images (1)A huge big thank you to  willowdot21 @  for this award. All awards I appreciate, this one I really like. So thank you again. They mentioned we met only recently, but I think we can both relate to things we both speak or blog about. Great blog, so PLEASE, everyone go check out the blog!!


 1. As usual a big thank you and a link back to the person who nominated you.

2. Mention 5 things you would like to do with your life, no matter how mad or tame.

3. Nominate six bloggers and say why they have left their mark on you. Hence the name “The Thank You Award”

4. let them know.


Five things I would like to do with my life, no matter how mad or tame

1. Go into Space  “Although I need to get over my fear of flying :-)”

2. Have one sensual night with Kylie Minogue, just one night

3. End all world wars and cure all illness’s on the planet (I am a dreamer me)

4. Spend a year in Cairo and study ancient Egypt

5. Build a time machine and go back and forward in time.

I now Nominate 6 bloggers who I say “Thank you” to, as the award is to say thank you. And I will give reasons, not all are for particular blogs, just “Thank You”

1. The Heart of Rev. Eddie Tatro @  –   A man who has shown compassion and helped me personally. I thank him, a great man.

2.  From the Fog  @ –   A person I can identify with and understand every word he types. His blogs help me. Again. Thank you.

3.  Thoughts of yaussiechick –  – A Woman who also taught me a thing or two, and has helped make my experience here a good one from day one. Ta x

4. ramanda429 @ – Another person. who more or less from day one showed she has a Heart, and she is a wee cracker (Scottish saying) Thank you.

5. PERSPECTIVES @ – This lad I have gave a few awards to, his courage and understanding have helped me more than he knows. Thank you mate.

6. Family Survival Protocol – – My first port of call for alternative news (What its called these days) but real news. A brilliant woman. Thanks x

7. And That’s All She Wrote! – – I added a 7th, I was thinking, then just did. This person has shown me nothing but care and understanding. And we share stories about various things. She also taught me a good lesson once.  I had to have this blogger in the list

PLEASE VISIT ALL THESE PEOPLE !! And sorry for adding a 7th!! I had to…

I could have named several more. But I could only pick 6 to say “Thank you” to, but I added one more, I had to. This is the rule of the award. And a good award to have. For someone to thank you for something, or to know you are making someone smile (I am talking about willowdot21 here) and laugh, through issues in their life, is a great thing.

To everyone I know on Word press, “YES YOU, IF YOU ARE READING THIS” – Thank you for making my Word press Family a good one. I try to be honest and caring and be “Shaun” and from friends and family who read this, they tell me I am being me, so I thank them also for assuring me I am not selling myself short. I thank you all for the 23 awards I have got in the short 3 months I have blogged here. I have had this blog page 6 months, but the first 3 months or so I did 3/4/5 blogs a month. Only the last 3, I have done 40/50 blogs a month.

So thank you all, for listening to my inend drivel, and (I hope) realising I am being as honest and caring and helpful a person can be, I come here as me, and speak like me. When I am not here, I am just Shaun, Dad, Husband, Brother, Uncle and more and I live the way I write. Truthfully, with passion and with love and I do care, deeply about many things.

My only hatred is hatred itself. It is an emotion I can’t understand. Why people go out of their way to hate. I have seen it all my life in various forms to various people.

Anyway, thanks again for the award. Well done the 7 people above, and the person who nominated me. I have not have known them long here, but I feel like I have known them longer 🙂



29 comments on “THE THANK YOU AWARD

  1. That’s so interesting. Once of these days we will take a vacation and that is where we will go I’m sure Tommy would love it as much as I would. I’ve never been to another country.


    • He would love it honest. And I am the same. But I have a fear of flying, have done since I can remember. lol. 😛


      • i have never flown before. I have only traveled in four other states and they all surround Missouri.


      • Are you afraid to fly, or has it just not happened?
        I had this fear since I was around 8. lol


      • um I think I am afraid because I am a big chicken and new things scare me, but it also has not happened, never needed to fly for any reason. No vacations, no travelling or anything growing up. How come you fear it?


      • I was 8 year old, and we were almost ready to leave for Cairo, Egypt. As at a young age I wanted to see the Giza Plateau and the great pyramid etc.
        Day of the flight, I lost it. At 8 years old. Looking back my Dad should have bundled me on the flight. But I remember the terror still. And never got over it. My partner was a model and travelled all over western Europe, London, Paris a lot (Short Flights) and never once went. Besides watch grown wealthy men drool over Miss Shaun, I don’t think was my thing, lol…I just have a fear, won’t get rid of it now I don’t lol


  2. Yeah your dad should have tried to comfort you and maybe distract you from the fear. That’s cool that Miss Shaun was a model bet all that traveling was fun for her,but I can see how it wouldn’t be for you. Yeah watching other men drool over your partner probably not any fun .


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