How people perceive, and getting our message across to others

communication-and-interpersonal-skills-24-638Something that has been on my mind all day, so I am bored, so here I am blogging it

The title explains what I am about to say, but not until you have fully read it will you know what I am talking about. I am not one to care what others think of me, never have, never will, if I was that type of person, I probably would not be blogging this or any blog about any subject outside football

I have a few friends who give me a hard time doing this blog, they joke about it, but deep down I know they are really thinking “He is off his head” That is cool, because there are thing they do I don’t understand, I just don’t judge them, but it is all in fun

I started blogging Soccer, so people seen me blogging a year ago, when I started blogging about me and my world and how I perceive it, I did so on the QT, I didn’t really tell many Family or Friends. Many reasons, one, they might not care and two; I didn’t think it had anything to do with them. Recently I blog the odd thing I write onto Facebook, and it get’s like one comment and 2 likes, lol

With blogging it is all about whom you are blogging to and what you are blogging about. For me, as I have said, this has been a wonderful experience for me so far. What people think, I don’t care, as I say, I have many family members and friends, and many of them do things that would make me want to cry out of boredom, you get the picture

So I ask you, are you self conscious of what others think of you blogging? Do you hide it from your life? I mean your day to day stuff, away from the Internet? I used to, then I thought to myself one day “If someone dislikes me due to what I write, then they can go throw shit at themselves” or words to that effect. See I think we all do try to have an impact on others, but maybe only in here, in the blogosphere, on the internet.

I blog for “Bloggers for Peace” and “Master Peace” as well as blogging my own stuff, the Bloggers for Peace on here, I guess I was already on that page. So I try to make a difference, but trying to make that difference away from this blog and the internet is the real challenge. So I often wonder if what others think of us stops us from really trying to help and bring change. I blog the odd thing to my Facebook, just to test the water, and nothing! So either all my family and friends don’t give a shit, or they are too lazy to read.

So what I am saying is, many here want and try to change our earth, how can we bring change to people’s minds who are not here, and in what other ways can we get the message off the internet and into the street? I am talking in a “you and I” level here

Just thought I would throw that one out there


37 comments on “How people perceive, and getting our message across to others

  1. Good post. My blogging is a little different as mine is related to cooking and testing. Though I do try to share personal details about myself. Being that I am in the tech field the guys at work love that I have a blog. I share my blog with friends and family. Many friends are supportive. But honestly, the biggest supporters are from those I do not know. Like you I can put the same content on Facebook and get barely any responses. But on my blog there is more interests with likes and comments. On Facebook there is a small group of ppl who respond. It is that 80/20 rule. Mostly my newsfeed is filled with political postings, pictures of dogs, cat, and other noise. Very little real content. Another reason why I love blogging!


    • lol @ political postings, pictures of dogs, cat, and other noise <
      Sorry made me giggle..

      I did this blog to see how others thought about blogging and getting over a message etc.
      And the response has been constant with a mixture of other things, so it was almost what I expected.
      Good debate anyway. Sometimes a blog to create debate is good. Instead of just blogging about ourselves.

      And yeah, same here. Reason I love blogging. It is a release.
      And good points about facebook and the 80/20 rule…

      Shaun x


  2. I have thought about this often. A few people I know in real life do read my blog, but it is mostly people I have never met. Interesting. I have thought about blogging for a couple years but always hesitated to do so because of fear of “coming out of the closet.” The pain closet. So many people I know don’t know what my life is really like although I am flat out honest with folks once I get to know them. I let them know about the fibro and the IC because if I don’t I do things that could be perceived as rude. (Ooops, got to run to the bathroom again). And I don’t want to be rude, I just want to be real. I did let my parents and brother know I was blogging, my parents both actually read my blog and it has helped them understand me better than ever before. What a blessing and surprise that has been. I actually wish others I know in person WOULD read it, because I am so tired of living what feels like two lives, the person I look like (I look fine) and the one I feel like (in pain, overhelmed, stressed out, maxed out, tired, tired all the time). I write better than I talk, always have. I am more me in writing than in talking.


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