Scottish National Party preparing for second independence referendum

Simply put, it is in Scotland hands, your hands, my hands, we all have a chance to change Scotland and forget the lies

Simply put, it is in Scotland hands, your hands, my hands, we all have a chance to change Scotland and forget the lies


I have been, with others shouting from the rooftops that #IndyRef2 is possible, all we must do is vote SNP in 2016. We must vote SNP in 2015 also, Alex Salmond never went back on a promise to his wife on retiring for nothing, Alex and the SNP see a golden chance to give Scotland home rule for starters. We just have to vote SNP. Alex and Nicola have not ruled out being part of a 4 party coalition Government with Labour, Green party, Plaid Cymru and the SNP. Many are getting confused here, if the SNP gives seats to allow Labour to control the UK the SNP and Scotland will get home rule, at least in return. Alex, Nicola, John Swinney and Tommy Sherdian and many more know the game, we know what is at stake. We made a mess of things on September 18th last year, even no voters are annoyed we never got a promise kept, Scotland we have never stood a better chance of freeing Scotland from the union than we do today. Lets take that chance!

Video before the 1st Referendum – We must learn from the loss – Scotland, listen and be at one with our future!

Lets make this real next time – Stanley Odd Son I Voted Yes

January 29th –

February 28th –





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SCOTTISH voters should prepare for another independence referendum, a leading constitutional expert said yesterday. Professor Vernon Bogdanor, who tutored David Cameron at Oxford, said a second referendum was “perfectly possible” if the SNP win convincingly in next year’s Holyrood election. The latest polls by Lord Ashcroft suggest that the Nats could win as many as 56 of Scotland’s 59 seats at Westminster.

And Bogdanor said if that was followed by a landslide victory for the SNP at the Holyrood election, another referendum could be on the cards. He added: “If the SNP were to win over half of the Scottish vote, I think it might be interpreted at Westminster as a mandate for conceding another referendum. “The SNP vote is a good indication of what Scotland feels and if the demand is great enough you can’t deny it. “We made that mistake with Ireland in the 19th century. “I am a strong unionist and wouldn’t want it myself, but it is perfectly possible, depending on the strength of Scottish opinion. “It would be odd in a way because the Scots would be saying they made a mistake only last September when it was a reasonably convincing victory for the Union. “But the Union depends on consent. When that consent is withdrawn, it can’t continue.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has offered her party’s support to a minority Labour government at Westminster on an “issue by issue” basis after May’s election. But Bogdanor, who teaches at King’s College in London and is the author of The New British Constitution, said any formal arrangement between the two parties would not go down well with voters south of the border. He said: “English voters would ask, ‘Why do the Scots appear to be holding the whip hand over education and health reforms in England, when we can’t vote on that in Scotland?’ “It wouldn’t be a comfortable position for Labour, especially after, as the polls suggest, the SNP had taken a lot of Labour’s seats.”

English voters would also not be pleased with former SNP leader Alex Salmond, who hopes to be the new MP for Gordon, influencing UK
government policy.

Professor Vernon Bogdanor

Professor Vernon Bogdanor

Bogdanor said: “This will exacerbate the gulf between England and Scotland. The English will say, ‘What is he doing influencing English politics when we can’t influence Scottish politics?’ “But if you have a Tory government, it will exacerbate opinion in another way.”

Bogdanor said Cameron’s demand for only English MPs voting on English legislation while promising more devolution for Scotland had helped
increase the SNP’s popularity. He said: “Some Scots thought the British would renege on their promises. But Westminster has given even more.”

He also said that despite fixed term UK parliaments, with elections held every five years, there was the possibility of another one being called sooner. He said: “We have never had a situation where Scotland has six parties with over five per cent of the vote and only five in England. “We might have a hung parliament like in February 1974 when no two parties together, apart from Labour and the Conservatives, could form a majority.

“It could be a much more fragmented hung parliament, and that could be difficult to operate. “The 2010 hung parliament led to a stable government that was never really in danger of defeat in parliament. That may not be possible in 2015. “In 1974, the government only lasted for seven months before the minority Labour government dissolved parliament and got a small majority of three. “It is much harder to dissolve parliament now. You need a two-thirds majority in the Commons or a failure to find an alternative government after the existing one has been defeated in a competence vote. “Those things could happen but it’s not quite as easy as it was before.”


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