the girls to have those special memories as well.”
      I worked with kids a lot last 15 years, and seen some AWFUL parents, the fact you think that way is cool, shows you care. I like that. Also good you still get to have that day.
      I visit Family, Mum, Brothers etc, and there is like 12/15 of us all together, but its the “Whole Family” I mean, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. Just isn’t there any more. I am glad you still get you have a weekly visit and its so important for kids to have this memory. Big problem for me is My Father is 300 miles away on a Scottish Island, my partners parents are in Cyprus (Near Iraq in the Mediterranean sea) My Mum is close as her and my Dad are not together. So we get that, I just miss my funny uncles..
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.



  2. My parents just left back to New Jersey (and I just googled this, 1500 miles away). So this is timely. My brother lives 1700 miles away, and 280 miles from my parents. I am unusual for my family in how far from home I moved (lived in many places, now Texas). But not unusual for the United States. Interesting to see this is happening in other countries, I thought it might be more common here. I grew up seeing extended family more often, although not every week. Now I see my parents 3-4 times a year and if I am lucky I see my brother and his new wife twice (they are both psychiatrists and time off is scarce. I do want to move back closer to home. Having t fly to see family is just no good. My husband’s mother lives about 2 hours away, but his father is again, over 1,000 miles and his brother is about 1,000 in another direction. It is terrible. Some parts of the United States are less prone to this. I lived in the midwest for 8 years and most families stayed close to each other and saw each other often there. But the East and West Coasts here leave families quite scattered. Where I am in TX we get some of both. I have learned to find family where I go, but I would still like to see my own family more.


    • Good comment.
      AND WOW THAT IS SOME MILES APART !! I forget how large your country is sometimes..Coast (East to West) here is about 130 miles, tops. So it is a VERY small county
      Good you see your Mum and Dad through the distance. But yeah, like I said to others, I did not expect this response.
      Changed days from when I was a kid..

      Thanks for dropping in to comment.


  3. I know how it feels, but my family never had too much togetherness, But when we did get together it was fun. now I see my sister and her kids mostly on holidays and birthdays, though we try to see each other a little more than that.


      • Sometimes age, growing up, being more mature, helps. It did with my brother and I. We are close now. Never used to be. But he is way out of my City. So a treck (well not as big as some of the drives you guys in the states do lol)..So its a pain, but he is close enough. We speak more on the phone. He is lazy never visits 🙂 Always invites to


  4. It is so true that these days families no longer make the effort to get together like they used to. I suppose more families live further and further apart these days making it less possible for get togethers, except for those rare family does like weddings etc. Luckily most of my family live within reasonable travelling distance except my sis in bonny Scotland but that still does not make us get together very often. I know my parents philosophy was once you flew the coop they would not interfere, so that sort of adds to the separation. I think we make excuses these days also not to travel to see relatives. Work commitments, holidays, cost of travel, etc. Technology also has a lot to do with it. We get very lazy. Why travel when you can pick up the phone, video chat, email and the like. You don’t need to be there these days to experience others lives. Photos and videos can be instantly shared so you get the feeling of belonging, without actually being a part of it. As a society we are becoming dysfunctional. People would rather stare at their mobile than engage in conversation. A sad state of affairs but that’s the way things are going. We wouldn’t know what to do if technology suddenly disappeared overnight. ‘Talk? what’s that then?’ would be the cry.


    • Great answer.
      People staring at a phone, Patrick, Nail-Head-Hit. Mobile phones are good, you can check on your kids, have instant debate with someone with any news. These have taken away the Human element of “Discussion” On here we discuss, but we discuss with font. It is great fun, and it is great debate, but I still love the spoken language. You will know this mate, I am at you all the time for a Skype chat. I like to hear a voice.

      Society is knackered and broken, I agree. And you have given similar and more reasons to the great question “What happened to family” And you make tons of great points.
      Thanks for dropping in to comment mate


  5. I can relate. I think it just takes one person (maybe you) to bring the family back together. It might be good to make new traditions so there is a reason to see each other if individual initiative does not work. This worked for us!


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