#OPDeathEaters- Family Demands Names Of New Child Abuse Files – Peter Hayman Files here

The Cabinet Office's refusal to give details of four new child abuse files has angered many, not least the family of Martin Allen.

The Cabinet Office’s refusal to give details of four new child abuse files has angered many, not least the family of Martin Allen.

Via: http://news.sky.com/story/1440318/family-demands-names-of-new-child-abuse-files

I released the files Theresa May said she could not find on Peter Hayman https://shaunynews.com/2015/02/28/are-these-the-missing-peter-hayman-sex-files-ukusa-sex-scandal/ ok I take that back, I asked if these were the files and I have had nobody tell me otherwise, they were not hard to get a hold of and I am one of hundreds maybe thousands to have the files in that article above. Now we turn to Martin Allen, he just vanished and left a family in hell even today. Thatcher said “Where there are lies we will find them” She knew all along what was happening, she was a lady in high places but not high enough to stop the Peadophelia going on in her cabinet, same as David  Cameron today can’t stop it. As a country we must push hard for truth. I don’t know if these are the files as I say, but until someone tells me they are not I have to assume they are the files Theresa May said were missing. All I know is only the people will free these files, all of them, for Martin and hundreds like him. We have a responsibility as a people in the UK to serve our Government with a truth warrant


The Government’s refusal to reveal the titles of four files related to child abuse has been branded “disgusting” by the family of a boy missing since 1979. It is now over a month since the Cabinet Office confirmed it had found four more files relevant to the ongoing child abuse inquiries centred on VIPs in Westminster. Officials have promised the files will be handed over to the police and various inquiries but they are still refusing to allow the titles of the files to be made public, let alone the contents.

Kevin Allen: 'They are playing with our lives'

Kevin Allen: ‘They are playing with our lives’

At the start of February Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said: “Officials have identified four additional relevant files, one of which was marked for destruction.” Despite repeated requests from Sky News over the course of the last month officials at the Government department say their position remains unchanged.  It has angered many survivors and campaigners, not least the family of Martin Allen who was 15 years old when he vanished in London nearly 35 years ago. The teenager was last seen on the London Underground with an unidentified man at Gloucester Road station on 5 November 1979. His brother Kevin Allen told Sky News he was “pretty definite” there is a link between the establishment abuse networks in Westminster and his brother’s disappearance. He said he could not accept that the names of the files are still being withheld. “It makes me very angry, because these people have got a hold over us.

Family Demands Names Of New Child Abuse Files
Via Sky News on You Tube

It is our information, these people are our employees taking our money which is more than ‘Mr Average’ earns probably in the course of a month. It is disgusting. “It is our lives they are playing with. I hope they can sleep at night.” Mr Allen is in regular contact with Met police detectives leading abuse inquiries which include allegations boys were killed.

While the content of the files may be sensitive, refusing to reveal the names means the public has no way of tracking them or knowing how they are being dealt with. It follows a Sky News investigation which unearthed another classified file in January that the Cabinet Office had kept closed on grounds of national security.

After MPs raised the issue in the House of Commons, government officials were forced to release it to the National Archives. The documents revealed former British diplomat, the late Sir Peter Hayman, was the subject of the secret file. The papers documented his “unnatural” sexual behaviour and his activities within the Paedophile Information Exchange group. Neither the Hayman file nor the four new files were found during an earlier Home Office-commissioned search for documents relevant to ongoing abuse inquiries. The Cabinet Office declined to make Mr Maude available for interview.





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