Primary homework on ‘Palestinian terrorists’ removed after complaints

Homework: North Lanarkshire Council removed task from schools asking about Palestinian terrorist activities.

Homework: North Lanarkshire Council removed task from schools asking about Palestinian terrorist activities.


With the article below on William Wallace this here is for 12 year olds and below in the central belt of Southern Scotland. To ask kids if the IRA/UDA/Palestine are terror networks is totally unacceptable in any country. We teach brilliantly in Scotland but this and the Wallace article below this one has me at my wits end trying to figure out what these people doing the tests were thinking about. I am all for an informed Scotland but 12 years old and below is way to too young to ask about the IRA/UDA and Palestine. For the first time I will actually condemn the Scottish Education system for these two articles, they are wrong and ill advised. With this part of Scotland being Catholic and Protestant it may serve only to cause division and allow parents to teach their kids wrongly. When this crap needs binned here we have New Stevenson Primary in Motherwell asking primary School kids to decide for themselves about who is right or wrong, just wrong on so many levels for me


A homework worksheet for primary pupils about the IRA, UDA and ‘Palestinian terrorists’ has been removed from classrooms after a local authority admitted it was ‘obsolete’. Pupils at New Stevenston Primary School in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, received the homework as part of their social studies programme. The task included questions asking about Irish republican and loyalist groups the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and Ulster Defence Association (UDA).

One question also centred on the conflict between Israel and Palestine and asked: “Palestinians feel that they have the right to use terrorism against the Israelis. Give two reasons why they feel this.” The homework paper also included the question: “Give two examples of Palestinian terrorist activities.”

North Lanarkshire Council received a number of complaints from people concerned about the content of the homework after a photo of the worksheet was distributed widely on social media on Wednesday.

A spokesman for the council confirmed the homework is “now obsolete” and that all schools had been contacted to ensure it was removed. Issam Hijawi, chair of the Association of Palestinians Communities in Scotland, said he was “shocked” by the questions.

He said: “We are calling for this to be withdrawn immediately and we want to have a meeting with the education department at North Lanarkshire Council to discuss how this situation arose. “It is unbelievable that they are giving 11-year-old pupils information asserting that our struggle for freedom is pure terrorism. “The questions are not only biased but they are contradicting the legal framework of the Palestinian cause.”

A spokesman for North Lanarkshire Council’s Learning and Leisure Services said: “The homework material used was taken from a teaching pack which is now obsolete. “We are contacting all schools to ensure this particular material is no longer used. “The topic is explored by pupils as part of the social studies programme: ‘People, past events and societies’ and this includes conflict situations around the world. “This topic aims to gives pupils a greater understanding of the nature of different conflicts and their regional, global and historical significance and does not pass any judgement on the subject.”


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