USA & Israeli military advisors arrested aiding ISIS terrorists in Iraq



This is staggering news here, American and Israli aids/helpers have been caught by Iraq, American trained Iraq remember, for helping ISIS, HOW MUCH MORE PROOF DO WE NEED? America and Israel are 100% involved with ISIS in some way. This is a day or so old now but I just caught it on a news feed. All this article serves to do is push the ‘USA AND Israel are funding and training ISIS/ISIL’ Question. I have asked these questions for a while now and got nowhere. & & I think if you do your own research on Google you will see what many of us are seeing. I realised tonight from an American friend who didn’t like what I was writing about the USA that in-fact the USA was not getting the same news as the rest of the World. The article was about how Israelis demonstrated against Netanyahu and Israel for Genocide against Palestine. I seen today that all along the reason American people called me a liar or didn’t comment was very simple, you guys in the USA don’t get the REAL news. And fair play to the Americans who say to me “Thanks for sharing the news our Media don’t tell us” If you watch Fox/CNN and a few others you will be totally lost to World news involving the US and Israel. I found this out just a few hours ago and it made a whole lot of sense to me now. America, you best try other news outlets on-line if you even can. I will ask, in the USA, can you get to these links ok? If not I would not be surprised. If you can, please bookmark them and you will see the real news your country denies you, this is the exact same tactic used by North Korea and the people don’t know any better, but America you are all better than this, I know you are.


Iraqi Shiite fighters, members of Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation units backing the government, prepare shells on March 7, 2015, on the outskirts of the Iraqi town of Ad-Dawr during a military operation to retake the Tikrit area from the Islamic State (IS) group. Iraqi forces faced tough resistance from jihadist fighters around Tikrit, but the top US military officer said ahead of a Baghdad visit that victory was only a matter of time.

In Iraq, four foreign military advisors from the US as well as Israel, who were helping the IS, have been arrested by Iraqi counter-terrorism forces, according to sputniknews.  Three of the military advisors have dual citizenship of both the US and Israel, while the fourth is from a Persian Gulf country, Iraq’s Sarma News Agency said. The foreign military advisors were caught in the headquarters, from where the IS organized its military operations in Iraq’s Northern Province of Nineveh.

The arrests were made during an operation codenamed “The Sting of a Scorpion”. Many other IS fighters have been killed during the attack. Now, the arrested foreign advisors have been shifted to Baghdad. Since March 2, the Iraqi troops have been backed by voluntary forces, and have launched an offensive to recapture Tikrit as well as the surrounding province of Salahuddin, according to tasnimnews. 

The offensive is the biggest military operation in the province since the ISIL terrorists seized swaths of north Iraq last June and advanced toward the capital Baghdad. The foreign advisors were arrested in a military operation in Tal Abta desert near Mosul city.

Last year, Alexander Prokhanov, a senior aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, accused Mossad of training ISIL terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Mossad is believed to have shifted some of its spying experiences to the ISIL leadership. It is thought that Israel’s military advisors could be assisting the Takfiri terrorists.

In fact, ISIL is thought to be a byproduct of US policies in the Middle East, and a tool in the hands of the US. “They launched their first terror attack against us just a few days back in Chechnya,” said Alexander Prokhanov. The ISIL ideology, though has no links with the Islam practiced in Iran and Muslim countries in the Middle-East region. Prokhanov said the United States and Israel are “one and the same” while aiding a terrorist organization such as the ISIL.


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