A song for ALL Wars ‘He has been here’ – Who is ‘HE’ – War Children


All Wars are bad, the innocent die as the rich get richer, this we should know by now. No war today is for any other reason than to make money or to push an agenda we are not aware of. We can’t do a lot about this but what we can do is make it so we are aware of the hard truth. James Blunt served in the British Military, leaving due to hatred of War. While he was on a tour in the Balkans when Ethnic cleansing hit Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and more. James did a video diary then a song near the end of the war when he was deployed. His song “No Bravery” with “Since he has been here” are as powerful as they come. Who is “He” why was he “Here” Amazing song, very deep and meaningful. James goes back to the Balkans and performs to people he met and to people who lost. I don’t care for any War machine, this is what Scotland is trying to free herself from, but this performance and song should hit us all in a place that matters, it must!

James Blunt – No Bravery
Via James Blunt on You Tube






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