Others pain Vs My Pain

imagesI suffer pain 24/7 like MANY on here, and it is not nice. People who don’t suffer pain, you can describe the pain to them, and the best I can is “All over toothache” in my body

In a world where brain diseases or illness’s are on the up, and chronic pains and cancer rates sour, we must ask the question, what is causing this?

I read an article in the mid 1990’s stating that Mobile Phone use would heat up the blood between our skulls’s and brain causing many to have brain illness and pain etc. We all know what kinds of illness I am meaning, I have lost two friends to brain illness.

I have lost too many to count to Cancer and know many who suffer some sort of pain. Breathing illness’s are on the up also, my own Mother suffers from one. My Aunt is dying from a breathing condition also.

I lost a dear friend last week to Cancer and the Funeral is on Friday in Falkirk in Scotland. I am not looking forward to it, as we don’t ever look forward to funerals. This is my best friend’s wife; I got on with her, now she is gone. My Uncle died of Cancer late last year also.

So all the above has happened, and much more in the last few years, and here I am blogging about bad pain

Am I wrong? It affects my life, my partner’s life, my two son’s lives and the makeup of my house has changed due to my disability, all the adoptions in the house are there on show, the main room, the main bathroom and my room, I sleep in a Hospital bed, when I sleep

The point of this blog is, with people dying or suffering worse than I do, I often get guilty about posting about my pain, my story, how it affect me. I get real guilt when I read that someone is dying or has died.

I would like to hear people’s HONEST thoughts on how I feel about my guilt. Please! Should I just shut up and get on with it, as people really are worse than me in many cases. Do I keep sharing or leave it be and help others?

This is something I have been wanted to blog for many, MANY a day. I hope people read this correct and understand where my guilt comes from. People are dying, I am not

Shaun x

60 comments on “Others pain Vs My Pain

  1. There will always be people in the world who are worse off than we are…that doesn’t diminish what we have to deal with on a daily basis. When I’m feeling bad, I try to make myself feel better by reminding myself that there are others who are suffering more than I am…kind of makes me feel guilty that I’m trying to make myself feel better at someone else’s expense…but that’s not really how it is. It’s more my way of telling myself that things aren’t as dark as they could be, that I can make it thru the pain today and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

    I’m not sure if you were trying to convey the possibility that a lot of the illnesses and diseases we (and our loved ones) are experiencing are due to environmental causes, unnatural additives and preservatives added to our food. But I truly believe that is at the root of much of our suffering…we’re breathing polluted air, eating contaminated food, living in a world that we’ve poisoned…and now we’re paying for it with our health. That doesn’t do anything to make us feel better, but it might give us a place to start.


    • The first to comment on this. All I was suggesting is a LOT of people are getting ill, sick and sore, and the rate is staggering at all ages, Just me personally, I know MANY people with the illness’s I talked about. Brain Illness has to be the worst, I know 20 at least. I lost a mate to an illness end of last year. Are mobile phones to blame Google “1990’s warning on Mobile phones to health” I remember it at the time.

      I know the guilt your speak about, and how we try and say “Could be worse” but I don;t know about you, but constant pain and medication isn’t doing me the world of good.

      Good reply


  2. I too struggle with just this feeling from time to time. I sat in a meeting to discuss special education services for a student with muscular dystrophy last week, he had just started his decline. All of us around the table were just sobbered by the journey this young man is about to embark on, and it really shook me up because I realized with all my pain, I was not dying. Moments like that help me appreciate what I do have. But a lot of the time, what I don’t have just crowds in around me, all the loss that I live with daily. And then there is the exhaustion and the pain and it really is hard to deal with. You have had a lot of comments on this one, so I think so very many of us have and do struggle with just this issue.


