#PoliceStateUSA – Homeless man killed by police downtown L.A. (Graphic Video)

Member of the public tries to help

Member of the public tries to help

Via a few Sources: http://sputniknews.com/us/20150302/1018933704.html#ixzz3TD4Cdmji Listen to your own public America, they are telling the police they are wrong. The police then threaten, if you listen clearly to shoot a man recording this. As far as I know 4 people recorded this, if the policeman who shot the unarmed poor homeless man gets away with this please don’t be surprised America. This is your Country now. The only comfort I take from this is the public arguing with the Cops. People are getting MORE than annoyed. I can see another Ferguson event here, this is what a Police State is yet American’s will hear a black man’s voice and ‘Presume’ all is ok. This story will get bad in the media, I would expect trouble here. This is your USA, this is terrifying for everyone in the USA. Why you guys don’t protest is beyond me, wake up before that dead person on the street is someone YOU LOVE!


Raw footage and graphic. Watch and ignore or watch and educate on Polce State USA

A shocking video shows police officers firing several shots at a man after trying to subdue him. Los Angeles police shot and killed a homeless man after an altercation, a Facebook video showed. Bystanders described the man as allegedly black, the Washington Post said. It is unconfirmed if the man was armed. A shocking video posted Sunday shows police officers firing several shots at a man after trying to subdue him.

At least four police cars could be seen at the Skid Row area where the altercation happened. The victim was declared dead in a hospital after the shooting took place, the LA Times reported, citing police spokesman Barry Montgomery. The newspaper also quoted the police’s Media Relations and Community Affairs Group Commanding Officer Andrew Smith as saying that the police responded to the location after an emergency call about a possible robbery.

According to Smith, the police officers approached the suspect and he started to physically resist the law enforcers. The police tried using a Taser but it proved ineffective, Smith said. “At some point in there, a struggle over one of the officer’s weapons occurred. At that point an officer-involved shooting happened,” Smith was quoted as saying by The LA Times.

Smith said that a “thorough and complete” investigation will be conducted into the circumstances of the incident.

Covering their own!

Covering their own!





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20 comments on “#PoliceStateUSA – Homeless man killed by police downtown L.A. (Graphic Video)

      • So because there are examples of police brutality in the past, you just assume it to be the case whenever something like this happens. That’s not research, that’s assumption.


      • I have done several articles showing good cops..Sadly the USA is a police state. Research = knowledge = power. From where I sit here in my Scottish Castle, haggis hunting the US Cops get away with Murder. I am sorry you don’t agree… So tell me, why am I wrong. I send you a TON of articles, I could have written many more.. Often it’s good to follow a good story my friend. Refreshing! https://shaunynews.com/2014/06/12/american-gun-control-land-of-the-inprisoned-home-of-the-scared/ Sadly not enough. To understand a police state is to understand why. You guys are media controlled. Fox News is the worst. Do you know you can’t access news we can over here? Research, please my friend. I don’t assume, I know…Sadly…


      • You are making so many assumptions about the latest incident and about me. I know there are instances in which cops get away with murder. The chokehold incident in NYC was disgusting. But just because it happens doesn’t mean every incident is the same. You’ve already convicted the cops in the latest incident and it seems to be based more on your view of past incidents than the present incident. I believe every incident should be viewed on its own merits. Media controlled? Again, your assumptions are showing.

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      • OK, I am assuming and not researching. I have no come back for you buddy. You have also assumed about me based on 10 or articles out 5,000. I don’t like to say things against the USA, I have friends there.
        OK..I will ask one question for you. Why was the ‘Ferguson’ verdict given at 8pm with 2,000 people outside ready to be angry? Could I assume ‘To make black people look bad’?
        Over here we don’t say “That black kid that was shot” The USA media do, in my eyes to keep race simmering below the surface. I don’t know how you all view this issue inside the USA, for us over here it was such an obvious ploy.



        I research very hard my friend..

        I may say ‘ShaunyNews’ but look in my page you see this, https://shaunynews.com/living-with-fibromyalgia/

        I am just some dude like you trying to make sense of the senseless. Here in Scotland we are top 3 in Education, free healthcare, living wage, life style, true democracy, in our World.

