UK News TV Anchor Jon Snow makes heartfelt plea for the children of Gaza

Main Stream Media telling it as it should be told!

Main Stream Media telling it as it should be told!

The journalist and broadcaster recounts his time reporting from Gaza, and draws attention to the innocent lives lost during the conflict

What you are about to see and hear from the video below is ‘Humility’ A man, a news man, a TV anchor man, he was in Israel and Palestine. What he tells isn’t a story about politics, wasn’t a story about politicians, wasn’t a story about biblical scripture, wasn’t a story of hate, wasn’t a story of anger. He tells HIS story. And Jon Snow is famous in the UK, we can tell how upset he is. He is a hardened war correspondent. He win’s awards, he win’s awards for speaking like he is here. To ALL Pro-Israel people, I beg…No that is the wrong question. I pray you find room in your heart to watch this. To cast aside hatred, to cast aside evil, to cast aside revenge and to just LOVE AND CARE. If you can’t do this then you belong to no religion, no book, no God. I believe God has forsaken Israel. Why do I think this? Well they are Evil. You can’t commit the crimes Israel are without being evil. Pro-Israel people are stupid, uneducated fools. They say “Hamas hide behind children”

Jon Snow says what no other main stream media has 



As Israel bombs them anyway. They say “Israel will Nuke all our enemies” I think, I believe the USA and the UK are the ONLY friends Israel has. I AM ASHAMED to call myself British. Scotland want’s out of this Union of War. Westminster, English rule are a people of War. Not the English people, they protest the same as us up in Scotland against Israel and to help #FreePalestine. I know for a  FACT nobody who is Pro-Israel will debate me on this, because they will lose the argument. I don’t do hate, they do. Many Pro-Israel supporters are from the USA. Many are from the South/East. The bible belt I believe. People of God, yet they act and talk like the Devil with words that are evil and promises of more war and more pain. Israel has turned the PLANET against them. They stand alone in the Middle East. I feel sorry for the people who live in Israel who are against their Government because the day is coming (SADLY) when Israel will be attacked in a big way. I pray I am wrong. But if countries attacked Israel, they would use Nuclear weapons. It is in their nature

After World War 2, the World community gave the Jews some land, rightly so. But look what it has led to, an evil, horrible, country that has no values for life. Most media TV outlets tell us about how Israel had a petrol bomb get thrown at the IDF or other stupid stories. It is about time the media did their jobs and told the cold, hard, harsh, horrific truth. They don’t so it up to people like me, there are 10’s of thousands of us, and we tell the story best we can. I am just a lad from Scotland who is disabled, I have no reporters in the field. I have some contacts, but I tell the truth by what I see, not what I choose to tell. I show Genocide on a people. And the World looks on. I don’t think they will for long, bad times are coming. Bad times are happening now all over the World. Israel are the point of Evil in our World, the top of the Pyramid, the top of the iceberg. They are gone, lost, evil, same as their supporters. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THIS MUST STOP! Many missed this news item here, the event that started this, Israel said it was Hamas, IT WASN’T HAMAS, ISRAEL ADMITTED THIS! Why still the killing? Anyone? Below is the story the WORLD MISSED! And also a podcast. Me talking, using images to give my take on Israel and Palestine. If you can understand Scottish people, go ahead and listen to what I have to say!

Israel admits HAMAS didn’t kidnap the 3 Israeli teens after all – BREAKING NEWS

Channel 4 broadcaster Jon Snow has spoken about his recent visit to Gaza, where he witnessed the harsh realities for many of the Palestinian children living in the strip.

Speaking movingly about his visit to Shifa Hospital, which has two floors dedicated to the care of children, Mr Snow said:

“I cant get those images out of my mind.

Jon mentions this girl, one of thousands to be hurt or killed

Jon mentions this girl, one of thousands to be hurt or killed

“They are the essence of what is happening in Gaza.”

Images we must embed into our DNA!

Images we must embed into our DNA!

Mr Snow did remind his audience that many of the Israeli soldiers fighting are in their twenties, and said that since the conflict began 19 days ago, 1,310 children in Gaza have been wounded, and 166 are dead. “That is what makes this something that every one of us has to confront.

“We cannot let it go on. if our reporting is worth anything, if your preparedness to listen and watch and read is anything to go by, then together we can make a difference.”


10 comments on “UK News TV Anchor Jon Snow makes heartfelt plea for the children of Gaza

  1. Reblogged this on Political Pip Spit or Swallow its up to You and commented:
    “Together we can make a difference” says Jon Snow. Can we? Almost every country outside America has condemned Israel for its slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza. One hundred and sixty six children have died, how many more must die before Israel is sated?

    Jon Snow is probably wrong about “we can make a difference” but what else could he say and what more can all the protesters, and they come from every country, do? Western govts won’t act why should they in a week or two all this will be chip wrapping to almost everyone but the survivors in Gaza and their supporters and the west will call them Islamic extremists, some will be but many will have become extremists because of Palestine.


    • Correct, men and woman who lost kids will be angry and hateful
      Kids who see this will grow to hate and the whole thing repeats and will do for generations to come.
      Hate = Hate

      The only think we can do is not buy Israeli products.

      Don't Buy Israeli

      Bar Codes starting 729

      And thank you for reblog


      • I never knowingly buy any Israeli products but why doesn’t the EU ban all trade with them, that’s what would publicly hurt Israel.

        Excellent post.


  2. Thanks Doc ❤ A message of peace. Made me cry.
    Made a lot of people cry. 1st main stream news, TV news to tell the truth..
    Maybe there is hope after all..

    Hope you are ok x


  3. I just answered you…
    This blog was by a well known respected TV Anchorman in the UK who witnessed it first hand.
    Before he was fairly Pro-Israeli. This is why so much was made of him, Jon Snow..

    And you really don’t get why Israel is hated?
    You are American, should you not be American?
    I am pro-Life

    You are pro-I don’t know Anne….You tell me hon


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