ShaunyNews Is Live Again and open – Missed You All: Here is where I have been


ShaunyNews is back

ShaunyNews is back

By @ShaunyNews

Well hi there 🙂 ShaunyNews closed for a few months as I went to write for AceNews Services, and will keep doing so, I found myself doing personal articles on a news feed, all the blogs on AceNews I have been blogged here also, every one, they just never got shared, now they are again. I run a few Facebook groups, small but plenty debate. I like to challenge my mind when writing so I gurss it’s better doing it here. I am 30,000 views away from 1 Million. I closed this site down with these figures, proving it’s noy really all about numbers, quality over quantity.



ShaunyNews Facebook

Above is the banner for ShaunyNews Facebook here I share all I write there, I have family, personal friends and good people like you I met along the way. If you fancy a laugh with an Idiotic Scotsman, please, feel free to join, more than welcome. I love to write about Taboo, Space, Earth, History, Religion, String Theory, Time Travel, you name it, I write it 😀


I suffer from fibromyalgia - Made this group

I suffer from Fibromyalgia – Made this group

Suffering from Fibromyalgia is really awful. This is what the illness/disability is < That there is the official Scottish NHS (National Health Service) I started the group for others, I found talking to fellow sufferers a really good way to go. I can help people who are new to Fibromyalgia that is a very low key disability in the sense Dr’s struggle with it, many don’t get the help they truly need. I was lucky in the sense my last Dr from 5 years ago was a ‘Chronic Illness Doctor’ So that helped at the time and helps now as my new Dr is friends with my old Chronic illness Dr. If YOU have ANY Chronic illness PLEASE come on in, we help and get helped. Here is the link,



The Celtic Network, Website and Facebook page

This is where I am fortunate enough to be able to do match reports, team articles, tactics, formation blogs and player focus articles. I love the trust the Editor has given me because of circumstances a year or so ago, maybe more. I had JUST had to stop being a DJ in the club my Mum works in, I loved it, I was out there, mingling and speaking to people, making new friends, was sore, broke my foot a few times, but the social aspect I lost. The hardest was losing the ability to be a football manager (Soccer) I did this from age 23 or so when I had to stop playing due to a snapped leg. I was devastated, my social life was GONE. I took to Social media, had never done it before, this was 4 years or so ago, due to pain and medication I made many enemies, slowly people see I have my mind back, Celtic fans are the Worlds best so there is never a problem. Here is the Website I write with others: I love football, I was a rubbish player but decent manager, nothing beats being involved, so I am very lucky my editor gives me a good run at most topics I want to write, from time to time he has to reel me in for my own good, great man he is, this is the Facebook page:


10645174_361924787307757_8033047097506671136_n Edinburgh West

I wrote about thr Scottish referendum from almost day 1 all the way to the end, the anger on the 19th was covered with sheer disbelief, nobody knew more than 2 or 3 ‘No voters’ who feel like idiots now. This is the main site for Scotland: click directory on the top tab and join your Scottish borough, click like and the job is to get ‘Yes minded’ politicians in place to fill Scotland’s Parliament building at Holyrood. We aim to try and get rid of ALL Tory members, should be easy and also take Labour seats from 40 to 4, the Polls are showing this, here is ‘Edinburgh West’ my borough where I will be posting about the sitting Labour member and try get SNP in


Ace News Group Website and Facebook

Ace News Group Website and Facebook

Last but not least, AceNews, I LOVE to write here, the stories I write are, as I said, bit of everything. The Editor is like family he trusts me, he knows the favour, the good stuff is all on me, I ask nothing but ‘To write for him and AceNews’ This is the main hub where all the news goes, there is breaking news and more. This is my Blog page: This is where another great editor trusts me to just do thr right thing and know the line in the sand, I do cross it 😀 This is AceNews Facebook page: Great debate happens in there with peoplr pretty much on the same tree, just a different branch. Please, if you can hold debate do join in, great group!

Join Ace News on Facebook:
Shauny’s Hangout:
Living With Chronic Illness’s :
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Celtic FC Latest news:

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