Holyrood Politicians admit to using drugs

Murphy: Political leaders spoke about drugs policy in a debate.

Murphy: Political leaders spoke about drugs policy in a debate.

Via: http://news.stv.tv/scotland-decides/313732-murphy-recalls-sniffing-glue-was-a-working-class-thing-to-do/

Well, Well well. Jim can’t remember sniffing Glue. In reality this is a non story but when a debate happens on drug use and with kids involved in the process, for the Labour Scottish Branch Officer to say “I can’t remember sniffing glue” is pretty much saying “I probably sniffed glue” Strange one here or nothing here. Thought I would share for those who missed the story. With the other three Nicola Sturgeon, Conservative leader Ruth Davidson and Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie saying they have smoked cannabis I guess we have reality here. I ask, would we have this debate in Westminster? Interesting this. I think it’s good we can have open and honest drug debate, when it comes to drug legislation I am hopeful Cannabis/Hashish will be made legal for certain illness’s. I have Fibromyalgia, Dr’s medication does very little, Hashish is the only thing us sufferers of Chronic Pain can use. I helps me sleep and dulls my pain from screaming to just in a lot of pain. Thoughts anyone?


Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy has said “sniffing glue out of crisp pokes” was a “working class thing to do” in the Glasgow estate where he grew up, but he cannot remember if he tried it.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Conservative leader Ruth Davidson and Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie also admitted trying cannabis in their youth, during a debate at Glasgow University’s Queen Margaret Union. The leaders were commenting on research by the Institute for Social and Economic Research which said up to £900m a year could be raised through taxation of a regulated cannabis market, and were asked if they had tried the drug. Ms Sturgeon said: “I’m actually on record as making an admission on this once, probably, possibly at this university although not at this union, but it made me awfully sick.”

Ms Davidson said: “I went to Buckhaven High School, what do you think? I’m with Nicola, once or twice and it made me feel really sick.” Mr Rennie said: “Yes, in my youthful days.” Mr Murphy, who was raised in Arden in south Glasgow, said: “When I was growing up, and it was a long time ago, in the housing scheme that I lived in, glue sniffing was the thing.” When asked if he had tried it, he replied: “I don’t remember. “At that time, drugs, and I’m giving away my age, it was just a kind of working class thing to do, kind of sniffing glue out of crisp pokes. “It was a dreadful, harmful thing that was in that community at the time.”

He said he can’t remember if he tried it, adding: “I think a lot of people are judging me here tonight.” Former Lib Dem minister Norman Baker resigned from the Home Office in November, claiming home secretary Theresa May suppressed proposals to reform drugs policy.

Mr Rennie said this was a “despicable” decision and called for an open debate on drug use in the UK “based on facts and science”.

Ms Sturgeon and Mr Murphy echoed his call for an open debate on drugs but said cannabis should not be legalised, citing evidence linking it to mental health problems. Ms Davidson said: “I think some things are worth more than money, and the health of our nation is one of them.”

A spokesman for Scottish Labour said later: “Just to be clear, Mr Murphy has never taken drugs. The point he was making at the Glasgow University debate was that when he was growing up drugs weren’t as widespread and that the harmful thing for many people back then was glue sniffing. “For the record that’s not something Mr Murphy has tried either.”


The debate was compered by Bauer Media’s Scottish political editor Colin McKay and recorded for Radio Clyde, which revealed the leaders’ comments on Friday. Mr Rennie said Mr Baker resigned “because Theresa May refused to publish the scientific evidence about drug policy so that we could have a decent debate in this country at last, based on facts and science.”

Ms Davidson said: “There are plenty of studies, Willie, in medical journals published by universities that show a direct link between cannabis use and damage to mental health. “I don’t think that legalising cannabis and seeing a greater use of it will help in that front.” She said doctors are already battling with the impact of existing “legal highs”, which she said have been linked to suicides. Mr Murphy said: “I don’t believe in the legalisation of cannabis. “Of course, you are always guided by the evidence, but my instinct is backed up by what I have read about the impact on mental health.”

Ms Sturgeon said: “I think where Willie is right is that you should always trust the public to have grown up, evidence based debates, and I definitely don’t think suppressing evidence on issues like this helps a debate like this at all. “I don’t agree with the legalisation of cannabis. “I was health secretary for five years, and read a lot, researched a lot of this, thought a lot about it, spoke to a lot of people who had direct experience not just with cannabis but with other drugs, and there is an awful lot of evidence that cannabis is not a harmless substance, that it does lead to mental health problems and it can lead people into use of harder drugs.”


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2 comments on “Holyrood Politicians admit to using drugs

  1. Politicians will be politicians. unless they are pointing to the foibles of their opponents, they couldn’t give a straight answer even if it was written on a cue card. Although I support some, I cannot support all. they should have to tell the truth on all accounts, but will they? I doubt it.


    • I research the World very hard on days I am online. Here in Scotland I believe we have as close to a democracy as a western country could. I think it’s important politicians act and work for the people paying their wages. I believe we have this here. Scotland is just different. Hard to explain. But I guess we all see different things ..Sorry for the late reply, been real busy last few days.


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