Two days to go till my Mums Wedding

So my Mum gets married to a good man on Saturday and my sister and I are to walk out Mum up the wedding aisle. I spoke the groom, no nerves, I spoke to my little Sister, bit nervous, me, no nerves at all, I just hope I don’t fall, my Mum is very nervous

This was planned so long ago and here we are, 2 days away, every morning my Daughters wake up we get “Is it Nana’s wedding today” We say “5 more sleeps” or whatever, today we say 2 more sleeps, they are so excited, I went to Google maps and walked around the area and into the hall of where the wedding is so I think they both know where we are going, I showed them some wedding videos on You Tube, but I don’t think at 3 and 4 years old they will get it, I know on the dayΒ  they will have a ball

Watching my Mum get married will be something, sad for reasons but also brilliant for others. I just love to see a smile on my Mum’s face. Anyone who knows my past knows a lot about me, friends etc, me and my Mum love each other dearly but we argue a lot and it is totally a two sided thing, I could never, would never go out to hurt the woman who brought me into this World and made is so I could have Dawn and my four kids, and yeah, my little Sister πŸ˜‰

I can’t wait, there will be 45 or so at the wedding and then meal, then 120 or so at the night, not everyone was invited but the people my Mum wanted there. It is her day and I will be there to hold her hand and make sure she smiles through it all. I am 40 now, my Mum is only 56 just turned, she is a young woman still

The man she is marrying I have the utmost respect for, he makes my Mum and Sister smile, they all live together, and he treats my partner and my kids like his own, a very decent man

A big day, a happy day, a day to remember. Not one person wearing a kilt in Edinburgh, Scotland at a wedding is not unusual, kilts are kind off a myth in Scotland, nobody really wears them to weddings

Someone asked me if we wear them to go Shopping πŸ˜€

Sometimes I just want toΒ  type “GOOGLE” lol

I am so excited. Today I have to pick up my waist coat and new watch (Specially made for the Wedding)

Bring it on!!

Shall post as many pictures as I am allowed and can

More love, less hate


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