        Often buddy I do ask myself “Does 4.5% of 7 Billion of us, the USA understand they will bring us all down”? I ask questions, I challenge myself to learn, to understand other people in other cultures. I have amazing fun doing it. I guess because I live in the proverbial paradise of Scotland I ask questions of 1st world nations that are not as free and democratic. Our wolds largest democracy we are told is India, search (Top right) my blog for ‘India’ I write about all cultures

        Thank you for challenging my thinking, this is why my blog does well and I connect well, I am above nor below anyone. I just some lad asking questions..some hard..

        I will leave you with how hard I research



      • I have read only one of your articles, not ten or 5,000. In that one article, you posted a video and made conclusory statements about what it shows because of what appears to me a predisposition to assume cops are bad. I watched the video and I saw a suspect violently resisting arrest, on who a taser didn’t work and who four or five cops were unable to subdue, and then there’s a possibility that the suspect grabbed for one of the cop’s guns … And while you appear to be critical of this, I’d like to know what you think the cops should have done.

        And meanwhile, you start throwing all sorts of things at me about Fox News and American media and media control and all I did was challenge the conclusions you appeared to be drawing in one post. Your actual words. Feel free to challenge my words, but don’t challenge me based on what the rest of America does, or on your view of America. Let me tell you a little bit about me.

        I detest Fox News. I believe in having stronger gun control than probably 95% of my fellow Americans. I believe that we are all human beings. Our skin color doesn’t matter, our gender doesn’t matter, our sexual orientation doesn’t matter. Nothing matters except that we are human beings. I am sick and tired of the labels that we apply to everybody and wish desperately for it to stop. Rather than form impressions of me based on your view of America, I deserve the right to be myself — in other words, just as free of a label and what that label means to you as any other.

        It may be far easier to avoid some of those labels in a country that is 96% white, however.

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      • Ah, yes, the if you disagree with me you must just like to argue approach. See, that’s not true. I don’t like to argue. I like to discuss matters like these with people who have different opinions. Sad to see that you’re not capable of recognizing the difference.

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      • OK, I am sorry. Please be aware of this my friend
        > https://shaunynews.com/living-with-fibromyalgia/

        I am not playing the disabled card buddy. I may have misread, I may have missed parts of what you sent. In truth you seem a decent lad. Keep in mind I am Scottish, you are American, so we have different ways, different values. I have a saying “I don’t debate hate” I think I maybe read hate in what you said. Listen buddy if I am wrong I will be the first to say ‘I am wrong’ I am above nor below being that guy.

        I seen you commenting on my blog the same day a person who had made a blog (Basically copy and paste to look exactly like) about a friend I have in Arizona. The day the police/FBI got involved to close it, you started to comment on my blog, so perhaps I am due you a sorry? If so, sorry…I have Skype, if you do buddy, PLEASE!!! Add away
        I often ask people I don’t see eye to eye with to connect in Audio, I only do Audio, there are very dirty girls out there 😀
        Strange as it is out of the 300 people I have on Skype most are American and many I didn’t agree with at first. It takes a human voice often to see eye to eye. I hope you agree. Last thing I want is to fall out with people. I have 3 groups.
        One is for sharing Blogs…
        One is for Living with Fibromyalgia
        The one I ask people to join is ShaunyNews. My friend, you are MORE than welcome to add yourself here. Please let me know however. Nearly 500 people on there, mostly friends or people I have met since disability took away my ability to do much…
        https://www.facebook.com/groups/Shaunynews/ < You are welcome. Maybe we can even private chat? Your call buddy…

        That is an open offer my friend. Perhaps we will find we are not to far away in terms of what we believe.
        Please know anything I write about has taken hours and days of research mostly. I don't make things up.

        Have a good weekend my friend.
        Again, hands in the air. Sorry man…



      • I totally get that there are differences between us because of where we’re from. I might say something that is completely innocent here, but it has a completely different meaning in Scotland. So, understanding something about me … the only thing I hate … is hate. Look at my blog … kingmidgetramblings.wordpress.com. There’s a quote there from Martin Luther King, Jr. — I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

        I try to live my life with that basic idea. I’m not always successful, but I try.

