America. This is a HUGE PROBLEM! Young Hillary Clinton Supporters Struggle to Name Her Accomplishments

Hillary Clinton

I don’t know whether to cry, laugh or be REAL embarrassed for you USA! The kids coming through want to vote for Hilary but have NO IDEA WHY! This is pathetic and a reason you get stuck with crap presidents America! Watch the video, one kid says “We had an African American President, a Woman would be a good step forward” When asked about Hillary’s accomplishments, not one of these kids, one doing a study on her he says, could name one thing she did. America this is a HUGE problem. Why do your kids not know about politics? What is the age to vote in the USA? Here in Europe kids have a good grasp of politics, where I am in Scotland kids as young as 18 know why or why not they will vote for Scottish independence, the kids actually have a good argument on the issue. These kids are your future America, your scientists, politicians, the list is endless. As usual I mean to offend NOBODY. I am sharing American news. I posted a video MANY times by an American man who tried to warn you America, and, well, this video below sends chills down my neck. How can they be supporters if they don’t know what they are voting for? Did American vote for America because he was African American? Are you all going to vote for Hillary because she is a Woman. I can’t say how much of a worry this is for the future of the USA! Video at the bottom, you were warned! 

America, THIS IS YOUR FUTURE!! I would start to worry. This is embarrassing America, Video below….








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15 comments on “America. This is a HUGE PROBLEM! Young Hillary Clinton Supporters Struggle to Name Her Accomplishments

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  2. The education system in America is a disaster.
    I got an exam paper for an 18 year old and my 14 year old Nephew passed it..Without even asking 1 question.
    Was a general test on the World the one I managed to get if I remember


    • Brilliant!!
      “Hard work pays off!” -Used it myself..

      You must see it more, and it must frustrate. I speak sometimes to teachers and ex teachers, all are so fecked off,,so sad, hope it can improve, you guys deserve so much better

      And song, crap, I cant remember. Will post all the blog songs below, see if you can find it

      If it’s not there, try give me more info



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