Most Influential Blogger Award


Thank you to Ajaytao 2010 @ for this award. He is a person who inspires me  a lot, and our small debates often lead me to knowing something I did not before. His blogs are creative and inspirational to many, he is very popular for a reason. He said to me once “We are all equal” and I know what he means. But I will just say this, sometimes people can inspire and teach more than others, so they deserve more praise. I don’t like flattery, since I came here I changed flattery to inspiring people. If you don’t already follow Ajaytao’s blog, please do. He is a special blogger and a wonderful person (And I know he will hate me saying this) 🙂 But it is true


There are no rules here. You must choose any amount of blogs to nominate as you wish. I checked and yes, no rules. So I will just go and nominate a few blogs from people in my short time here who have inspired me to keep blogging or been there when I needed a kind word. So that is what I will do. THIS IS A BIG AWARD TO GET!! And I am humbled

I now nominate:   (Envelope please) 

1.  PERSPECTIVES @ – A person who inspires me a lot. He has his issues like us all, he deals wit them well. Great guy

2.  Bishop Eddie Tatro’s Pulpit @ – A man who teaches, but does not preach. A great friend also

3. willowdot21 @ – New (Kinda) to me here, but the short time we have spoken, has made me laugh and cry. Great person

4. And That’s All She Wrote! @ – A woman, from the USA who I share a life story with. Amazing woman.

5. ramanda429 @ – A young woman with a young family, she inspires me with her will and her way of dealing with life

6. knocked over by a feather @ – Honest and fun, makes me laugh like no other. Blogs well and has fun through pain.

7. From the Fog @ – Like me he is in pain, but is a fighter and inspires me so much!! This was easy to nominate

These 7 people I have got to know a little more over time. The way they write is amazing, but also the way they are as people inspires me. With a few of them, the way they have dealt with life in adversity amazes me. They are strong, they just get on with it, and STILL have time to give others a kind word. The story I share with one is as unreal as a Hollywood movie, she is an inspiration in many ways. One is dealing with a family issue and dealing well and sharing his story with us all, very inspirational. Another is a young woman with a young family, brilliant writer and dealing with things well, she also has time to have a kind word. One man here is teaching me about God, but at my pace and does not preach or go to fast, and he does so while dealing with his issues, and gives free time to people even though sometimes he can’t. That is inspiration!

I could have nominated 100 people here, but I picked these 7 people. I award many when I receive an award.  Today I award these 6 amazing people. I hope they accept this award.


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