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8d0c3ef0a3c1eebbd5534a063e217f2eOver the last few months writing here and for AceNews about the ALLEGED Sex Scandal involving ALLEGEDLY Top placed politicians in London having sex with kids the same age as my two wee (wee means small in Scotland) girls, it makes me think. I often look at them and think “Should I be telling this story” Then I turn the coin around look at them again and realise why I am telling the ALLEGED sex paedophile story in the UK. I tell it because kids like them are ALLEGEDLY being raped and murdered. Should you want to see these stories use the search to the right and put in key words or click on the coloured text above, you can read the articles. Of course this isn’t all I write about, I go with 3 or stories at a time, that way you enjoy writing and the research better because enjoyment is what the internet is for, we pay for it so we must have fun here, idiots get deleted, I mean idiots who want to argue, people who don’t have debate skills and instead insult because it’s all they can do. Delete, bye 😀  The image to the left is one I am very aware of as day turns to night and back again, every action, every motion, every mood, these little girls will see in me. I must set their standers of what a real man should be, so by the time they feel love and look at boys (Sadly those times arrive) they know very quickly if that boy is just a boy and nowhere near being a man. I must up my game as a partner and roll model, this is something that smacks you in the back of a head when you have 2 little girls 

So back to having 2 wee Princess’s with completely different demands that change by the minute sometimes. They demand, then we as Parents must explain to them, keeping in mind they are 4 and 5 that they should not demand, they must be patient. Yesterday I bought them 2 pink kinder eggs with a toy in the middle of the chocolate in a yellow ball. Well my oldest Daughter wanted a Fairy and she got a pony ink stamp, well it was the end of the World, she wanted a Fairy and it wasn’t to be. I took her aside, she was in tears, I put my arm around her and explained as gently as I could that in life we often don’t get what we want. I used my car as an example, I said “Daddy would like a new car but he can’t get it” I actually can, she is 5 years old, stay with me! She looked up at me and said the most remarkable thing that had me trying not to laugh or cry at her. She said “Well Daddy I will have to wait on the Fairy giver and she might bring a new car” I hid my emotions well and looked at her with a small smile on my face hiding a roar of laughter and replied “Yeah, maybe Shorty we have to wait and see” I call her ‘Shorty’ I have no idea when it started but do it a lot now, crazy yeah 😀 In that moment she gave me a hug, I hugged back and smiled while she wasn’t looking. THAT WAS A MOMENT.

What I am finding are these moments happen 20 times a day, some drama happens then my Partner or I have to stay calm and explain the rights and wrongs. With my partner and I being young parents we have two sons both a few years either side of 20, my parter and are both 40, give or take a year and both in love and happy. One son has flown the nest so to speak, but they are good kids and both my Partner and I are as proud as parents could be, exactly the same as any parent yeah?

My youngest daughter is easier to deal with, she is demanding but gives up very easy, she is content to sit on her tablet watching my little pony with her headset < (It is Scotland, we invented cold wind and rain here, you cant go out) > on and ignore everyone all day. Often I look at her all stretched out on the sofa on her tummy with not a care in the World, what a hard life 4 years old’s have lol. My oldest daughter is a bag of emotions, a proper wee girl. I made a video of her when she was days/weels old, I made a montage song, she loved the song. I hadn’t played it since she was 18 months old of her watching the video I made of her back then, we sat at my PC seat here watching video’s and I showed her aged 18 months watching the video, she looked real confused, she is 5 now, she was looking at herself as a baby with this familiar song (Song below) and she put her face into my shoulder and started to cry, then I tried not to cry, but then I smiled. See at that moment this wee 5 year old girl felt love in her heart and it confused her. All I could do was whisper in her ear “It’s ok to cry honey” then she stopped and went and watched TV or something

This a song a guy would sing to his partner, bit as they both had to stay overnight and I was home with my sons, the song was the first she heard, it felt right
Evergreen by Will Young (with lyrics)

