Sore as hell, but Wedding was worth it, and a few pictures

As nights go this was one to dream about. I was really frustrated with myself as the Dancing started, I couldn’t even dance with my Mum. Main thing I was there and I loved the night. The moment I was outside the hall with my Mum and little Sister Meg before we both walked my Mum down theΒ aisle was a special private moment I will cherish for life. For a brief moment three became one and I hope we all felt it. Just a moment but it lasts a lifetime.

I have a thousand pictures but they are all in everyone’s cameras, Dawns and my Sons and mine, I have looked at them this morning but not got them onto the computer yet. The groom, what a guy, he treats Me and Dawn like his kids, he treats my kids like his own grand kids also. He gave my Mum a smile and love and he helped my Sister in many ways. I can’t thank the man enough. Yesterday was my Mums day, and it was just Amazing to see her so happy. The picture above I will cherish not just the image but the moment. It was one of the happiest days of my life to see her so happy, but it was a family event. People I hadn’t seen in 15 years were there, Aunt’s, Uncles, Cousin’s and it was just awesome at the night, after the meal when they all arrived, every 2 minutes I had arms flung over me by many family members. As someone who loves to be with family, this was a wow moment. It was open till 12:45am but we had to leave at 11:30pm, the girls, Courtney (4) and Chloe (3) were superb all day but it caught up on them and we had to go.

I came home and fell asleep about 2 minutes after my suit was off and all my bandages, at my PC seat, Dawn was like “GO TO BED” And that is all I remember.

I stayed in bed all day till now looking at pictures on everyone’s facebook, and now as I write this is a memory but one I will hold close for life. Me and my little Sister are becoming closer and have been over the last few weeks and this is something I just love, she is to die for and I would die for her. She is in an executive club of 5 Woman I would die for, Dawn, Courtney, Chloe, Mum and Meg. Family all night was superb. We did a toast to my Aunt who died and there were tears all over, her Husband was present, he is still family and will be so for all time. Great man but sadly he lost, we all lost. This was the first event when not all my Mums brothers and sisters were not present and we all felt it, but as we do here we remembered then got on with the day. My Sisters boyfriend treats my girls like his niece’s already, it was just a show of love all night. HUGE Thank you to my Sister Meg for the work she put in, well done honey x

It was a LONG day but one I am happy I made. I am in so much pain today it is unreal but I feel like the pain is battle pain, a pain worth having.

To my family, to Dawn and my kids, so my little sister, to my Mum and her man. I love you all

More love, less hate





93 comments on “Sore as hell, but Wedding was worth it, and a few pictures

  1. I love this, Shaun. Thank you for sharing this beautiful event with us. I wish your family many blessings and continued love, my friend. πŸ™‚


  2. Wow, Shaun! Just looking at these pics seems amazing! I can’t even imagine what a beautiful day it must have been. It brought back fond memories of my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary celebrations. I immediately started skimming through those pics after looking at your wonderful photos.

    Your family looks lovely, you mom looks really happy, and your daughters are just adorable. Btw, I didn’t know you had such grown up sons.

    Heartfelt congratulations to your Mom and your entire family. May you’ll see many such wonderful days in future. Cheers!!!


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