Huge sinkhole opens in Florida and around the World

Is it fracking, or is the World telling us something?

Is it fracking, or is the World telling us something?

Many believe drilling for oil and gas is causing these sinkholes to appear but many are appearing where no fracking has been done. They do happen, they are normal but the amount in the last few years has picked up 250% more than what would be classed as average. I caught a video from a good man I follow DAHBOO77 and seems to be breaking, a huge hole opened up in Florida, here is his video below. Many are using scripture and when I read up and research I find scripture, so it is very odd. I never look to scripture but often they do match up. This of course means nothing, nobody can prove it is scripture, nobody can prove it is not. For me Mother Earth is telling us something. I think the message is “DIE” As we humans are a bacteria on her surface. Judge for yourself

In the last few weeks I have noticed another in Naples and one in South Korea eating people up as it went. I will share some recent video’s and images with you. This is getting crazy. AGAIN! These are normal but they have increased a lot. Do research and you will see this.

Sink Holes Worldwide
Via Prophet Nathan Paul Agostini on You Tube

Why Are Giant Sinkholes Appearing All Over America 2015
Via Tv info on You Tube

Sinkhole Swallows 2 People South Korea
Via Paul Begley on You Tube

Louisiana Sinkhole Crisis is Out of Control — GET OUT of Southern Louisiana NOW!
Via funny video on You Tube

WW3 & New Madrid Earthquake Imminent – Louisiana Sinkhole = 100 H Bombs
Via PEREXUSREX on You Tube















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2 comments on “Huge sinkhole opens in Florida and around the World

    • As good a guess as me Bill. I truly don’t know. We can speculate of course. For all we know this is a process mother earth goes through and we are too young a species to see it? Well said tho mate!


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