123The privilege of helping two wee lassies (means little girls in Scotland) grow up. Helping these two wee lassies be human and self aware. This is never lost on me, I totally get them, with the boys, their brothers I was just a kid myself, I made up for it before they hit school, but I missed this part, so I am just going with the flow, same as any parent to be able to spend time helping two wee lassies understand love, friends, sharing, caring, responsibility, behaviour, talking better, respect and all that we must teach at this age but tenderly and slowly with a smile and love, one thing is, no matter what happens, it’s a learning curve always and it’s so much fun for my parter, two sons, my Mum and everyone in their life to witness them become self aware, there is not one REAL book on parenting, if there is such a book, it is written by one parent on how they seen and felt having their own kids and watched them grow or some kid out of college trying to be a writer about being a parent, they can’t,  they wouldn’t get near, you have to just figure it our for yourself, be mature and get to grips with the fun that is right there with love and the occasional punch in the eye should you want it, I don’t get parents who can’t just love and leave their questions elsewhere, just love and smile, all us parents have to do really, sadly some can’t and that is sad and unfair, more important the kid just wants love. A wise old man told me not too long ago that “I refuse to not love my kids, I have to be happy and enjoy them as my kids” I just smiled 

It is nearly 8am and I couldn’t sleep, no medication and I am in agony. But these stories in my head like the one I just shared make me realise how lucky I am. The pain is pain, it will do what it will. If you are a parent you should understand every word here, if not, bookmark this for when you become a parent 😀 It is an unreal thing (Thing’ sounds horrid) to witness, it makes you laugh, cry and more, you actually feel your heart hurting and loving, I have felt a broken heart as a parent when one of my sons moved out, I am happy for him but WOW that crap hurts yeah LOL. You know they are fine and safe but feck the hole it leaves in your heart is real, seriously this saying ‘Broken Heart’ actually exists. We are all good now it’s been months. It’s strange you mourn what is gone forever, what you are used to, just life and the normality safe feeling of family certainly takes a dent when one of your kids moves out, I know, I speak for every parent. Well saying that, some parents push their kids out at 16, so I say majority of parents, but we should never take for granted the love and people who we live under the same roof with or who used to, they are your life, your smile, your happy walk, you know the story


My other son works hard also, like his brother he is a gentleman. They both keep their heads down and get on with life and I admire them both for that. As a Dad I can’t be prouder of how they turned out, they will never be anyone’s fool, BUT they know not to go up the road that leads them to fools in the first place, that is the safest way, surround yourself with the proper people and life is easier, and they are doing this, I hope they both understand my partner and I helped mould them to what they are today, or enough to make them good kids. The life skills I got taught and learnt, both street and academic help me, help them. I know how to handle myself 100% now, as a younger guy I hung with people who called themselves friend, in reality they were just hanging on to fear or whatever. Those days are gone, but I know right this second if a man broke in and tried to harm one of my girls I have the composure and skill sets to make sure that man never see’s a house like mine ever again in the way he sees it. I am never angry, if someone broke in I would remain calm. Must be strange for an American  gun owner to read this, but yeah I would keep focus. Having these two wee lassies gives you that focus, as a parent you would die for your kids be them 3 years old or 50 years old, I know this, my Dad tells me several times a month and I see the way my Mum looks at me sometimes, like pride or contentment maybe, knowing I am fine and happy.

I upload a small percentage of my inner World, most would keep locked up but hey, we live once, why pretend, why make it up, why not smile, why gossip, why hate, why anger, you know where I am going. For503135617 many it is sad they can’t feel love or the warmth of family. I hope every day one person finds their happy and stays there for life. Too many people live in fear of love. I will happily open my heart knowing it will get hurt, sadly many close their heart or whatever is closed in-case that same hurt comes their way. This reminds me of a song now I read it back. Enjoy the listen and make today the day you decide to smile 🙂 I just opened my blog and typed as words came to me here, that is the beauty of art, expression can happen at any moment. Reading a writer is like reading a book where you the reader have to understand the writer or someone at a movie watching people work magic to make moments that last. It is all art, I think so anyway. I don’t really care what you call what I am doing now, I just know I enjoy doing it, getting it hard from my mates 😀 And misunderstanding from family is just the way life happens sometimes, often we can figure it out or we cant, that’s just life. Also getting good feedback from amazing people from all 4 corners of our World. Live, enjoy, it really is so simple, as I said, in agony or not, it can be done, harder, but doable. Try it!! You never know, you might surprise yourself one day. And in there is the beauty of all the World’s arts. Thanks for reading

Billy Joel – An Innocent Man (with lyrics)

More love, Less hate… Shaun



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