    • Yeah in our own ways, we do. that much is apparent. That story was, touching to say the least. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes I can look at a person worse off. but in NO PAIN, Like my mate, from the west of my area, he has half his left leg gone from a working injury, who is worse, him or I? He says me, as he is in no pain. I say him as it tale away some ability. Gary is a smashing lad. He taught me “Just keep on keeping on” and I do try.
      Thanks for sharing your story. Means a lot



  3. Pain isn’t a competition. I used to do a lot of that, comparing my pain to others, but I realized the futility of it a little less than a year ago. Wallowing in self pity isn’t good, but writing out how you feel is very therapeutic I think.
    I have a friend with RSD, or CRPS as is’s now called. She probably doesn’t complain enough, but she has described it to me as having your blood replaced with gasoline and lighting a match. She used to go to the support sights, but she doesn’t anymore because most people with her condition are medicated to the gills and have largely given up on living. They just sit in bed all day, allowing their body to atrophy and their condition to get worse. My friend refuses to live that way, but there are days when she has a flare up and she struggles. As long as you’re still living, really living, it’s not complaining it’s just venting.
    As for the cause of the rise of these kinds of issues. My friend and I think it’s a two-fold issue. I don’t know where you live or if the issues are the same, but at least in America these are the problems my friend and I believe are the culprits. The first being the food, my friend doesn’t take any medications and has learned how to control her pain through diet. Is it fool proof? No, she is constantly learning more about how to make it work, but it is working. We simply eats real food, not the boxed crap filled with preservatives and sugar. She pays attention to her body and listens when it tells her what it needs. The other is the medications. We live in a pill popping society and it’s quite frankly dangerous. The side effects are often worse than the original problem. The other dangerous part is that we’re giving medications to younger and younger children… It’s bad.
    Uh, well that ended up being a lot longer than I meant it to be… Oh well, I hope I didn’t come off too preachy or anything. My sympathies for your losses.


    • Please, no sympathies. This isn’t what my blog page or this blog was about. If you read many of the replies, most do suffer this “Guilt” in their own way. Some just express is, some don’t. Some loved the blog as it opened a door to debate that maybe had not been had before. This blog taught me , we all do carry this guilt in some way. even if just a little. Some are REALLY bad and don’t complain. Some are ok, ish and do. You can’t point score or make pain a competition.
      We all walk out own path.

      I started this blog page to reach out and help other people. And also hoped that people reached back.
      Thank YOU for reaching back also. This is all I wanted. To stir debate.
      Competition and pissing contest’s to me, are for other forums and sites, never here. As the VASY majority of the people I follow, or am followed by suffer in some way. Some of my blogs are pictorial, some Video of comedians. I try and NOT just blog pain.
      As the more you think pain, the more pain comes.

      My story is a bad one. All over toothache. But I am not complaining. Last thing I want to do. I just smile, laugh and move on, like your friends I guess.

      Thank you for that, really, truly



  4. Pain and suffering are subjective. There is always someone else out there worse off than you ( the collective you me included) Pain is no observer off rank or how much you have in the bank. It can be physical, or mental but either way it is REAL. When you are in pain or suffering from some mental trauma or affliction it is REAL.
    Shaun keep blogging you know your pain is REAL : help people by showing them that if your pain is REAL their pain is REAL. Big hugs keep blogging.xxxx


    • Yeah that message came home strong!
      I did not know so many took this same guilt.
      Crazy it is. And this is a tiny % of people.
      The fact people take a second here to answer, and be nice and give a shit…

      Amazes me..
      You come into that bracket.
      So thank you all..

      Just in the middle of a fun blog here..
      Laughing to hard to do it, but getting there 🙂



  5. I believe that sharing your pain and experience with your condition is not only helpful to you but others as well. Even as you lose others or deal with others’ sicknesses in your life, that doesn’t diminish the fact that your pain is real. Should you focus on it every day? No, certainly, you should find the positive aspects of each day and celebrate them. Your journey isn’t an easy one though, and holding it inside will help no one.


    • Yeah I know x
      I really had no idea the guilt, so many carried. This is what this blog was about “Am I alone” And it seems not.

      Thanks for your words, Means a lot, truly


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