Scottish Government demands NHS TTIP guarantees



I was just debating this with someone on Facebook when it flagged up on my news feed. For me there must be assurances. For me the TTIP is too secret, it is no way to trade, export or import. Thankfully we can all use our Scottish vote to say no the this private sector TTIP nonsense. I think the Greens and SNP can push hard enough. Scotland is going to be a ton of bad people down come the end of the 2015 General Election and this should strengthen us and allow us to protect the NHS and more.


The UK government has refused to rule out the prospect of the NHS “going down the privatisation route” over controversial European Union trade changes, MSPs were told today.

The Scottish Government is now demanding “cast-iron assurances” a new EU-US trade deal will not allow major American firms to muscle their way in to providing NHS services. It came as the Green-Independent group at Holyrood called on the SNP government to oppose the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), branding it a “power grab by private corporations which threatens the NHS”.

Critics have warned the deal still being negotiated could pave the way for US multinationals to sue UK or Scottish governments if they try to freeze the private sector out of the NHS under a clause which allows them to litigate if governments act in a way that jeopardise their profits.

Scottish enterprise minister Fergus Ewing told MSPs yesterday the SNP government has discussed TTIP at ministerial meetings with the UK government in March and earlier this month. Health secretary Alex Neil has also written to UK counterpart Jeremy Hunt to raise “concerns about the impact of TTIP on the Scottish NHS”.

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