Climate Change: ‘We’re All Sitting Ducks’

Scary watching the years go by so fast yeah?

Scary watching the years go by so fast yeah?

We were warned and we did nothing, not me, not you. Some did. What have we left our Children? Snow in Saudi Arabia, Animals migrating at different times, death of marine life, Rain where there should be none, drought where there shouldn’t be. We are killing, sorry, we have killed ourselves because of our Consumerism lifestyles. Not today, but all our lives. What have we left for our Children’s kids? Video Below

SOTT Summary – January 2015: Extreme Weather, Earth Changes, and Fireballs
Via Sott Media on You Tube

Flooding, droughts, heat waves and wildfires will pose a massive threat to humans in the future as climate change worsens, a major United Nations report has warned.

The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said the impact of global warming was already being felt and would increase with every additional degree that temperatures rose.

The world is in “an era of man-made climate change” and has already seen impacts of global warming on every continent and across the oceans, the report said.

IPCC chair Rajendra Pachauri said: “Nobody on this planet is going to be untouched by the impacts of climate change.”

Experts are warning that in many cases, people are ill-prepared to cope with the risks of a changing climate.

Sediment-streaked iceberg, Disko Bay, Greenland. Photo Ian Joughin
Greenland is threatened by melting Arctic ice

The document, unveiled in Yokohama in Japan after a five-day meeting, gives the starkest warning yet by the IPCC of extreme consequences from climate change, and delves into greater detail than ever before into the impact at regional level.

The White House said it is taking the report as a call for action, with Secretary of State John Kerry saying: “Waiting is truly unaffordable. The costs of inaction are catastrophic.”

Food production map
Climate change could massively impact on world food production. Source: WRI

Food security will be hit by reduced yields in wheat, rice and maize crops, while climate change will also exacerbate existing health problems, and lead to more heatwave-related deaths, malnutrition and disease, the report said.

Increasing numbers of people are set to be displaced by extreme weather events, and the impacts of rising temperatures could contribute to a greater risk of violent conflicts by worsening problems such as poverty.

The report’s publication has renewed calls from scientists and campaigners for action to cut greenhouse gases and to help vulnerable people adapt to “already-unavoidable impacts of climate change”.

Beijing Air Pollution Reaches Dangerous Level
Air pollution in Beijing

Vicente Barros, co-chair of the IPCC study, from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, said: “We live in an era of man-made climate change.

“In many cases, we are not prepared for the climate-related risks that we already face. Investments in better preparation can pay dividends both for the present and for the future.”

Princeton University professor Michael Oppenheimer, one of the main authors of the 32-volume report, warned: “We’re all sitting ducks.”

Flooding in Gloucestershire
Risk of coastal and inland flooding in UK ‘is set to increase’

Professor Sam Fankhauser, of the London School of Economics, who is a contributing author to the report, said: “In the UK and the rest of northern Europe, we will need to cope with increasing risks from coastal and inland flooding, heatwaves and droughts.

“The UK and all rich countries must also provide significant support to help poor countries, which are particularly vulnerable, to cope with the impacts of climate change.”

The report is the second chapter of the fifth assessment by the IPCC, set up in 1988 to provide neutral, science-based guidance to governments.

Rural Fire Service fire-fighter sprays water onto a small fire burning near a home in the Blue Mountains suburb of Faulconbridge
Wildfires are projected to be an even bigger threat

The last overview, published in 2007, unleashed a wave of political action that strived but failed to forge a worldwide treaty on climate change in Copenhagen in 2009.

The latest report builds on previous IPCC forecasts that global temperatures will rise 0.3-4.8C (0.5-8.6F) this century, on top of roughly 0.7C since the Industrial Revolution.

Seas will rise by 26-82cm (10-32in) by 2100, it is predicted.

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11 comments on “Climate Change: ‘We’re All Sitting Ducks’

  1. It’s interesting, but it doesn’t take into account that the Earth orbits in a funny way and we have a tendency to orbit closer to the sun, and then we move further away from the sun. It takes thousands of years for us to complete the back and forth. So, how much of this climate change has to do with the fact that we are moving closer to the sun?

    Also, with the sea level rise, are they only taking into consideration the ice that is on land? If all of the ice that is already in the sea melts, the ocean levels won’t rise. Only if some of the land glaciers make it into the water are we in major trouble.

    This was just very one sided, they didn’t address any issues on the other side of their argument – which most don’t when they just want to rally support for their side! LOL


      I am SHOCKED someone knew this 😀 Seriously, I wasn’t even going to mention it. I am glad debate happened and that is a good start.
      Yeah we are not fully aware of patterns. We know the Sun flips North/South poles every 11 years, but what don’t we know. I think the Earth goes through cold then hot spells.

      And as for one sided, it always is “Man’s problem” We have all made it worse, no doubt but how much %?

      Thanks for getting the debate going.. x


  2. We’ve left them concrete, steel and glass. We’ve cut down the trees to put up another parking lot for all the cars to suck more oxygen out of the air and add more smog, we’ve killed the animals so they will have nothing to marvel at in a world that no longer exists. When they look at our old photos and see the trees and flowers, how will we explain what they were, and why they are no longer here? How will we tell them about the grassy lawns we played in as children, the gardens we grew, the taste of a tomato freshly picked off a vine, and eaten while sitting on a picnic table in the shade of a tree. How will we explain what a picnic is?


    • Yeah we did screw up.
      I am not saying this (Please, really) because I am from Scotland..
      But we only have 5 Million people here and are only 12% populated. We have clean air and where I am in the woods (Outskirts of the city) It really is cool, an I am right off the North sea also..

      And I guess over time we will screw it up also//


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