John Stewart Rips into Fox News and Bill O’Reilly – Rightly so!


When it comes to American media, one guy I do enjoy watching is , he actually hits the proper targets when it comes to news. On the other hand we have Bill O’Reilly the ULTRA Conservative, I was going to say news reporter but I can’t. Over here Thatcher was a conservative so I know the pain many of you American’s must endure by watching this gutter trash O’Reilly calls news. He is a bully and never allow’s people to have an opinion. His stock is high for sure, but turn the coin around you either like or dislike him him, he is like Marmite, you either like it or you don’t, there is no middle ground. I want to invite American’s and anyone else to strip the words by John Stewart here, to the truth. He doesn’t talk about the Politician who says “Yeah I am a war veteran” to a homeless veteran, when he wasn’t, John talks about the Homeless veteran, not the stupid story the US media pulled from it. Watch for yourself. John Stewart is, from where I sit, one of America’s best news guys and I don’t really think he is a news guy, it’s more a fun show showing the lies and laughing at them


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