        The other thing is that people frequently think I like to argue. I don’t, but I do enjoy a good debate with somebody who holds a different opinion than me. I’m not religious, but I love talking religion with those who are. The key for me, though, is that it can’t get personal. And it shouldn’t. Where I felt like this got personal was in assumptions I felt you were making about me that had nothing to do with me, but were more based on your perceptions of Americans. It’s unfortunate that people across the pond view America as being what Fox News says it is. It is far from it.

        So, there you go … I agree. We probably would find out we agree about a lot more than we disagree.

        Enjoy your weekend and I’ll check out your blog every now and then.


      • Thanks man, very decent reply, I totally have respect mate. At the top of my Blog, Facebook, Tumblr, pretty much everything I use this image here:

        The text is from I am Legend the movie, but it is true. Hitler with hate on the right with the Devil, Bob Marley with Love and God on the left. I agree my friend, we do share a lot on common. I have read a few of your blogs like I said and I do believe we are on the same page with many subjects. Please know however, some of my best mates in real life I don’t always agree with.. lol. Because I write for a living ( I write here https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/ and Here https://glasgowcelticchat.wordpress.com/ )
        I was a Soccer manager with Kids playing Sunday and Adults playing Saturday, training Monday through Thursday leaving Friday to myself, but I couldn’t switch off 😀 I spend Friday picking tactics/formation/starting 11 etc. I can’t no more, so I write about the famous Glasgow Celtic. Celtic have 20 Million fans on the East Coast of the USA…Played at a baseball park 2 years ago. Fenway park.. Was UNREAL!!

        Was odd seeing Soccer (I hate that word, 5% of Earth use it) on such a famous baseball ground. History wasn’t lost on any Celtic fan that…

        Thanks again for a good reply my friend..Truly, I don’t suffer fools gladly and you are no fool…This I know bud


      • Just so you know. I never watch Fox News. In fact, most Americans don’t, Fox’s claims to world domination to the contrary. I actually do everything I can to not “watch the news.”

        Regarding the video in the incident, the man was violently resisting arrest. If he did try to get one of the officer’s guns, I have no problem with them using lethal force. It would be nice if they could shoot to wound. But in the heat of the moment in close quarters like that and he grabs for one of their guns… I have no problem with the result.


      • Fox news is most viewed US Media. I generalised, I am sorry. I was trying to get a general point across.
        And shoot to wound is police policy here.
        video in her after English beheading, both attacked police with huge knives, both lived and are in hell in Broadmoor prison.

        Cultural differences between us, I like to debate, I have no intention of falling out with you, that would be pointless. You know why

        This is how #PoliceState works

        I could share 100 as ridiculous as this.
        But it is ok and allowed for you to see things differently. I accept opinions. Should I be wrong, I will say

        PS: Welcome to me blog, you kinda came from nowhere. Could share a strange anonymous story, but you get the deal


      • The single most watched show on Fox News is the O’Reilly Factor. It averages just slightly over 2.36 million daily viewers. http://www.mediaite.com/tv/q2-2014-cable-news-ratings-fox-news-hits-50th-straight-quarter-at-1/ That is out of a population of how many hundreds of millions of people. Yes, Fox may be the most watched but in the fractured media world in which we live, that’s a meaningless concept. Using Fox as a generalization for America is misplaced. I detest generalizations and assumptions. That’s what set me off here — what I perceived to be an assumption about a current event based on past events.

        And just so you know, I love to debate too. That’s why I have carried this on today. Far too few people on WordPress engage in good back and forth.

        Regarding the cop and the snowball fight … have you seen the stories that provide more of the backstory of the video? The stories that indicate that the police were responding to a 911 call that indicated there was somebody with a gun and that when they arrived, somebody in the group of “guys” ran? Does your view of how “ridiculous” it is change if you add that detail?

        Regarding how I got to your blog, a blogger I follow reblogged your video of the police shooting.


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